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Does the earing aids make hearing less ?! and also if it was damage in the nirve ? What cause hearing lose and how to avoid it ?

Epilepsy has made me totaly deaf and e.N.T won't give me hearing aids as they won't work as it's to do with the brain would a cochlear implant work?

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I can't wear my hearing aids because of ear infections. Advice please?

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I have a new hearing problem and doctor is giving the option of a hearing aid or an operation. How do I decide?

I have a tympanostomy tube & i wear a hearing aid, all the conditions for fungi growth is there & i had it twice, what the best i can do to avoid it?

I have been going deaf since being a child. Now I must use hearing aids. Can I be classified as disabled?

I have difficulty understanding speech in the background, even with my hearing aid, is there a way to make it better?

I have had tinnitus for 20 years. It interferes with my sleep, and is a constant companion, during the day. Hearing aids no help. Thx, larry?

I have moderate hearing loss w/bi lat. hearing aides. Which is better: learning sign language w/no hearing aides, or hearing aides w/no sign language?

I keep hearing about bonjela, what does it do?

I lost my hearing a year and a half ago, I have a hearing aid but my hearing comes back and goes again my dr is hopeless! what could it be?

I lost my hearing over a year ago, have a hearing aid but hate wearing it, dr can't explain how and why i lost it any ideas?

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I only have mild hearing loss. Wear glasses most of the time. Would I be better with in the ear aids??

I wear hearing aids and have a speech disorder, will guys still be interested in me?

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If a child has some hearing loss would they still be able to hear a whisper close to their ear? Almost 3 yr old

If you have hearing impairment, what is the biggest problem that you find with using hearing aid?

If you have hearing impairment, what is the biggest problem with using newer aid technology?

If you have hearing loss and must turn up the earphones, doesn't that make you have more hearing damage faster?

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Is bill clinton deaf in both ears? Why?

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