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Can i take 1 tablet a day Magnesium Citrate 100mg for Acephalgic Migraine Aura get 5x mth Would this be a crude option or would you agree beneficial?

17 yr post concussive, migraines with aura. Normal eeg, on magnesium, migraine cocktail, depakote, steroids IV hospital week, sent home steroid taper, two days home limb tremors. What could cause them?

20prozac, daily moderate Verapamil dose for cluster headache prevention(not sure how much). Can I take aspirin for regular headache?What about Zofran?

30yr old female, 10 weeks pregnant in status migrainosus; would you try steroid, triptans, or both?

38yr fem. Migraine for 5 weeks. Mri/mra normal. Was on lamictal for 4?Yrs for prev. Added Depakote 2 weeks ago. Working w neuro. Suggestions? Thanks

40mg fluoxetine-panic disorder, 180mg verapamil-cluster headache prevention (daily).Can I take rizatriptan pill 1hr after those meds for the headache?

65 yr. Old female- migraines for 25 yrs (3-4 per wk.) is there any new research that might one day be hopeful for migrainers? Take imitrix.

About an hour after taking sumatriptan for the first time I'm having a migraine that's worse than any I've had. Is it possible that sumatriptan caused?

After having a stroke could narccic pain medicne cause halicination been on this for about 10 years just starte the halucnation only 1 time?

After what duration can I start breastfeeding my 1 month twins girld on consuming sumatriptan and naproxen tablet for migraine? Age:42

Any new meds for vertigo without any cause. Valium and mech lizine prescribed already no help?

Are anti-eplieptics like Lamitcal, Diamox, (acetazolamide) or others ever effective for Tinnitus?

Are doses in excess of 240mg of Propranalol ever implemented? I'm still getting chest pain in the AM and migraines. Not quite effective enough at dose

Are sodium-channel blockers used for Central Sensitization? What other meds? Tried gabapentin,nada. Hyperacusis, tachycardia, migraines, tinnitus. UGH

Are ssris (for depression) safe to use with sumatriptan (for migraine)?

Are there any contra indications for taking butterbur with dilitiazem. The dilitiazem i take for my heart. Prevention magazine recommended butterbur.?

Are there any contra indications with taking butterbur and taking dilitiazem for migraine?

Are there other non narcotic medication I can take for occipital neuralgia headaches. I'm already taking neurotin 600?

Are there risks associated with taking Imitrex (sumatriptan) for migraines on a long term basis, for 1-2 migraines per month?

As a migraine sufferer. I have tried propranolol, amitriptyline, nortriptyline, toprimate and currently on sanomigrain.What would you suggest next.

Been getting headaches everyday had normal CT scan. Take at least 5 Advil a day no relief and take topamax (topiramate). What could be the problem?

Been on topamax (topiramate) for 3 weeks and my migraines have actually become more frequent. Could it be the cause even though it's supposed to be preventative?

Been on topirimate for over a year. Have crps with no allergies. Is it worth trying name brand topamax (topiramate) to see if it is meds causing itch?

BP 102/48(very low for me). HR is 110bpm. Migraine with vision loss in one eye. No meds other than Advil (ibuprofen) for migraine. What could cause this all?

Can a small dose of 25 mg of topomax help with headaches?

Can antihistamines taken at 40mg daily for few weeks cause migraines? Taking for severe hives

Can children or adolescents take amerge (naratriptan) for migraines?

Can estrodol gel help menstral migraines.

Can getting a refill of an old prescription make you drowsier when first refilled than later on taking it...Example topomax and clariten for headache?

Can headaches last as long as you are taking antidepressants.My dr wants me to have an mri.I think its the meds.Could you advise please?

Can i combine hydroxycut performance series with paracetamol or ibuprofen? I suffer migraine

Can I tak depakote 250 and fioricet 300-50-40 together?

Can I take champix wen on 25mg amitriptyline for migraines?

Can i take co codamol (solpadol) and macrodantin( antibiotic for uti) together as suffer from facial migraines need pain releif?

Can I take endep (amitriptyline) 10 and 2 panadein forte? Major migraine dizzy faint

Can i take phenergan (promethazine) if on wellbutrin,topamax,trileptal,klonopin,neurontin?no seizure history im aware of,dont drink or do drugs.get migraines&nausea.

Can I take triptans with alcohol? And Can i take triptans for migrai.nes as a result of hangover?

Can I use lose dose aspirin for a headache?

Can I use magnesium tablets for tension headaches?

Can maxalt (rizatriptan) be taken with metformin and b.P. Meds?

Can my migraine pills help my depression?

Can overuse of triptan medications induce a seizure?

Can propylthiouracil cause headaches? I've been taking propylthiouracil for a month and now have headaches almost daily. Could this be the cause?

Can rexulti cause headaches. It's new so there's no info on it. ?

Can Serotonin Syndrome cause migraines? Can it cause migraine aura? Can psuedoephedrine overdose induce it>?

Can someone get meningitis attributed to taking indocin (indomethacin)?

Can steven johnson sydrome happen twice? Lamictal gave me that. But now my dr wants me to take topamax for migraines

Can taking excedrine migraine / Lexapro (escitalopram) on a regular basis cause infertility?

Can taking fastin (phentermine) cause severe headaches?

Can the excedrine migraine pill cause permenant asthma as a side effect?

Can topamax (topiramate) cause dilupus? On plaquenil/nifedipene for raynaud. And have extreme swelling. Low complement. Headaches/dizziness.

Can verapamil 80mg for migraine be taken life long (three time a day) or it has some side effects. Any diet restriction for migraine or any precaution?

Can you tell if it is right for my doctor to prescribe an antidepressant for a migraine?

Can you tell me about it's like to take topiramate or topamax for fibromyalgia pain?

Can Zantac (ranitidine) cause migraine headaches? Is that a normal side effect?

Chronic 6 Migraine Auras a Mth Propranolol 20mg1 aday worked reduced to1Migraine every6-8 weeks but do Betablockers use cause other medical problems?

COQ10 for migraine prevention, how does it work&should I try it? Other nonprescription options? Tried 5 diff prescrpts, too many side effects.

Could histaminosis cause migrains? Is it good to take ebastina to fight or prevent attacks?

Could taking verapamil 120mg for 2 days in a row for migraine prevention and then stopping cause heart damage?

Could the new drug combination of phentermine and topomax (Quisimya, or something like that) help with Migraines? Stimulants worked well in the past,

Daily migraine 4-6 pm right side follows trigeminal nerve taking Imitrex (sumatriptan) sometimes 2x do I need a neuro consult?

Day 3 of Trazadone, nasty migraine. Dr said it's ok to stop. what is safe to take for migraine? Last trazadone 24 hrs ago

Dear sir am having frequent migraine headaches from the past weeks am taking naprosyn (naproxen) 500 mg and prochloroperizine but no permanent cure?

Diagnosed with "hemiplegic migraines" but i don't even know what that means. How do I live with them? Will i always have to take meds?

Diagnosed with hemicrania continua.Indomethacin is not working.What next?

Do pain medications such as Vicodin work for migraines? I have tried preventative meds and they don't work as well. I have also tried maxalt, (rizatriptan)Imatrix

Do the pros for being on topomax at a higher dose outweigh the pros of other preventatives for headaches. Topomax hasn't been helping in the past.

Does amitriptyline take away tension headaches? I have headaches and Im on amitriptyline 10mg I thought it was supposed to take away headaches? tumor?

Does Excedrin migraine affect gildess fe 1/20?

Does hydroxy-zine pam 25mg help with headaches? Or is it just for allergies?

Does metoprolol helps with headaches? I have hypertension and was put on metoprolol but was also told it would help my migraine headaches?

Does Propranalol extended release take weeks to start working on migraines like topamax (topiramate) does? Or how long does it take?

Does the generic form of Imitrex ( called sumatriptan ) lower complex migraine onset?

Dr. Stated plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) could also be the reason for my vertigo - could vertigo really start 8 months after taking it? I don't want to stop this drug.

Elavil (amitriptyline) for abdominal migraine, I was wondering if I am able to eat chocolate now, since it's a trigger. I ate chocolate the other day, no migraine.

Exceeding Migraine isn't working, Zomig (zolmitriptan) makes my jaw tight, and head hurt worse, I take Phenergan with it as well, Imitrex does the same as Zomig (zolmitriptan). ?

for migraine what is better ?riboflavin 400 mg or Co Q10 100 mg or butterbur or feverfew or all together and what is the daily dosage ??

Gastric Sleeve patient only med class that works on my cluster ha's are NSAID's. Apap or Triptans don't work either. Are there any safe alternatives?

H/o migraines.Had one now for a week. I have immatrex and it helps a bit. Is this normal for a migraine? How do I stop it? Why is it so long?

Had a migraine all day. Took 2 doses of 100mg of Imitrex (sumatriptan). Trying to decide where to go next. Cambia/Zomig route or Sumavel?

Have chronic migraine. Consulted. Prescribed Ciplar-40. I don't see any improvement. Thinking to take Riboflavin. What will be the dosage? Is it safe?

Have tried imitrix/maxalt/zomig for infreq. Migraines (no help). Disclofenac helps some with pain, but i get rebound. Neg mri. What else can I try?

Have you had any experience with prescribing inderal (propranolol) to a patient to prevent migraines and it's making and it makes my daily headache worse.No high bp?

Having bad daily ha's, tried evrythng, maxalt, treximet, imitrex, (sumatriptan) they all make me spaced out, cld this be interaction with sub?

Headache for 9 days. Migraines for 40 yrs w/period. No period for 8mth. Migraine symptoms, Taken 14 Imitrex (sumatriptan) in 9dys. Only 2 hours releif w/ meds. help?

Headache on both sides and it is out of control and take the tabltet named naproxen?

Help ! My Dr has had me on 6-8 Fioricet (acetaminophen butalbital and caffeine) daily for 1year for daily migraines, but now his office won't ok refill & i'm out. I have clonazepam , will that prevent seizure?

Help docs, is having a migraine for 6 days normal? I've taken meds and it only helps a little.

Hi doctor . i have vertigo problem . and my neurologist prescribed me with nootropil and stugeron . but it seems didnt worked out . ?

Hi i suffer from migraines and have recently started taking prozac. I have a bad migraine what can I do to help the pain since i can't take maxalt (rizatriptan)?

Hi my cardio doctor said i have wolf parkinson white syndrome, now im suffering from migraine and lighthead my familydoctor said i do have migraine since she recmnd flunarizine sibelium 5mg i saw on the internet people with parkinson do not take drug?

Hi, what medication would be accepted during first trimester for migranes.I have horrible headaches and used to take sumatriptan 50mg. Tyleno not work?

Hi.I visited my dr for my headache, nausea and vertigo he gave me propranolol and valproate sodium 200, but i'm not sure about having sodium kind pills?

High dose verapamil (more than 240mg a day) for migraine? Is this ever employed? My migraines aren't controlled well enough at 240mg.

History of headaches/migraines, but none this long. This was a migraine for a day and still mild headache for over 1 week. On verapamil & imitrex. Can't take nsaids. Avoiding tylenol (acetaminophen) so doubt rebound.

How can I stop migraines with aura taking place?

How do I avoid constipation if I take one T3 (liothyronine) for migraine headache?

How do I end a status rebound migraine for 3 weeks without being in lots of pain? Allergic to Tordol, dhe, ultram, triptans. Steroids didn't help.

How do TCAs actually work to control non-migraine headaches? SSRIs aren't common for this, so is it the norepinephrine that is the agent helping?

How do you tell if migraines are flaring up after about 4 months being better? The doctor debating increasing meds again to 100mg of topomax