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Mini panic attacks all day long. Will my heart be affected?

"panic attacks"cause me to faint. I know it's rare,been to 2 cardiologists. 1claimed wolf parkinson white,2nd claimed clean it anxiety?

1. What are your thoughts on ecigs? 2. Can heart disease be reversed if it's caught early? 3. What else can I do besides exercise and diet to improve heart health?

23yo female scared i am going to have a heart attack?

40yr old female. Take beta blocker for pots, no other heart prob. What r chances of heart attack from stress alone? I have no risk factors except that

50% blockage of 3 cardiac arteries. What diet or drugs can alleviate or remove this problem?

57 old,rheumatic heart,need long acting penicillin prophylaxis from further heart damage or not?

63 you male 6000mg a day for severe muscle spasms. Have had 2 heart attacks and 8 stents and cad. Any problems with this medicine and dose?

A cardiologist has told me that consumption of liquor (limited) is a good medicine for a heart patient. How true is this?

A doctor told me you won't have a heart attack at my age unless you have an underlying heart condition, is this true? How do you tell a HA from a PA?

A heart attack is caused by whata?

A major heart attack would always show up on EKG ?

A stroke may also be referred to as a brain attack. In what ways is it similar to a heart attack?

A transient ischemic attack is often a predecessor to what?

Advil (ibuprofen) and heart disease . Is there a strong link .

Afraid I'll have a heart attack?

Afraid that I may have had a heart attack..what does this mean?

After a heart valve replacement doctor has put me on a betablocker should I take it after latest news says they now have no effect on heart mortality?

Am diabetic heart patient aged 43. Heard about tricardin herbal medicine that is good for both heart and diabetes . .Can i take that?

And, how many people who have an actual panic attack and subsequently have a heart attack die?

Anti rabies vaccine causes heart and kidney related problem?

Are anorexic teens more predisposed to heart attacks?

Are blue lips a symptom of a heart attack?

Are heart attacks in teens possible? What is the main cause?

Are heart diseases or heart attacks sometimes caused by merely anxiety?

Are onion and garlic good to myocardiac infarction patients?

Are panic attacks danger tomy heart?

Are people with dementia more susceptible to heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary embolism?

Are people with vitamin d deficiency more likely to have a heart attack?

Are seizures easily confused with a heart attack? What is the main difference?

Are some people more prone to getting heart attack?

Are the symptoms of heart attack bad?

Are the symptoms of heart attack different in men versus women?

Are there additional risks to having an artificial heart over a natural heart?

Are there any alternative supplements for post heart attacks?

Are there any effects to having dextrocardia (situs inversus) (With the heart)? And is anything happening to try and reverse it or prevent it?

Are there any herbal supplements that can be ingested to prevent coronary artery disease?

Are there any herbal supplements that can be ingested to treat coronary artery disease?

Are there any medication, exept cocain that can induse coronary vasospasm?

Are there any natural supplements that can prevent my child from getting congestive heart failure?

Are there any other implications/explanations of very high hsCRP other than risk of heart attack or stroke,?

Are there any side effects to the 'flu' jab? I have a double stented ischaemic heart disease + type 2 diabetes.

Are there effective herbal supplements that can prevent heart failure?

Are there gender differences in regards to heart attacks?

Are there such thing as lipid lowering drug? Can it be used to lose weight or is it specifically to treat heart diseases?

Are they any herbs, foods , vitamins that help fight or or help prevent coronary heart disease at all?

Are you diagnosed with heart damage if you've ever had an mi?

Artery heart blockage mild,what are the risks of having a heart attack? Thanks

At what age is a person susceptible for a heart attack?

At what average age is the first heart attack amongst males?

Atrial fibrillation... What type of pain occurs before and during heart attack or stroke?

Brain cell dies after major heart attack

Can a collapsed lung lead to a heart attack in someone with a family history of heart problems?

Can a fall on slippery a floor causes heart attack or stroke ?

Can a gallbladder attack kill you?

Can a heart attack be caused by an acute stress reaction?

Can a heart attack be detected a day after it occurrs?

Can a mild heart attack be traced after it's over?

Can a one time dose of Toradol injection along with drop-medrol in knee pose a health threat of heart attack and stroke or is it with prolonged use?

Can a panic attacks leads to a sudden heart attack? My doctor told my heart is fine now after a successful heart operation. But I still feel anxiety &

Can a person still have a heart attack if they have low cholesterol?

Can a person survive a massage heart attack?

Can a person who was taking statins for secondary prevention have a stroke or heart attack 7 days after stopping the statins cold turkey?

Can a pheochromocytoma cause an isquemic and transitory attack?

Can a very scary dream give you a heart attack? I heard that it has been shown true.

Can alcoholism contribute to a heart attack?

Can anti rejection tablets damage ya heart?

Can anxiety attacks be caused by an aaa?

Can anxiety attacks that cause pounding heart and palpitations cause damage to the heart and lead to heart failure since they are intense?

Can anxiety creates heart attack in a 20 year old male?

Can anxiety induced palpitations cause a fatal heart attack? 26 years old. No known heart issues. I am an on/off smoker though and slightly overweight

Can be taken supllement of auricularia auricula-judae(2000 mg per day) for many years without any risks for health, mainly for heart?

Can being dehydrated cause a SVT attack?

Can bottled water lower risk of heart attacks and strokes?

Can bulimia cause you to have a heart attack if you're a teen?

Can codeine phosphate cause heart attack in healthy adult...thanks?

Can congenital heart defects or certain drugs result in increased cardiac output? What else causes it? Mine is 7.2lmin squared.

Can dhea be used without the side effects of testosterone therapy as stroke heart disease heart attack?

Can diet affect angina?

Can doctors tell me what does one go through after they had a major heart attack?

Can donating blood cause panic attacks?

Can drug addiction contribute to a heart attack?

Can eating a large meal cause a pheochromocytoma attack? What causes pheo attacks or are they just random?

Can foods really reduce cardio vascular disease risk like they say in ads?

Can having a violent temper cause a person to get a heart attack or stroke?

Can having panic attacks everyday, which raise my heart rate cause me to have a weak heart? I'm 19 and fit

Can HDL level of 2.33 cause heart problems?

Can heart attack signs persist for days before an actual heart attack?

Can heart attack symptoms last for few days before it is known?

Can heart attacks signs last days 23yo female?

Can I die from heart attack if I ignore it?

Can I get coronary artery disease from a heart panic attack on ecstasy?

Can I have a cat scan if I have had a major heart attack and CHF?

Can i stop aspirin cold turkey after 6 weeks.No prior history of heart attack or stroke.Self medicated.Take lisinopril 10 mg have gerd, ibs, am obese?

Can i take omega 3 even though I do not have any heart problems?

Can i take celexocib with norgesic?Doesnt it make you become more risk to stroke or heart attack?

Can i take one tablet calcium supplement with vitamin D any risk for heart attack and stroke ?

Can i tell me if I have have had a heart attack, how long do the effects remain so it's diagnosable?

Can I use epi-pen for heart attack?

Can internal bleeding lead to a heart attack?