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A 60y.O. Female complaining of dyspnea and arrythmia with diastolic murmur, what are the possibilities?

Any relationship between CHF and cardiac spasms?

Are cardiac ischemia and shortness of breath related?

Are thoughts of "doom" or foreboding symptomatic of chf, pph, and, or afib?

Before there are other CHF symptoms, can smoking a single cigarette cause shortness of breath in someone with undiagnosed chf?

Breathlessness on exertion hrct pft tmt echo CBP thyroid normal not overweight wt to do now can reflux cause breathlessness on activities I have lpr?

Can a dr tell if you have congestive heart failure if the only simptons you have is shortness of breath. I have many of the med health procongestive?

Can an arrhythmia cause symptoms like dyspnea?

Can B12 deficiency cause heart palpitations?

Can fludrocortisone dilute blood too much and cause shortness of breath without causing pulmonary oedema or heart failure?

Can I have COPD and not know it until after I had heart attack and chf?And could I have had COPD for a long time and not know it? Could it bring it on

Can LPR cause Asthana like symptoms in non asthamatic I have severe breathlessness on exertion?

Can metropolol cause shortness of breath if you don't have asthma or any lung disease..Been taking it due to heart surgery?

Can palpatations alone be a symptom of pulmonary embolism?

Can pulmonary fibrosis cause heart trouble?

Can pulmonary hypertension cause troubles breathing?

Can someone please tell me what is hyperlyphedemia . Is it concerning copd?

Can wrong breathing cause chronic breathlessness? I have no symptoms of asthma or heart problems;only tiredness along with breathlessness. Any clues?

Can you give d5w in chf?

Can you have thrombophilia without having symptoms of breathlessness?

Can you please list the common causes of psychogenic dyspnea?

Cardiac doc just told me I have CHF, but no worry! I don't think so. What can I do for myself?

Cardiomegaly and CHF related?

Chest pressure /chronic cough.. Cardiac has been ruled out. Im 22?

Could you tell me if someone with COPD and CHF has constant relux, what does it mean?

Dear doctor, i'm suffering from fatigue, could it be from pulmonary regurgitation?

Difference between hyperpnea, dyspne and tachypnea?

Does COPD lead to taccycardia attacks?

Does wheezing have anything to do with CHF?

Dx turbinate hypertrophy. Obstructed . Is that the cause of my shortness of breath ?

Had a storm & my heart went into afib.My bnp rose to 380 & dr told me I had CHF. Cardiologi said i don't have CHF after I have CHF? 180bnp

Have a PFO could this be cause of breathlessness on exertion ?

Have dcm and bi vent pacemaker. Is it normal to have heart racing then shortness of breath then sleepiness?

Heart faliure due to low ejection.Dizziness and breathlessness.Suggest treatment?

Heart patient with wheezing in chest?

How can you differentiate between shortness of breath due to pericarditis from shortness of breath due to anklyosing spondalitis?

How to cure continuous wheezing and breathlessness with fatigue for an asthma patient?

How to tell if hypertension is pulmonary hypertension or something else. Have mild weakness and shortness of breath but nothing major. Not very active?

I have CHF. Why does CHF make me have congestion in my chest all the time? I didn't have congestion in my chest before my heart attack and CHF.

I have idiopathic dcm & a bi vent icd. On bad days I have an overwhelming feeling that something is wrong. Other symptom is shortness of breath. Norma?

I have lymphangioleiomyomatosis &have sob on exertion. Pft's ok. I also have afib. Can I do pulmonary rehab w/ afib? It makes me nervous!

I have rbbb and dyspnea on extertion, should I be concerned?

I want to know the relationship between the shortness breath or pneumonia and renal failure ?

I'm 18 years old with severe pectus excavatum and have been experiencing palpitations, fatigue, and arrythmias. Is this life threatening?

I've had breathlessness on exertion for years, but it's getting worse. Echo EF & BNP both normal. How is diastolic heart failure diagnosed/ruled out?

If a had 2 attacks before 2 yrs and now cardiomegaly & lungs with water& shortness in breath is treated by dr.(medicine)&not by cardiologist is it ok?

If a person has hypertension (160-198/75-91), shortness of breath and a fib, is on metoprolol and coversyl 4 mg daily, what else could you do?

If a person with COPD and CHF has constant reflux, what does it mean?

If someone with COPD and CHF has constant reflux, what does it mean?

In what ways are cardiac ischemia and shortness of breath related?

Is a chesty cough sign of heart failure ?

Is ascites precox an exclusive symptom of constrictive pericarditis ?

Is it possible for arrythmia to cause dyspnea?

Is nocturnal dyspnea deadly?

Is sfr is the same with chf?

Is someone had pulmonary oedema would they hear crackles on the stethescope, if causing shortness of breath?

Is wheezing a sign of CHF?

Meaning of pallor and breathlessness on exertion. Anemia?

Metropolol vs. Digoxin...Which will cause shortness of breath?

My dad has coughing, common cold and heartburn, he also has congestive heart failure what should he do ?

My heart races before a coughing fit. Been diagnosed with copd?

My lasix (furosemide) was reduced. Now I have shortness of breath. Is this normal?

Please describe the differences in symptoms in cardiac related dyspnea, asthma related dyspnea, and anxiety related dyspnea?

Please,what is the cause of alteration between bradycardia & tachycardia+bounding heart,+tired, had sleep apnea before&moderate pulmonary hypertension?

Shortness of breath off and on for the last 6 hrs , not sure if it's my asthma or it's heart related ? I have an arrhythmia ! not much wheezing either

Suffering breathlessness on exertion aniexty sufferer petrified of myocarditis?

Treatment for shortness of breath in end stage copd?

Want to know what is the cause of alteration between bradycardia & tachycardia+bounding heart,I had sleep apnea before&moderate pulmonary hypertension?

What are symptoms of paroxymal nocturnal dyspnea and can you die from it?

What are symptoms of Pulmonary hypertension? Would I need an inhaler if I had it? Would tachycardia be a symptom? How is it diagnosed?

What are the causes of rapid chf?

What are the characteristics of a cardiac cough?

What are the symptoms of CHF and COPD?

What can cause dyspnea and hypotension in a patient?

What can cause shortness of breath besides anxiety, chf, and lung disorders?

What can I do for the severe exhaustion that I have from chf?

What can I do to address chf?

What can I do to control shortness of breath (asthma) with celiac disease?

What causes sob when o2 stats are up?

What is cardiac cough?

What is CHF and is it treatable?

What is exacerbation of chf?

What is fev1 and fvc?

What is the definition or description of: Breathlessness on exertion?

What is the difference between cardiac cough and cardiac asthma? Cough is not from medication or illness. Have it with talking. Have dcm.

What is the difference between tachpnea and dyspnea?

What is the difference between tachypnea and dyspnea?

What is the difference between tachypnea vs dyspnea?

What is the difference between tachypnea, dyspnea?

What is the relationship between cardiac ischemia and shortness of breath?

What lung conditions could cause brachycardia on exertion?

What to do if my hubby with CHF & COPD prognosis?

When you are having shortness of breath from dcm and heart failure is there anything you can do to help with this symptom?

Which diagnoses are most appropriate for a person with wheezes, dyspnea, and tachypnea?

Which nursing diagnoses are most appropriate for a person with wheezes, dyspnea, and tachypnea?

Why does UCTD sometimes cause chronic shortness of breath with mild exertion?What treatments could be used to alleviate breathlessness?

Years ago LVH from Adriamyacin. diagnosed with diastolic dysfunction. Chest heaviness and shortness of breath now much worse is this heart failure?