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+lupus/sjo .Get recurring episodes of heart palpitations & lightheadedness when i lie down at night despite feeling calm.Resolve w/ prednisone. Why?

16 yrs old, random bouts of muscle weakness, and increased heartbeat for the past 2 or 3 years. Episodes last 20-120 minutes. 2-3x a day.

20 years old; some times presents arrhythmia; elevated heartbeat even in rest (~80bpm); tachycardia in psychological and physical stress situation.

22yo male. Random chestpressure, lasting 10/20 seconds. Ecg rest and excersize Both good. What are possible cardiac problems that could still Apply?

23 male, got dysautonomia due to Ehlers danlos syndrome. BP 120/60-70 HR 55. LIghtheaded, Short of breath. Drink alcohol, BP 130/80, Symptoms go away?

23 year old female. Anxiety disorder and physical sx along with it. Palpitations/hiccups. Echo normal. Can anxiety cause a-fib or long term probs?

23 yr old, 33 weeks pregnant. Woke up b/c couldn't breath with increased hr. Normal ecg. Pe ruled out. No anxiety/ panic d/o. Sleep apnea maybe ?

29 Female recently diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism. My heart beat rushing sounds has GREATLY increased. As a kid it was very little. Help! Please?

29/F I get random adrenaline surges from pots/dysautonomia and they feel so scary. i have ahealthy heart. seeking reassurance that they won't harm me.

3 ablations last 9 months, results are non stop palps,less AF. Now -when sleeping any movement throws me into a rapid heartrate. very disturbing. Why?

30 years old female, constant respiratory tract infections, heart rate rises and breathless very easily. Help?

34 M echo stress reached 99% target HR. Have mild acid reflux. Can't get it off my mind that it is heartburn and not heart attack. Feeling helpless!!

35 1/2 weeks pregnant. I think I'm having a panic attack. Acute onset of shaking, palpitations, dizziness, hoarseness.Should I call doctor or lie down?

37 year old male. Had an episode of A FIB a month ago. On meds for it but what can I do about the anxiety of it happening again?

4 yr.Old with sed rate of 150. Two weeks ago 158. No other symptoms, plenty of energy. Chest & sinus x-rays negative. Urine & stool negative. Ideas?

42yo female. Alcoholic, hi blood pressure , major depression. Palpitations. Anxiety(no past history)? Something else?Worry?

46 your old female experiencing episodes of irregular beating or pressure of the heart, increased over time.. Brought on by any sudden moves stress, i?

69yr old male with severe emphysema swelling in feet and ankles on ventilator. What does it mean when heart rate is 104 at rest and is extreme tachy?

7 weeks post thyroidectomy and feel hyper, heart palps and fast heart rate. feel awful. Can list recent blood work results I have ?

A shout for help. Does next choice one dose cause the pregnant test negative ? Also can it cause stress , heart attack and weakness on one side?

Abnormal ecg, lung failure & unconsciousness while on lithium. Have improved since stopping med. Possible med was to blame?

Abnormally high and heavy resting heart rate at all times. Normally i would feel stressed due to studies but suffer from constipation also, any link?

Accelerated sinus tachycardia in athlete with exertion causes?feel very fatigued when it's bad. Complete blood work norm, no anxiety.

After 3 month of stress and anxiety my resting hr has become lower. Heart reacts extremely sensitive to everything affecting hr. No heartproblem.

After eating a sonic hamburger and some salty fries my BP shot up to 157/118 and was followed by indigestion. I'm 20 year old male, 6 foot 3 265 lbs relatively inactive, Diagnosed with anxiety/panic attacks and palpitations, I'm wondering what caused the

After going up stairs I am short of breath. I have allergies and a history on the family of mitral valve prolapse. Any reason why this would happen?

After YEARS of diuretic use for heart failure my mom now suddenly urinating with extreme difficulty and very painful too. What could this be? So worri

All cardiac exams are normal. PVCs occurring all day, slow heart rate, headache & blurred vision. All labs normal except low iron & glucose. ?

All heart tests are normal. Can benign tachycardia caused by anxiety hr 120-130 be harmful?

Almost daily 10-30 minute periods of having a PVC every 10 seconds or so with no other symptoms: a mere nuisance or something to pay attention to?

Along with my symptoms, if my heart rate never ever goes below about 69 is it unlikely I have sick sinus syndrome?

Alright, narrowing this down. If a person has a faulty heart valve, then vigorous physical activity would not be possible without symptoms, right?

Always feel anxiety. My resting heart rate is usually higher than normal and I feel restless due to that. What could be the reason? Any disorder?

Am 19. Experience palpitations, sometimes feel singular, sometimes multiple. No other symptoms. Lasts maximum few seconds. How likely to be VT?

Am young. I experience heart palpitations sometimes and for me they are the worst symptom. Doctor wasn't concerned at all. Had ecg. Are these normal?

Am young. Occasionally I feel palpitations or flutters. The sometimes feel multiple, and sometimes single, and are of variable duration. Is it common?

Anything I eat lately elevates my heart rate to 100-120. Followed by anxiety attack. Stress test results ruled out the heart. What could be the cause.

Are cold extremeties difficulty breathing and weakness symptoms of pvcs? And what's with trigeminal pvcs. Is it life threatening if happens most of the time?

Are ectopic beats associated with positional changes (eg bending down or lying on front) a cause for concern in a structurally normal heart?

Are multiple heart pauses in the morning after activity serious along with diagnosis of cardiomyopathy and POTS?

Are my symptoms all a result of anxiety/depression? For last 3 years: - decreasing energy and immunity - episodes of abdominal pain daily - frequent urination - sleep 12 hours daily and get a cold regularly - episodes of fast heart rate, ear noise, and ch

Are palps (mine feel like my heart stops) that are caused by either electric, or overactive thyroid serious? Good echo results but no palps during it.

Are the reactions i'm experiencing caused from the heart attack or the medication what can be expected next?

Are there any benign causes of low oxygen? Maybe different breathing patterns?

Are there any common ingredients in epidual in childbirth & local anaesthesia in dental work that may induce syncope, fever, or heart palpitations?

Are there natural ways to treat inappropriate sinus tachycardia? I do breathing exercises but am wondering if there's anything else.

Are you born with vagal response or viovagle synscope? And why would it just start happening? Are there warning signs? Is it caused by stress/anxiety

As a relatively healthy 70 year old with controlled diabetes, I have noticed lately an occasional heart flutter. What should I do?

Assuming a person had a single event of prolonged tachycardia (HR 120-160 for <10 hours) due to herbal stimulants/panic attacks but years later had a clean echo, is it safe to say no damage was done?

At 45 I was woken to RHB, terrifying. This continued a few mos. Now 51 I find palpitations more frequently. Is this Perimenopause. Other symptoms to?

Atrial fibrillation and psvt as well as blood sugar problems are possible diagnosis' for me but I am only 22 and am very active and healthy? How?

Bedridden due to anxiety but afraid to exercise because heart rate shoots up over 110 upon standing. Fatal arrythmia or condition possible?

Been having heart palpitations since i was 19 (now 39)past week they've increased to several times an hour & have had a headache. Are they connected?

Biofeedback - which is more accurate for generalized anxiety, galvanic skin response or heart rate variability?

Bp drops sometimes due to dysautonomia and i get a mild angina from lack of blood to heart, sitting down relieves it. Am i at risk of ventricular tach?

BP was 127/82 then half hour 145/100 did echo I have mvp, trivial MR. I don't have any other symptoms but dry mouth/frequent urination no diabetes

Can 100 mls methadone reduction in 12 months cause skipped heartbeat , had 1 episode of afib after large amount of red bull but never returned?

Can 14 day loop distinguish between btw sinus and v tachycardia? If so how? This nightly nocturnal tach and less often daily is driving me insane

Can a 48 hour heart monitor distinguish between anxiety caused Regular palpitations and cardiac abnormality? How?

Can a heart problem cause speech problems been going on for 3months now effecting anything I do now had lung test fine doing heart stress test tom.

Can a irregular and high heartrate be caused by different issues or diseases that can cause this, ?

Can a PVC "jolt" you (very short, distinct, grabbing feeling) more during exercise due to increased HR? Surge of blood brushing against chest wall?

Can a rapid heartbeat be a sign of old drug use?

Can a tilt-table test cause exhaustion or fainting in a 10-year-old boy?

Can an abrupt change in weather patterns and humidity be a factor in a meniere's disease attack? I have meniere's and have experienced a prolonged attack (over 36 hrs) the longest I have endured to date. I was just wondering if the changes in humidity an

Can Anticipitory Anxiety (constant fear of heart in this case) be the main reason of having skipped/extra heartbeats if all heart tests been normal?

Can anxiety symptoms last for weeks? Sob frequently off and on, occasional lightheadedness. On .25 xanax (alprazolam). Cleared by cardiologist, pulmonologist etc

Can anyone explain me in brief about binaural beats. How this phenomenon is produced and what are its benefits?

Can aortic regurgitation mimic the symptoms of POTS? I continuously experience forceful heartbeats. Investigated for AS and noted it's a complication?

Can asthma exist w/o identifiable attacks? Easily winded, fatigue from talking. No anemia, ILD or heart issue. Slight weeze, no identifiable attacks

Can chronic traumatic encephalopathy cause tachycardia nearing 200 bpm?

Can ecchymosis be caused from an improper IV insertion? Can it affect the way the heart beats? As in palpitations?

Can exertion trigger a Pheochromocytoma episode? Thank you

Can frequent "jump outs" while sleeping give you a heart complication? Pulse rising that fast, or just a scare and anxiety symptoms? :/

Can GERD increase heart rate shortly after eating? I've had clear ecgs/echos despite palpitations and throat-burning. Omeprazole has little/no effect.

Can heart palpitations be caused by naproxen sodium reaching its half life?

Can Hep C effect your heart? my energy is low and i have chest pain. i had SVT with ablation done and it seemed fine until recent

Can hypermetabolism be caused by suddenly exercising too much? Can any docs explain?

Can I have a tummy tuck with sjögren's syndrome and irregular heart beat and intersistal cystitis and raynauds ?

Can I take a probiotic with autoimmune disease and possible IBS and irregular heart beat ?

Can klonoplin relieve difficulty breathing if you have small or large cad? Also is increasing pvcs after running a concern? Symptoms have increased which didnt have prior to most exams. Drs dismiss

Can medical marijuana cause a heart attack for someone with hyperthyroidism? Someone randomly told me it can cause a "hormone dump" is this true?

Can prednisone help autonomic dysfunction?For some reason it calms my heart palpitations & dizziness(which i had before ever starting the prednisone

Can ptsd and stress cardiomyopathy (a.K.A broken heart syndrome) be connected in any way?

Can ritalin (methylphenidate) ( or adderall) cause heart problems to develop in a person who is perfectly healthy, with absolutely no history of heart issues?

Can sexual simulation trigger psvt/arrythmias?it seems that this is happening to me.

Can taking psychiatric medications lead to congestive heart failure. I have discontinued meds a while back but feel mild symptoms of CHF and jointprob?

Can undiagnosed insulin resistance be causing palpitations/tachcardia?

Can yawning all the time even after goids night sleep mean heart disease? I work in the heat im always tired to

Can't sleep at night, due to heart pounding hard, is it anxiety, apnea, heart disease? I'm 25, go to the gym everyday, 5'7", 177Lb, muscle.

Cardiologist diagnosis was sinus arrhythmia, but gp says its due to my anxiety.Who's right? Does anxiety cause this? Is it harmful? And can you exercise ?

Causes 4 frequent yet brief (2-5min) episodes of racing pulse+tremulousness +slight shrtnss of breath(not anxiety related)occurs at rest&up to 5xan hr?

Chance I have marfan's? Rapid sports fatigue, heart murmurs a few months ago for ~1 week, & sev. myopia (-13D), astig, bad floaters, + loose retina

Cold hands&vertigo feeling. diangosis ulcerative colitis and been bleeding some time. Hemoglobin 19. And all heart tests are fine. Is this anxiety related ?

Could it be a neurological problem if I get tachycardia, SOB, flushes, 3 times every night upon waking up. Less severe during day. ANS disorder?

Could mast cell disorder cause tachycardia no hypertension, chronic sinus problems, brain fog, sweating, fatigue, shortness of breath very high ige?

Could over-consumption of alcohol give a person symptoms like atrial fibrillation?

Could possibly autonomic dysfunction (i have pots) disrupt pft results?And change how one breathes? My frc is low for now reason just trying 2find why

Could you tell me why my heartbeat is so irregular i can't count it! possible symptoms of a caffeine od?

Currently suffering daily ectopic beats and my body keeps burning up and I'm out of breathe a lot. Also suffer palpitations ?