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(Florida) friend said he was Legally mandated to be in hospital while wife had surgery/anesthesia as next of kin.doesn't sound right.insight please?

18 F. Physically abused. Difficult to seek legal help. Can get killed if family figures during investigation. No family support. Any suggestion for me?

92 in nursing homex3mo after pelvic fracture. Daughter was told everyone is dnr, full code is inhumane, breaks ribs so she had md cancel my request?!

Admitted to the university. Worried about when they request health forms. What kind of information do they want?

Advice needed on where to go next regarding state of mental health? What should I do?

Am allowed to go to a different state to get an abortion?

Am I allowed to complain if a person of opposite sex sees my privates during nursing care?

Am i allowed to get antidepressants at age 16 without parental consent?

Am i allowed to see a doctor about a mental assessment without parental permission / knowledge?

Am I required to see hospital pastor?

Any oncologist at this board that could do a medical review for us? I could not find any one local in ca that willing to help us on this but out of state doctors that make the whole case is more complicated? Please help. Thank you.

Any psychiatrist doctor willing to share his promo code.I need to talk to u privately as it's urgent.I'd would appreciate ur help.

Any way I can speak to a doctor In more detail on here without having to pay?

Anyone aware of an established telemed network, particularly pediatrics anywhere?

Apart from keeping hypochondriacs and other attention seekers out of gps' offices, what good does quackery do?

Are dental labs protected under hipaa and not allowed to provide the dental patient with records?

Are doctors required to report to authorities if a patient reveals domestic violence to the doctor during an appointment?

Are HealthTap doctors able to refill existing prescriptions when in-person primary care doctors are unavailable?

Are juvenile mental health records sealed right after you turn 18 years old?

Are paper medical records more secure than electronic health records?

Are there any doctors on here from tulsa, ok. Who accept community care ins. I'm needing help finding another doctor for my high blood pressure!

Are there good ways to get a psychiatric service dog?

Are you able to provide long term psychiatric services?

Are your medical record private my sister said she go on line and get her med records and e-mail her PC to make appt ?

Are your Physicians able to approve/sign a Employee Request for ADA Accommodation?

As a caregiver, what information must I bring to her doctors' appointments?

As a CNA in the state of Florida how many hours am I legally allowed to work in a week at a private agency,is overtime mandatory at any point.

Brother,with epilepsy and not fully developed mentally, has a medical exam for an immigrant visa. he needs to take reports for his medical conditions?

Can a doctor access records to a persons medical records, how would they find out if a person has any diagnosis officially not just from them saying?

Can a doctor on here assist someone with disability papers for the government? I'm having a hard time, no family practitioner. I only see NP

Can a health tap doctor pull records from hospital and treat you online?

Can a parent legally override a team physician's decision to not allow a child to return to sports?

Can an hr office examin your personal health records when being concered for a hospital job?

Can an otolaryngologist assume the responsibilities of, or cover for, a psychiatrist?

Can doctors write medical notes that last longer than 4 weeks?

Can employers require an HIV test? This sounds a bit intrusive, I thought medical records are confidential.

Can getting an abortion show up on your medical records?

Can i always ask for a specific doctor when booking an appointment or do clinics not allow that?

Can I call fertility clinic to get update on health history of donor and her family now that child is 12?

Can I call sperm bank to get more detailed family history on donor?

Can I call sperm bank to get update on health history of donor and his family since I had his child?

Can I get a driver's license if I have been diagnosed with epilepsy?

Can i get a prescription w/o parent consent?

Can i get into southern methodist university with a dismissed family violence assault on my record? I am planning on studying to become a anesthesiologist. But I have a dismissed family violence case...And I have an appt to talk to a admissions rep at s

Can I get my medical certificate renewed through here? I have been on MC for over 2yrs but unable to visit my GP for one at the moment.

Can I get my own medical records under federal laws protecting consumers?

Can i legally get treated for depression without parental consent?

Can I put a living will in my hospital medical records?

Can i tell me how i can convince parents to get a mmj card?

Can I use my cousin's medical card?

Can mental health clinician cut off patient because parents don't want to transfer their therapy to the same agency? They gave my child a 60day notice

Can my occupational health doctor send me back to work?

Can someone legally refuse vaccines and still go to school?

Can someone write a doctors note for me for my maternity leave?

Can the CDC reject a request by a person or doctor? If patient were 2 demand test be sent through the cdc, must they oblige?

Can you explain the new guidelines for pap exams? Why did the guidelines change and what's the true recommendation? The new guidelines for pap sears will make it harder to get the proper screening and health insurance payment. This could be so disastrous.

Can you get sick a lot being a medical assistant?

Can you obtain a restraining order against someone because they have mrsa?

Can you recommend a good place online for ordering medical supplies?

Can you tell me how i can get help as a minor without parental consent?

Can you tell me how to get medical records if I don't know what hospitals I was at?

Can you tell me how to go about reporting a doctor for negligence?

Can you tell me of a free syringomyelia chat room?

Can you tell me what you suggest if a child at the age of 11 gets sent to a mental institution, will he/she be able to go to college?

Can you view and get a copy of all your medical records to keep for yourself ?

Chlamydophilosis (ornithosis) help needed. Do I call vet school?

Could husband request admin sep with medical condition?

Could i get a handicap parking placard for primary biliary cirrhosis?

Could use your help docs! my family is sending me to residential treatment (rehab), what should I bring?

Could you tell me what are rules/regulations for vaccinations for foster family?

D and c question -- please help me find out whether resident or doctor did it?

Daughter saw hospital mental health person 1x released no problem found does this info get sent to state mental health office on record forever?

Did any doctor or medical facilities find any cure for hiv?

Do any government agencies check toys to see if they are safe for kids?

Do any medical prolems show up when an employer does a background check?

Do doctors and nurses with HIV have to disclose their status to their colleagues in a hospital? Seems like that should be confidential.

Do doctors or clinics have access to see your medical records, like dmv can see your driving record, or employee can see your background records?

Do employers stay in touch with the doctor after turning in an employee medical certification form for fmla?

Do hospitals look at an employee's medical record when hiring them? Are medical records confidential?

Do I have right to refuse to be seen by female doctors? It's my preference and it's a free country? Can other doctors and lawyers harass me about it?

Do patients have the right to request their electronic medical records?

Do u think with all medical records becoming digital by 2015, hackers will be able to get peoples confidential records and privacy will be a big issue?

Do you have a rheumatologist on staff too? How many times have you been able to get patients ss disability? How much will it cost for diagnosis?

Doctor legal questions: voice record, video tape doctor visits and what they do. If doctors refuse, i can't trust them, what? If I am not comfortable to see doctors, or go to any clinic and hospital unless I am recording the conversation and video taping

Does an md sign off for my service dog and can I just take the letter to my doctor and have him sign it if he doesn't or can't what will he have to do?

Does anyone have an impulse control program they can send me?

Does anyone know a doctor that does stomach stapling in wv or at medical school and will take medicaid?

Does anyone know an excellent psychiarist in massachusetts who takes patients possibly with a secretary who can book the appt ?

Does endocrinologist learn in school, that type 1 diabetics base their food, medical, and housing needs on income level like government lawmakers?

Does FNP-BC after a nurses name on her business card mean she can write prescriptions?

Does health tap offer psychiatric care? Basically medicine maintenance and blood work. I feel trapped with my psych RN. No one else taking new pt.

Does insurance companies have limits to their services such as maternity, etc.? My husband's adopted daughter keeps on going to the hospital for maternity care (miscarriages, etc.). Is there any limitations in a family plans' services? Is it individually

Does it make any psychological sense to attempt to obtain a previous paid job back that one voluntarily retired from by applying as a volunteer?

Does medical care involving prevention of STD's require parental consent? Wouldn't a teen who has ignorant parents have a right to safe sex?

Does medical school do character check before admitting medical student? Integrity of docs is tarnished due to greed & deception in recent yrs.

Does my gp have to have my parents permission to write a note for my exams?

Durable medical equip provider took cpap modem & gave me card. Doc ordered modem. Don't know if i can fight b/c i don't know if i paid for modem. :( ?

Family psychotherapy i saw my child's therapist, alone, to discuss his status and condition. Md coded the bill with 90846. Will insurance cover this?

Follow up to previous message asking desperately for help recommendations of therapist and psych. In staten island I have medicare on ssd please help ?

For a dementia pt. Possibly in a downturn, family visits are now limited to the occasional, and all others must now call the conservator first. Why?