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employer made me drug test and I believe I'll be + for meth or amphetamines from other meds & OTCs When I produce docs for scripts will that cover me?

. Can i get a prescription for Valium or similar from online dr? I have been diagnosed with general anxiety. I am without insurance at the moment and found a site that offers Valium at a price i can afford without insurace, the main draw back is i need a

A Ent gave me a sample of Dymista for chronic sinusitis. I found out getting a script is there a cheaper alternative?

A pharmacy dispensed the correct medication form, but bottle mislabeled for a different type of the same medication & instructions other than what my doctor prescribed, also billed insurance for it?

A prescription of 1g Lovaza pills costs $50 Looking for a lesser expensive omega3 name brand OTC of equivalent purity to substitute. ?

Abiify worked beautifully, but costs too much. Is there something comparable?

Albenza (albendazole) 200mg 4 tabs now cost $674.49 with bcbs ins. Now I have it and can't afford another round for me or my other kids. I'm desperate. What to do?

Any feedback from patients regarding the new prescription viibryd (vilazodone hydrochloride). I was put on 20 mg of this newer drug today. Thank you

Any suggestions on which o.T.C. Med is closest to prevident(r)?

Are cheap shoes (ie. at Payless or target) a bad idea for 5 year old?

Are docs incentivized or compensated in any way by pharma co.S for writing rxs? Any data available so you can check a given doctor's specifics re rxs?

Are e-scripts safer and better for patients than paper precriptions?

Are medicines from national drug store the same as those sent from mail order pharmacy recommended by insurance company?

Are the generic forms of modafinil (pro vigil) that can be bought without a prescription online safe to take and effective for the most part?

Are the non-prescription ED pills effective? They make big claims, but I am skeptical. The cost of viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis is prohibitive, and it would be nice if there was a less expensive alternative.

Are there any advantages to using equetro over generic carbamazepine--other than time released. Is it worth the extra money?

Are there any affordable ways for someone with no insurance to acquire a prescription to anti-depressants?

Are there any comparable OTC medications to Nystatin mouthwash. I do not have insurance and the prescription medication id exuberantly priced.

Are there any OTC treatments for giardia? Currently no insurance

Are there discounts for seniors for prescription drugs?

Been prescribed Cialis and i had to pay. Now they gave me something called tadalista tadalafil tablets and did not have to pay is it the same thing?

But can tell me which company's product rates better re effectiveness? As mentioned, no generic works as well as elavil (amitriptyline) did & this isn't a mind thing

Can sexual inability directly hit life I have use generic Cialis buy it from ww.Generic-cialis-tadalafil.Com tell something about this product?

Can 5 mg of onglyza (saxagliptin) be split and used as 2.5......they are not scored. To save money.

Can a company legally tell you that you can't take a prescription pain medication at work?

Can anyone refill my prescription until I find a doctor I just paid 100 dollars because I was told someone would help me?

Can getting a brand new expensive mattress really help with hypertension problems?

Can i get a prescription for viagra online ? I ran out and it sucks to pay hundreds of dollars just for a prescription.

Can I take a birth control pills without prescription, because I can't visit doctor I don't have insurance and money,and I'm not eligible for free cos?

Can i take over-the-counter fish oil instead if lovaza? It's very expensive.. Does cost justify benefits vs otc?

Can i take provigil with nexito or with any other anti depressants?Where can I buy provigil from online in india?

Can you advise on where to find coupons and vouchers for moban?

Can you tell me about any prescription drugs that start with the letter j?

Can you tell me if there are any alternatives to adap in paying for HIV medication?

Confused by prescription terms qid, qd, qhs, etc. Are there official guidelines for pharmacists for writing instructions on the labels on bottles? Any website?

Could a doctor refuse to prescribe dissolvable co-codamol because they are "more expensive"?

Denied Harvoni by Insurance because of F2 score. Need to be treated now. Is Australia safe to seek tx from MD who uses generic sofosbuvir + ledipasvir?

diagnosed with depression /ADD for over 12 years. In the last 2 yrs the stock and manufacturers have been no supply/changed brand/caused side effects

Do any doctors here get paid by drug companies?

Do many pharmacies have simvastatin on their $4 prescription list?

Do Pharmacies give patients prescription brand based on their insurance? Do patients have rights to reject if they feel prescription a discrimination?

Do you know which drug company offer the best quality of herceptin (trastuzumab)?

Do you take molina marketplace silver plan?

Does anyone know where I can find the lowest price for medications? Is online buying risky?

Does insurance typically cover for off label use of the med? For example, lovaza for inflammation?

Does Medicare cover any type of erectile dysfunction treatments or mess? Have any FDA approved ED meds gone generic yet?

Does medicare cover your longterm prescription drugs?

Does the DEA suggest appointment frequencies for people taking schedule IV drugs (Tramadol)? My copays are so high & I have $15,000+ credit card debt.

Dr prescribed Loestrin FE 1/20. Insurance only covers generic. But I wanted name brand to avoid side effects, my biggest concern. What should I do?

Dr. Donald f yorkie d.O. Westbrook maine a prescribing Suboxone treatment doctor use the prescription monitoring program?

Even though Plan B is available over the counter, can my doctor wrote me a script for it? I know it's covered by my insurance that way

Fibromyalgia Use Lidoderm patches for pain relief. Insurance won't pay for and I cannot afford them. Any substitute or other suggestions?

For what length of time does it take for a stimulant prescription permit to be issued in victoria?

Found my fertility meds cheaper through a different country. Can I have my doc prescribe these?

Getting a prescription for Paxil (paroxetine) (generic) 40 mg 1/2 tablet twice daily?

Google said patent will expire on benicar (olmesartan) April 26 this year is that true? When it generic will it be lot cheaper instead of 280 dollars a month?

Has anyone had any luck with their patients on viibryd (vilazodone hydrochloride) for anxiety/depression -I am considering it if insurance will cover it ?

Has anyone tried modalert, provigil, with much success?

Hello, I ordered my prescription through an online, deliver to my home pharmacy service that my insurance recommended. My prescription is for Advair ?

Hello! Why do doctors only prescribe "Epi-Pen"? Versus another brand of auto-injector?

Help! need to know if there's any equivalent of xyzal (levocetirizine) tablets in usa which i can get without medical prescription in drog stores?

Hi there. I am looking to renew prescriptions from my surgery?

Hi, I have herpes and been looking for doctor for help and i don't have money to afford a doctor.. What medication i can use?

History of IV drug use, now paying the price. What is this new 'quad pill' for hiv?

How can I cut back on prescription costs?

How can I get free zyflo (zileuton)?

How can seniors save on drugs?

How can you pronounce the drug "xarelto" and how much does it costs?

How do I get nuvigil cheaper, my ins. Covers most but still leaves a $330 bal. And generic modafinil is more? Or ideas on a comparable drug?

How do I get help paying for a prescription? I live in oregon, and my medication is so expensive. What about online pharmacies?

How do I get help paying for a short term medication? Insurance refuses to cover, and even generic is so expensive. I live in or, med is progesterone.

How do prescription drug plans pbms work?

How long is colchicine good for. My bottle says discard 9/22/2015. I cannot afford to buy a new prescription. Will it still be as effective?

How many inhalers exist on the market for asthma? I'm using Ventolin and it's costing me an extra $100/month. I'm looking for alternatives.

How much do medications for hypertension cost? I don't have prescription coverage. What are the costs for hypertension medication? .

How much do prescription orthotics usually cost?

How to pronounce the drug xarelto and does anyone know how much it costs?

I am currently taking benicar-hct 40 12.5. Due to change in insurance I can't afford to fill prescriptions. Can I change to Benicar (olmesartan) w/OTc water pill?

I am informed there isn't a generic yet, but ate there any other medications that are similar?

I am on Bydureon (exenatide) injections for my diabetes my insurance company notified me that they will not be paying for this drug in 2016 they recommend a replacement drug called TRULICITY, will this drug work as well as the bydoreon for me thank you?

I am on zyflo, will xyzal help? Big price difference

I am unable to afford provigil and was wondering if there any alternative medicines I can take?

I bought generic clonazopam from india call oail 2mg. Manufactured by terrace, marketed by cyril. Are these real?

I can no longer afford my steroid inhailer .My insurance will pay for a generic brand do I have any options?

I could use a script for 45 8 mg Suboxone how does this work?

I have a script for .5 mgs clonazepam can I ask my pharmacy to special order the roche a brand?

I have assertive colites i take apriso it's in my lower intensent my insurance does not cover it is there a different pill for colites is it safe ?

I have been stable taking Bup/Naloxone 8/2, 1/2 tab 3-4 x day for 8 years for pain, but insurance no longer will pay, is there any other med option?

I have been taking 1 mg alprazolam 4 times a day since the mid 1980s. My insurance company tells me it is no longer in their formulary. What options?

I have generic Soma, (carisoprodol) it has 2410 with a V under it on the tablet. How do I know the strength of it if I cannot find the original bottle?

I have gout in my feet, have taken coltrazine for it, is this the best treatment or is there a generic one that doesn't cost a lot that would work as w?

I have Missouri medicaid and would like a script for chantix or zyban (bupropion)?

I have r.A. And currently I am a patient at a methadone clinic. I would like very much to have a doctor prescribe it for me instead. Employed, insurd?

I have RA and no insurance now the dmar has stopped working. Is there any doctor that can help me. So basically no doctor or insurance.

I just spent 179 dollars for cialis. 30 pills. Im 54. Not sure if I have other ED options?

I just started taking a drug called provigil, but i can't afford it. Can you tell me how to apply for hardship case?

I lost my job and therefore my insurance.also. I have to renew my paroxetine HCl 40mg. How much would it cost and where could I get help?

I need a prescription for e d dont have insuranse?

I need to take Elmiron (pentosan) and the cost is so high,, have no insurance. Most drugstores want accept coupons or discounts either.Do you have any answers.

I picked up my reg script of 10/325 generic Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen). Pharmacist said only white was avail, not yellow. Is there really a differ besides manufacturer?