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Hello Doctor, I'm 20 years old. I have been experiencing a increase in heart rate at certain times on alternate days of the week.

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I am wondering if being sick can cause an increase in heart rate?

I have a bad insonmia..Is it affecting my heart?Would it affect my heart rate? And what should I do.

I have an increase in arterial resistance coincides with a decreased heart rate, what can be the cause of this 'in vivo'?

I know nicotine is a vasoconstrictor--does raise the heart rate?

I was on adrenolitika for an increased heart rate. I'm now pregnant can I continue taking it as my heart rate has now increased even more?

If stimulation in vegus nerve cause heart rate to slow down, which nerve system causes the heart rate to speed up?

If you are studying for school. Should your heart rate be higher or lower then normal? Or is there no effect?

If you have high heart rate will propranolol lower the heart rate? Will the effects be lasting or only until the medicine runs out?

If you have rapid heart rate and severe tremors is it tea?

In general, should people with high normal heart rate not be prescribed ssri's due to increased norepinephrine effect?

In people with hypotension why doesn't their heart rate increase to compensate?

In which ways can a lack or too much of serotonine effect heart or heart rate?

Increase breaks to decrease heart rate while working out?

Increased heart rate a sign of infection?

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Is it normal for my heart rate to be higher the two weeks prior to my period? Also does food consumption have any relation to increased heart rate?

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Is there anything else that can lower heart rate besides medicine, my heart rate has become fast due to inactivity, and when i walk it plummets too.

Just started adderall: increased pulse rate. Typical?

My body slows my heart down to 45 while lying resting should I be afraid of heart stopping or heart block? My body is not used to this low rate.

My friend is 18 and her heart rate increases rapidly when she stands up what could be wrong?

My heart rate average is around 60-80 but when i lying down or sleep in decrease to 50.. Is it normal?

My heart rate increases at night, is this a thyroid issue?

My heart rate increases even if I am inactive causing pain, is this normal?

My heart rate increases when i'm cold and decreases when i'm warm, which is apparently the opposite of what should happen. What's causing this?

My heat rate is 100 what should I do?

My pulse rate is 35. I m 65 yrs. And taking medication for glaucoma. How can I increase my pulse rate?

My resting heart rate is 99. Can estrogen levels affect this?

Name a medicine that increases heart rate and the force of heart contraction?

Please describe a good weight loss pill or anything else that doesn't increase heart rate?

Please explain why does pulse rate not continue to increase with increasing exercise?

Please help docs! is my heart rate always so high because of my anxiety disorder?

Please help! what is the best ( simple ) tablet to reduce heart rate?

Prednisone causing low fetal heart rate?

Should factors that affect heart rate which should be avoided before a heart rate test?

Should someone with a high resting heart rate also have a relatively higher target heart rate when working out?

Tell me what results in a decreased heart rate?