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5 year old ssss in hospital on meds and sent home with 7 days of meds. 4th day it was back and he was back in hospital! how do we know he's cured?

After surgery, will my 14 year old son be admitted to the hospital if he is dizzy & confused from anesthesia and stays that way for hours?

Any advise on how to not go crazy while I am stuck in the hospital on bedrest until i deliver my baby?

Are the abortion clinics seperate from hospitals are are some apart of it too?

Are you supposed to be admitted to hospital for a seven month chest infection?

Are you supposed to go to the hospital for a concussion or just lay down?

At what temperature should I go to the hospital?

Before I was an addicted and now I am scare to go to the hospital and I been very sick and pain and I don't know what to do. They won't help me?

Blood in vomit after being checked into hospital. Do I save for nurse to see?

Can a concussion keep you in the hospital 3 weeks?

Can a doctor/nurse send me straight to hospital without my consent if my weight has dropped?

Can a minor go to a local community hospital ER unaccompanied by an adult?

Can an urgent care give me an ekg? Can't go to hospital because they might find thc in pee

Can doctors and pas work part time in hospitals if they want to?

Can I avoid going to the hospital with this coffee burn? When would you have to go to the hospital?

Can I bring my own incontinence pads to the hospital?

Can I bring my own incontinence supplies to the hospital for infection?

Can I check myself out of a psych hospital if I checked myself in?

Can I go to the hospital/ ER if I have a UTI n have no insurance?

Can i still go work at a childcare center if I have a cold?

Can someone explain what's going on with me? Being transferred to level 3 hospital.

Can the A&E keep me in the hospital overnight?

Can there be a place like a hospital you can go to and wak in/out for bipolar in tampa area?

Can u go to a hospital to find out if u have lupus or not?

Can you get norovirus from being in the lobby of a childrens hospital for 5min. Had to meet someone who went to visit a friend?

Can you go to the hospital if you think you might have herpes?

Can you go to the hospital over a really tooth that hurts?

Can you tell me exactly when is a good time to head to the hospital for childbirth?

Can you tell me how UTI is treated at a walk in care center?

Could a doctor order you to hospital if he thinks you are unwell , even if you say you are ok?

Could an ambulance ever take somebody to the hospital without the siren being on?

Could i be turned away at the ER if i don't have insurance?

Could the doctor refuse to discharge my father from the hospital?

Could the hospital or doctor call you if they find something abnormal.?

Could you tell me what happens if you refuse to eat at a hospital?

Could you tell me what happens when admitted to the hospital for self harm?

Diagnosed with bacterial meningitis 1 week ago, in hospital 2 nights then let out with antibiotics, when can I safely go back to university?

Do I have to deliver my baby in the hospital my ob is affiliated with? My friends & family recommend a different one & i'd like to go there

Do I need to call the hospital and let them know I am in labor?

Do i need to go to a doctor/hospital after an overdose?

Do I need to go to the hospital for anxiety attacks or will they send me to looney bin?

Do I need to go to the hospital if I think I was drugged?

Do I need to go to the hospital if too much potassium citrate?

Do nurses have to call the doctor if you ask them to while in hospital?

Do u have to stay in the hospital if u have pnemonia and the ER says they r going to admit you?

Do u no how i can find a certain stat nurse from smaritain hospital?

Do you have to go to the hospital after a miscarriage?

Do you know the hospital procedure for a badly beaten woman?

Do you need information on you like ss# to go to the hospital and can you go without a parent at 17?

Do you pay for children to stay with you at a hospital if hubby there too?

Do you think I should go back to the hospital after alcohol poisoning?

Do you think I should go to a general practioner or go to the hospital for lung and heart issue?

Do you think I should go to hospital for my arm injury?

Do you think I should go to the hospital for my 2nd concussion?

Do you think I should go to the pediatrician or hospital if I have some symptoms of meningitis?

Do you think the hospital is a nessesary step at this time ?

Does an ambulance have to take you to the hospital you want to go to?

Does gastroenteritis normally need hospital care?

Does my baby need to go to the hospital for ttn?

Does my daughter's bulimia make her go into an institution, even if it's not severe?

Does my mom have to go to the hospital if she has intestinal cancer?

Fainting in hospital after surgery, should I be concerned?

Gf is in hospital, what can I do to cheer her up?

Had csection. Sent home. Now cannot pee. Who do I call? What do I do?

Have flu should I go to hospital i'm 8 weeks pregnant?

Have you ever heard of a child being admitted in hospital for diahrea and if so why?

Heard that at 55 obs are not required to take night call at some hospitals. Why not?

Hi can some one explain what are firbroids as the hospital wouldn't tell me ?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is an intensivist and how does one go about becoming one?

Hi im going in to hospital to get poleps removed is this serious?

Hi my name is Raul Baltazar, I had an accident, I am now in Methodist University Hospital, but I haven't receive attention from yesterday. I can't move and support on my left knee. Could you please recommend me a good Hospital for urgent attention?

How can I confirm when to go to the hospital for depression?

How can I leav hospital, please tell me?

How can I make the best arrangements for my other children when I go into labor?

How can I pick the best hospital if my child has an emergency when we travel?

How can I tell if I have refeeding syndrome without going to a hospital?

How can someone get sober with out having to go to a rehab center?

How come hospitals don't have dental departments anymore?

How do I know exactly what happens to someone when they're admitted into the hospital with a coma?

How do I know if I should go back into a psychiatric hospital? I just don't know anymore about anything

How do I know if I should go to the hospital for contractions?

How do I know when I'm depressed enough to go to the hospital?

How do I tell my parents that i might have overdosed on acetaminophen and i need to go to the hospital?

How do paramedics stop bleeding while in route to the hospital?

How does a hospital ER deal with someone who comes in with systemic candida?

How does hospital do laundry?

How easy is it to catch c-diff in a hospital?

How expensive is an ER trip?

How many preemies go to college?

How much do babysitters get now? Hospital aides?

How much does a baby have to weigh to go home from the hospital?

How soon can you leave the hospital after having your stomach pumped?

How to convince my grandmother to go to the hospital?

How to get myself admitted to the hospital?

How urgent is hospital care after a tia?

How would I know if my dad needs an ambulance from his center to the hospital?

I am about to a fracture clinic tomorrow in hospital what do they do?

I am being sent into hospital tomorrow under section 2 of mental health act, I am 17 f. They didn't have any beds today, if i run away what will happen?

I am terrified of hospitals. I wouldnt even be able to go to one as an outpatient i definitely couldnt do partial hospitalisation. No hospitals please?

I asked a question about my ankle, one of the docs said to go to ER "u need to go to hospital to rule out a fracture" ? Meaning?????