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Some doctors here say that HPV won't leave my body and others confirm I can be STD free and get my system cleared. What's the right answer? Help!

\nits hard 4 me 2 to forgive people and i get fedup quick. What should I do to change?

A 70year old man is going through dialysis but he is refusing treatment and has to be sedated in order to get dialysis.What will this do to his health?

According to doctor prescription i purchase glass but when i use it i feel all the thing close to me. It makes diffuclt to walk .plz guide me ?

Acne making me feel useless and never want to go out can't take antbiotics either because joining army:( benzoyl peroxide not done much ?

After 16 years on methadone ( 100ml ) I am now starting to get off it, but my question is " can your body or mind start to reject the methadone ? "

After a couple of months offeeling well it's been decided that i need to upgrade my pacemaker to a 2 lead is this serious or just added to my box?

All my docs are getting close to retirement age. Some are leaving, others should quit but dont. How do I find a whole new group as I also get older and need help?

All my health problems started in my last job. Should I quit before I get sicker so I can find a new better one?

Also I stated to go to gym twice a week Is it Enough?

Am i able to get pregnant in a few weeks off the depo? I was on the shot for a year 2010-2011 i was suppose to go get another injection in june of 2011, but i end up not getting it because my insurance stop paying for it. From doing research it stated it

Am lacking in cash, and I am worried about old age! I wont be able to afford assisted living like my parents so what can you suggest?

An adult that is bipolar always calls everyone cheap. Everyone is afraid to disappoint her during the holidays. So, they go broke giving. Any advice?

Anaphylaxis from few foods since 2013. Gave family info material but they don't seem to get that their carelessness may kill me. How can I get thru?

Any adivce on trying to decide whether to get eye implants?

Any legitimate reason for dental offices to insist on coming in every 6 months and getting an xray?

Anyone had solu-medrol IV for MS and get great results?

Anyone know where to get a castration without breaking the law?

Are doctors going to start putting people with dvt's on anticoagulants forever?

Are expensive shoes needed for person getting back into exercise?

Are general labor jobs difficult to get because everybody wants them?

Are there any doctors on here who have had patients take gardasil? This vaccine is very new to me even though its been around awhile, and I am not shore if its a safe bet to try. Have yet to be diagnose w/ any type of STD yet so as far as i know I am in

Are there any gastroenterologists in nyc who see patients on sunday? My dad needs one desperately but refuses to miss work because he has a new job.

Are there any good ways to prevent headaches in my new office job?

Are there any new allergy meds becoming OTC soon and specify how soon and if you can get free samples.

Are there any new ssri set to come on the market in the up coming months or years?

Are you allowed to treat for std's ? I had to leave my doctors appointment due to a family emergency and he is now closed 3 weeks for the holidays

As a man i would like to grow breast how can I go about it without going to a doctor they all say I have to go to a theropist i feel I should be able to do it its my body so it should be my choice why does there have to be something wrong for me to be abl

At 40 my career is in a good place. Husband pushes me to start a family now or never. What are my chances?

At one of my dietician appts i was weighed in & gained 4 pounds from previous month. Im suppose to get the sleeve. Can this specifically get me denied?

Bad if I get flu shot 2times? Having trouble getting record to prove to new job I am vaccinated &if I can't prove it I'm required to wear mask.

Been trying to get up courage to have a facelift for 4 years concerned about recovery process and downtime. Any suggestions how to get past that?

Big toe keeps dislocating during sex and occasionally during exercise. What can I do to stop this? See current conditions for personal detail.

But I m so weak sir now a days now I working in a 24/7 company where shifts r changes in 15 days so I wants to go gym for this it can not done pls hel?

Can a person's induction get canceled twice and them get put on oncall?

Can anyone help me to get my seven year old to start flossing his teeth? I feel like he's certainly ready to begin flossing on his own, but he refuses to try. Is there anything that can be done to make learning how to floss on their own more enjoyable for

Can I get a free pair of crutches?

Can I get a pregnancy test for free by post in the UK? Money is a struggle and i will not be able to handle going to a clinic. If so any suggestions on websites? I can't seem to find any. Many thanks.

Can i get on disability for vaginmus, anxiety and depression i haven't been able to find a job and need money so i can go to a dr and receive help.

Can I go straight to an oncologist if I want to have my entire body checked for cancer for my piece of my mind? Long history of psychotropic meds use

Can I go to my regular Dr to get my ear percied. I don't trust the teenagers at the mall. What would I need to bring?

Can i refuse doctor removing all my clothing when they take me to the er? And if not why ?

Can I request to get my vas deferens blocked by burning rather than getting cut or tied during my vastecomy? If yes how to make sure I communicate this accurately to the doc? Thanks

Can make any difference what time anyone go to the gym?

Can my boyfriend go w/me to get birth control &sit in the room with me? my sister said no because they ask personal q's.that doesn't make sense to me.

Can people who have their gallbladders removed make it big either in physical sports or business or life?Any examples?I might have to get my out at 35

Can someone get noticeably weaker in 8wk in new nursing home where told to not get up alone and having to wear monitor to alert staff when trying to getting up?

Can u get general warts from a blow job ?

Can you get hivfrom receiving a rim job?

Can you get me antidepressants?! Would you be able to get me a prescription as I truly believe these will help me with my metal state and my anxiety.

Can you help a friend of mine and get to try out new medicines for ALS please ?

Can you please explain how i can comfort my cousin when she is going to get surgery next week?

Can you tell me how i could experience new things if i don't have the money to travel?

Can you tell me how to feel about the affordable care act - is it good or bad?

Can you tell me in a sex-change surgery..where does the extra stuff come from?

Can you tell me in maybe 4 or 5 years down the road. should I consider vbac or stick with a scheduled c-section for a second child?

Can you tell your real age and get a job after 50?

Can't afford to go get looked at for carpal tunnel, even with my husbands insurance. What will happen to my arm? Will i eventually be crippled?

Daughter wants to help but is burned out taking care of me, husband, job. Moved me out of assisted living. Where can I go so am not a burden?

Dead birth made my life sad. Should I try right away to have another?

Diabetic and was wondering if it was safe to get a full set of dentures?

Do I just let it go knowing my gambling money is gone forever?

Do some peole fake back injuries to get workers comp? How can they get away with that if a doctor has to prove it.

Do you believe better healthcare will come to the usa?

Doc, im looking for job now.i have my 1st x-ray exam on my 1st application for job. & now i am required to have an xray for my 2nd job it ok?

Doctor am having pe and my doctor advice me not to trust faster during sex that I should trust slowly.Please is there any other advice you can give me?

Doctor won't draw my blood so i can send it to be frozen for later use. Where else could i find some1 willing to do this procedure?

Doctor's if you have any medicine & any solution tell me?????? i am living in pakistan i do not meet to you, therefore tell easiest way i waiting???

Does a cochlear implant get scarred over and stop working after a certain number of years?

Does anyone have a "final solution" to the "let's go to mcdonald's habit"?

Does anyone with fibro have any luck with dentures. I find them very painful. I've tried implants but most of them failed. Any advice?

Does the doctor need my permission to give me a pap? Cant afford them and rules keep changing

Does the linx device allow you to vomit and burp? Also, would you be able to "feel" the device? Or would you continue with life as if you never hadit

Finally retiring. Looking forward to adventure travel. What would be best plan before going?

Fluoride doesn't get given in most other countries. Are they trying to force-medicate us?

For what reason would a general doctor turn down an application to be a new patient? I just got health insurance, and now can't get in to see anyone.

Getting a dental implant and they are going to put me under local ana. Should i expect to feel anything?

Going to rehab have to use medicaid in order to get in rehab she is a recovering cancer patients will she still be able used her medical card to get?

Had a miscarriage last summer. Been planning but still nothing. What type doctor do need talk with see if can have kids?

Has the fertility (shots) made anyone else crazy?

Have you doctors heard anything new on benicar going generic ? It's my understanding it going generic this year. It be nice go get it cheaper

Have you established a new practice? Hope everything is alright?

HDR the best of luck with your the one that is a good time waster but tr I love it and the first place for a long day at work today was the t?

Health issues might make it harder for me to get hired, not sure though. Is that legal?

Hello i hate when getting the traditional block why do most dentist not suggest the wand sta. Is it safe? This would hve made my life less stressful


Hello! To get to the point, I want a hysterectomy. The problem is, I cant find a doctor willing to give me one because I am only 18. Any advice?

Hello. I like to know which doctor I need to get to find out my bones age to find out how long I will grow. Thank you ?

Hey docotors , my brother is going to the gym and he's taking protiens ( russian bear 10, 000 ) and i want to get him the proper way ... Any help ?

Hey, I want to know what i have to do to get my body the proper care and optimum energy required for me. Because I'm a student of Science. Thank yo

Hi doctor good day to you, i just want to ask about my case., my husband and i are in separate place, he comes here once a month only, when he visit?

Hi Doctor my question is are there any better Aspirin replacements for elders that i can get it at the local pharmacy?

Hi I am not able to consentrat any thing in my life please tell me what shoud i do?

Hi i wanted to know if it is possible to consult a doctor that works with genetics. I am interested in someone who i know has fs fshd and i wanted to know if I have kids if there is any way to do tests ahead of time and make sure that they are not disable

Hi just a quest I've been dianoised with skin cancer im on a waiting list at hos for surgury to have it cut out in the meantime 2 more spots have come?

Hi my name is Brian I have a question I'll be working and I'll be sweating but my forehead it gets cold what is the cost of that is it good or bad?

Hi, unfortunately I can not perform it only last a minute and it's impossible for me go the second round. am only 34yrs of age. Kindly assist?

Hi! I'm a Filipino working mom. I have two jobs so I seldom find myself some time to go out for a check up. This is my way of making time for it.

Hi! Is there anyway I can have a doctor break my hymen without pain (using some local anesthesia)? I'm a very scared person. Thanks

Hi. I think I have scabies but I read about Dyshidrodic eczema. I want to go to the doctors but I don't have medical .. Any advice I don't wanna get stuck with a bill and I don't have money for medication What should I do