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29 m. I am on 200 mcg Duragesic fentanyl and 20 mg x 6 norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) for bt pain. I have unknown stom/groin pain. What could warrant this much med?

Acetaminophen+hydrocodone ok for real pain?

Actiq for breakthrough pain only?

Actiq good for breakthrough pain?

Addicted to (codeine + Meprobamate + Paracetamol) painkiller for frequent neck pain leading to headaches. Physically examination ruled out any serious?

Addicted to prescription pain meds (opiates)? What should I do?

Addiction medicine = pain management?

Alternative pain meds to oxy?

Analgesics for pain always needed in labor?

Anyone on oxys or subutex for pain management?

Are all NSAID drugs equal in analgesia effect for pain?

Are all patients with chronic pain who take pain medications at risk for addiction?

Are Butran patches good for chronic pain ?

Are extreme pain and numbness normal after a demerol (meperidine hydrochloride) shot?

Are pain relief pills addictive?

Are there any narcotic pain medication that don't metabolize in the liver?

Are there any other non opiate pain killers besides 'tramadol' to control abdominal and stomach pains?

Are there effective non-narcotic drugs for pain relief during child birth?

As someone who regularly uses vicodin for back pain, will tramadol have the same effect?

Been on oxycontin for several years for pain management and doing well. Is there a down side for my health?

Can a manic episode be triggered by lortab or other narcotic pain medication?

Can a obgyn prescribe for tramadol or narcotics?

Can a tolerance for paracetamol be reversed? I have gastritis,so that's the only pain reliever I can take.I now have a tolerance for it.Can I undo it?

Can an implanted morphine pump be effective for chronic pain?

Can any doctor prescribe norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) for my back pain?

Can anyone be on narcotic pain meds for a long time without getting addicted?

Can anyone tell me if a medicine called talwin (pentazocine) is a good pain medication ?

Can Dr. prescribed Vicodin for chronic pain( 4 q daily x 4 yrs ) be *inducing* my Chronic Anxiety? How do I lower on my own if so? Please advise

Can etodolac be used for pain?

Can HGH be used to treat chronic pain? I am currently on Celebrex (celecoxib) and Tramadol for my pain and refused to use heavy narcotics

Can I supplement my oxycodone pain management with morphine?

Can i take 1 ketoralac & 1 tramadol at the same time? Ketoralac for oa pain & tramadol for post concussion symptoms

Can i take methadone and percocet for pain, is this an okay combination for pain relief?

Can I use vicodine (hydrocodone) during pregnancy for extreme pain?

Can my dr at pain management give me methadone for my chronic pain? Would it last longer than regular pain killers? I need opinions please.

Can opiates cause anxiety? Am on Percocet, Dilaudid & muscle relaxant for severe leg pain. Outlook for healing is good yet I am very anxious. Thanks.

Can oxycodone cause intestinal cramps? How can I fix this if the oxycodone is the only one works in my endometriosis pain?

Can taking 1/2 norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 10-325 cause dependence? Need for lower back pain.

Can taking 1/2 of norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 10-325 one time per day for 3 months cause dependency. Taking for pain relief until surgery.

Can taking narcotics on & off for pain shorten my lifespan?

Can taking prescription pain killers and opiates cause infertility?

Can the docs on HealthTap prescribe pain med ,Methadone?

Can tramadol cause gallstones?

Can use of narcotics cause heart pains?

Can we give morphine as analgesic in cholecystitis ? And what is the explanation please .

Can you please discuss the over-the-counter narcotics?

Can you please tell me how narco and viciden in terms of pain relief and side effects differ?

Can you take a norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) for chronic pain while on Suboxone if you are in a flare up?

Can you tell me about narcotic pain medication?

Can you tell me about talwin-a narcotic pain medication?

Can you tell me if mepergan fortis works well on pain?

Can you tell me if someone can be an acupuncturist if they are on morphine (buprenorphine) for chronic pain?

Can you tell me is dilaudid the best pain medication?

Can you tell me what kind of pain is tramadol (ultram) used to treat?

Can you write me a prescription for gabbapentin for my back its not narcotic and it helps me?

Chronic pain & methadone withdrawal. How do I deal with this?

Chronic pain not controlled. How do I talk to my new dr.About this? Im on percocet nd morphine. Morphine I don't like at all doesn't help.

Chronic pain patient. Percocet and morphine. Lately myoclonic jerk. Valium helps at night but what about day? Carisoprodol? Advice appreciated

Continuous release pain medicines for fibromyalgia?

Could a doctor please give me any information on the pain medication darvocet?

Could codeine worsen bruxism at night?

Could years of narcotic&acetamen abuse be diagnosed as chrons or could it cause it?

Diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.Tylenol, (acetaminophen)narcotic pain pills,diet change give no pain relief.Will Lyrica help.My twin says it helps her IC pain?

Dilaudid is not effective for my pain, but weaker opioids are, is this true?

Dilaudid is not effective for my pain, but weaker opioids are, what's wrong?

Dilaudid is not effective for my pain, but weaker opioids are. What's the deal?

Do morphine and tapentadol work on the the same receptors ? Taking both for chronic pain.

Do painkiller addicts just need relief from chronic pain, or does it provide a "high" of some kind?

Do people with narcotic abuse have a lot of pain?

Do you prescribe tramadol for sciatica ?

Does a non narcotic pain reliever such as relafen (nabumetone) show up in a drug test?

Does a pain management doctor specialize in opiate medication or what else?

Does having an opiate addiction make you more sensitive to pain?

Does mepergan fortis work on chronic pain?

Does morphine really help for pain long term? I heard opioids actually made pain worse...

Does morphine work better than hydrocodone for relief of shortness of breath?

For pain management: how much vicodin is safe?

For someone in recovery with severe, debilitating pain and who has exhausted seemingly every known non-narcotic pain reliever, what are PM options?

Has anyone ever heard of abusing talwin-a narcotic pain medication?

Has anyone taken lyrica (pregabalin) for chronic back pain? How well does it work? What would you compare it to percocet, vicodin, tramadol

Have femoroacetabular impingement or avascular necrosis. not taken any pain killers. Here we have Ibuprofen or Paracetamol codeine or tramadol. Which?

Have Fibro. Going back on opiates for flares, pain doc suggests. Can u tell me more about opiate pain patches? What kinds r available?

Hello Docs!! I suffer with severe CRPS/RSDS and a new Doc insisted that Suboxone is stronger/more effective than opioids for pain mngmnt, is this true?

Hello, I want to Know if its appropriate to ask my 0B to prescribe Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) or something For severe sciatica pain? its so bad it makes me cry and nosleep

Help please, what is morphine used for (i know pain but what kind)?

High pain threshold and pain tolerance, how can I tell?

Home come narcotics are sometimes used in combination with non-narcotic analgesics?

Hoping you can tell me, is will binding if signed while on heavy doses of morphine for pain management?

How are opioids used to manage chronic pain

How can I avoid withdrawls from narcotic pain medication?

How can I determine if I am suffering from pain meds addiction or just impulse pain pill abuse?

How can I know if I have built up a tolerance to my pain medicine?

How can I lower my hydrocodone tolerance?

How can I manage pain when on suboxone?

How can I taper myself off vicodin now that I don't have a prescription but still have a lot of pain?

How can I test my pain tolerance?

How can Ultram mimic a mild codeine?

How can you know if you have a pain medication addiction?

How can you tell if someone is addicted to pain medication?

How can you treat pain without using narcotics?