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34 years old high triglycerides, 20 pounds overweight and drink wine daily what are my chances of having heart attack very anxious over my heart?

7 weeks after cardiac contusion, heart palpitates when i'm showering in hot water. I'm an avid walker, healthy weight, and heart is otherwise healthy.

A good food for a person with sinus bradycardia?

After eating large meals, I have rapid heartbeat. Is this normal?

After eating or drinking anything (even just water), I get sudden stomach bloating, sternum burning and heart rate increases to 90-95 BPM at rest?

After i eat high fatty foods my stomach pounds for about 2hrs like heart beats why?

Are cheese bad for heart?

Are cranberries good for the heart ?

Are Ensure Shakes OK to drink if you have PVCS and tachycardia and are on Atenolol? What are good soft foods to eat as I can't have solids.

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Best foods to eat with coranary heart disease ?

Best method to try to control pvcs, get them a lot . Don't smoke , drink.I'm healthy weight useto be a avid runner. Heart dr said heart is good.

Best way to have a healthy Heart look after it?

But I get headaches when I exercise. I do drink water during the work out. My parents told me that if I over do it, I could have a heart attack?

Can a 17 yr old have a heart attack from running to much and not eating enough?

Can a lot of alcohol consumption lead to frequent heart palpitations or unusual rhythms even in the most healthy person or unhealthy?

Can a strong healthy heart stop help?

Can a sugar spike cause your heart to race suddenly? I've had just about every heart test. All normal. When I eat sugar at bedtime heart rate rises.

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Can cold/ice water really cause heart attacks and cancer?

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Can eating too much sugar cause rapid heartbeat?

Can eating very little every day cause nausea? I eat only once a day & only a few bites of food. When i stand up my heart rate is higher. 120/minute.

Can eating young coconut flesh will cause heart attack?

Can energy drinks cause heart problems?

Can flavored vodka cause a heart attack?

Can heart attacks be caused by drinking cold water during a meal?

Can i drink beer or hard liquor with pre mature irregular heart beats forgot to ask heart doctor .He said stay away from caffeine .

Can I fast (without food and drink for over 12 hrs) if you have a history of SVT? 10 days fasting and I started to feel palpitations. Advice?

Can kids get heart disease from fatty foods?

Can kids get heart disease from fried foods?

Can monster energy drinks reverse heart disease cause of the taurine that is in it?

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Can the food we eat affect our heart rate?

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Can vitamin water zero and some kinds of tortilla chips give me heart palpitations?

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Can you please tell me why drinking alcohol speeds my pulse up instead of slowing it down?

Can you please tell me why it'sso important to have a healthy heart?

Can you tell me how exercising and eating healthy prevent cardiovascular heart disease?

Can you tell me is ECG enough to tell that your heart is healthy?

Can you tell me some signs that know your heart is/isn't healthy?

Could a active 14 year old get a heart attack from energy drinks?

Could drinking a small vanilla shake on an empty stomach increase heart rate? Sugar? RHR normally low 60s now 78.

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Could spicy stuff trigger heart burn?

Could you tell me what are other leads to of heart burn, besides eating a large meal?

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Dizzines getting hot and heart beating fast after I eat mostly sweets ...?

Do energy drinks cause permanent heart palpitation?

Do energy drinks ever cause any heart problems? Can you have too many?

Do i need to be concerned that my heart seems to race when i eat cinnamon?

Do you think I can try to enjoy healthier foods and get over this irrational fear of heart attacks/strokes?

Does a heart patient need to drink plenty of fluid after a heart cath?

Does an increased heart rate during and after drinking signify a heart problem or is something else wrong??it happens with any intake of alcohol

Does anyone drink coffee (not decaf) who has heart disease or a heart stent?

Does binge eating cause an increase in your heart rate?

Does coca cola increase your heart rate? I had Wendy's for breakfast, baconater with coca cola and now I'm just sitting here and my heart is 100

Does drinking water before bed really help prevent a heart attack?

Does eating fatty foods cause heart disease?

Does mustard help with heart burn?

Does whey protein cause irregular heart beat?

Drank energy drink and have fast heart rate?

Every time i eat sodium, i start shaking, rapid heart beat, restless, psychiatrist says not mental eating 0 sodium losing weight fast, help me?

Everytime i eat meat rice and something not healthy my body feels like having a heart attack or stroke i don't have a peace of mind more chest pain?

Family history of heart disease, don't smoke drink or do drugs. I'm 50yrs old what exercises should I do and what foods to eat to keep arteries clean?

Had about 3 drinks last night. Heart was beating faster than normal. Still doing it today. Is this normal after drinking alcohol?

Have been told i have pacs, im 22 years old, and my heart is healthy beside the pacs. Is it safe to drink alcohol or not?

Having heart burn in mornings. Ill skip breakfast most of the days. The heart burn not dpendant on that. For your information all my 3 meals in hotel.?

Heart arrhythmias only at night after a couple of drinks?

Heart burn after too much pizza?

Heart failure when I eat too much salt. I need money so can I work full time?

Heart palps after i eat or drink alcohol this has been going on about 6 yrs. Been to two different cardiologist everything was fine. Any suggestions?

Heart rate slows down after eating or consuming caffeine. Possible causes? Appropriate response to exertion

Heavy heart palpitations after eating, generally healthly but severely consitpated. Is there any link between eating and feel palpitations?

Hello,i want to ask that what should we do immediately after our dinner at night to digest food fast to avoid heart attack at night?

Help fast heart rate, 2 days on from drinking energy drink?

Hi doctor. My heart starts beating fast after meal and/or alcohol consumption. What could it be?

Hi! alot of times i feel a discomfort in my heart are.I have calcifications in my heart found by my cardiologist and i'm on dairy diet.What can this b?

Hie doctor. i need some advice to keep my heart healthy?

How can I get my heart healthy?

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How many calories should a heart patient age 56 should consume each day?

How much daily alcohol intake is good for heart heatlh?

How to get a fast heart beat besides exercising and drinking caffeine ?