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20, 200mg ibu, 2 Vicodin( 5-325 ) 1 vicaprofen(7.5-200), one naproxen(550mg), 2 tramadol(50mg each), and two Percocet(5-325). Every day. What happens?

muscle relaxers? Why do doctors say they do nothing to relax muscles that they just make you sleep? So why are they call muscle relaxers then?

10 mgflexeril and 100mg tramadol for back pain , is there any real concern taking these two ?!

120mg of cymbalta (duloxetine) generic feels like too much for me. I tapered to 60mg for 3 weeks but joint pain came back. Would 90mg be better?

17 yr old took 2 muscle relaxers and has been unconscious for 9 hrs. What kind of effect can this have on het and how long will she be unconscious?

2 years ago, I had knee replacement. After extensive p/t, I am suffering with spasms in the knee area at night or when relaxing. My doc prescr. Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) 5 mg. at night. No relief. Help.

40mg of Baclofen at one time . I know it's too much but helps . I have no issues when I take it . Will it cause problems?

47 on propaphenpne tid afib.What is better?

5 months pregnant and took a Soma (carisoprodol) for muscle spasm. Will it harm my baby?

75mg lyrica, (pregabalin) 10mg oxyneo am, 25mg oxyneo pm and in 3 days of doing this my bladder seized up, shut down, went on strike.? My doc fixed me up already.

A doctor prescribed me baclofen for muscle spasm it says that not to be a prescribed to someone with previous stroke I've had 2 did this cause it?

A friend of mine mixes large amounts of prescription meds like norco, flexeril, and lyrica (pregabalin) together. Is this dangerous?

A week ago i overdosed on 30 tablets; 500mg paracetamol and 15mg codiene & have since been vomiting, had right chest pains and headaches normal or no?

Accidentally took 20mg of flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) and hydrocodone/ibuprofen 7.5-200mg for my chronic back pain. Is that too much?

Afraid to take my muscle relaxant, what to do?

After back op my doc is slow taking me off pain meds.i take 600mg lyrica&40mg oxynorm daily. Iv decided to go cold turkey.what can I expect?

After trying lidocaine injections, valium, baclofen, and now Robaxin (methocarbamol) - my doctor feels I should be referred to a pain mgmt doctor? Thoughts?

After vats resection of a spinal tumour i'm on Valium oxycontin and some endone I felt dizzy tonight and got confused think I took double endone thinking it was base painkiller panamax will I be ok?

Alternatives to flexeril, (cyclobenzaprine hcl) soma, baclofen for cervical spondylosis & nocturnal leg cramps?

Am taking 175mg of topirmate 75mg in the morning and 100mg at nite. Can that amount cause joint pains? I take it for trigeminal neuralgia.

Amrix and fms -- help muscle pain?

Anxiety, (gabapentin 400mg 3x daily works wonders. Hand pain (tramadol 50mg 3x daily helps a lot) SEVERE muscle spasms everywhere (soma (carisoprodol) 3-4x daily)?

Any reason why I am so scared to take my muscle relaxant?

Any suggestions on which benzodiazepines have the best muscle relaxant properties?

Arcoxia 90mg and omeprazole 20mg (to be taken together), plus diprofos injection, all to treat pains in both my wrists, what illness is this?

Arcoxia is not avail in US, SO What pain med is the same as arcoxia effect that lasted 3 to 4 days?im takng arcoxia 120mg every 3 days for maintenance

Are aspirin a muscle relaxers?

Are muscle relaxers bad for your heart?

Are muscle relaxers bad like Soma (carisoprodol) bad if you have acid reflux?

Are severe nocturnal leg cramps sign of any illnesses? Both legs affected. Just switched from Soma to flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) b/c daytime fatigue. Want to avoid Soma

Are there any muscle relaxant medications that do not cause drowsiness or tummy upset? for back pain, thanks

Are there any muscle relaxants that can be bought without a prescription?

Are there any muscle relaxers available that don't make you drowsy?

Are there any over-the-counter meds that act as a muscle relaxer?

Ativan (lorazepam) prescribed for muscular skeletal pain?

Baclofen for RLS? I've recently added in with vicodin some success. Certain muscle relaxers should have some impact?

Bedtime muscle cramps and spasms. Only at night. Severe. Being put on a low dose of diazepam. I think carisoprodol but my docs a shrink. Advice?

Been taking hydrocodon 10-500 and ibuprofen 800mg for spinal stenosis and i'm still having pain in my leg. What else can I take?

Been diagnosed with strep Threat taking 450mg clindamycin and I'm currently on 450 pregabalin and 100 mg trazodone and ibuprofen. Is this dangerous ?

Been in meloxicam daily for 2 yrs. now i stop insted i take ancorxia 120mg every 4 days. Does it is more safer than the daily for chronic pain?

Been on Vicodin for 45 days for back injury: 10mg x 2 daily. I want off. Dr. suggested cutting to 10mg x 1 day for 5 days and then stop. That okay?

Been taking flexoril for lumbar issue. doc gave me robaxin today, but it is not working. took last robaxin at 10. can I take flexoril now?

Breathing problems from costocondritis out of breath all the time a lot of pain on flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) and naproxen what to do?

Bro took 300mg flexeril, (cyclobenzaprine hcl) was conscious but could not speak/comprehend anything at all.Kept stretching arms/legs.Didnt look like a seizure. Emts called?

Broke my back,. trying to find help for pain mng but until I can I am taking 3000mg of Ibuprofen & 1200mg Gabapentin can I take naproxen as well?

Bruised my ribs 1 wk ago. Was given Tramadol (can't take opiates) and Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) . I am so constipated, no BM since injury. Took MOM & NOTHING-HELP!!!!

Can /i mix naproxen 500mg with acetaminphen 650mg at the same time? Back pain where i can't stand straight

Can any of these painkillers be combined for better effect? 37.5/ 325mg tramcet. 30mg dihydrocodiene. Or 30/ 500mg co-codamol. Undiagnosed kidney pain

Can anything be taken for spasticity?

Can cyclobenzaprine lower sz. Threshold?

Can diazepam be used as a muscle relaxant? Would a doctor prescribe it for that?

Can flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) cause bladder prolapse to worsen?

Can gabapentin be used as a muscle relaxant?

Can gabapentin work for headaches caused by trimethoprim. I have started taking 100mg gabapentin daily for 4 days and trimethoprim 200mg twice a day.

Can hydrocodone be taken with baclofen for lower back spasms?

Can i drink motrin with muscle relaxer?

Can i get the flu mist or shot if im taking norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 10-325, lyrica75mg, Valium 2mg and etodolac 500 all for back pain after surgery?

Can i safely work out the same muscle 5 times a week?

Can I tak xanix and zanaflex (tizanidine) together or even a few hours apart? I have bad tension headaches and a panic disorder

Can i take 500mg methocarbamol with my usual 20mg nortriptyline for an unusually bad attack of trigeminal neuralgia? I have a dr appmt in 6 days

Can I take a 5mg muscle relaxer with 800mg ibuprophen?

Can I take a Norco after one glass of wine? No addiction issues, just pinched a nerve and it's keeping me from sleeping.

Can I take aleve (220mg) with morphine (10mg) for broken rib pain?

Can i take amberen with a muscle relaxer?

Can i take cyclobenzaprine and tramadol for muscle pain?

Can I take diazepam and 800mg Advil (ibuprofen) together. I was prescribed both. One for muscle spasms and other for pain. I know Advil (ibuprofen) also is a muscle relaxer.

Can I take diazepam and 800mg of metaxalone? I was prescribed both. One for muscle spasms and other for pain.

Can i take indomethacin 100mg vaginally for my C-section pain?

Can i take klotopin with my oxycodone? I take klotopin for anxiety and oxy for extreme back pain?

Can I take Motrin & an over the counter muscle relaxer?

Can I take muscel relaxer and ibuprofen together ?

Can I take muscle relaxer and benadryl ?

Can I take muscle relaxer for tmj?

Can i take muscle relaxer with hydrochlorothiazide?

Can i take muscle relaxer with pain pilla?

Can I take muscle relaxers before my lumbar puncture?

Can i take my 5mg of vicodin and 50mg of bendryl togarher i'm in pain and can't sleep?

Can I take naproxen 250mg with tramadol 50mg as I have ran out of ibuprofen 500mg and the pain in ankle is 10/10 pain also taking prednisolone 5mg x8 time in the morning will that have any affect?

Can i take Norco 10/325 for (L) knee injury it hurts on the sides.& Phenergan (promethazine) 25mg & Flexeril 5mg for muscle problems.& Mobic 15 Mg Together.

Can i take robaxin (methocarbamol) for globus throat spasms?

Can i take three 200mg ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant together?

Can I take tramodol night before neck injection ?

Can I take two baclofen 10mg at the same time? ( i have a oddly strong tolerance to pain meds or in this case muslce relaxers)

Can i take volterin 75mg for my back pain, i'm diabetic and hypertensive?

Can I take xanax (alprazolam) for foot pain been on my feet all day?

Can I take xtra strength Excedrin w/30 mg of cymbalta; I read abt potential flags, can't discern risk?

Can I take zolpidem (5 mg) and codeine (for pain, post-accident, 15mg) in combo?

Can i takle Advil (ibuprofen) and muscle relaxant together?

Can I use aspirin as a muscle relaxer?

Can I use valerian as a muscle relaxant...Been on flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hcl) and trying to get off it?

Can lortabs relax you?

Can losartan potassium be taken with bisoprolol. Also taking 10mg amitriptyline and 0 .5mg clonazepam for nerve pain and spasm.

Can Lyrica (pregabalin) (50mg) be taken intermittently like when I'm in a lot of pain I take it and if I feel better I don't take it? Is that okay?

Can meloxicam 15mg and diclofenac sod ec 75mg be taken togther for extreme back,knee,hip pain. Also I'm diabetic ?

Can muscle relaxant such as Soma or skelaxin (metaxalone) cause tacycardia?

Can muscle relaxants relieve stomach cramps?

Can muscle relaxers be addicting?

Can muscle relaxers help migraines and if so how. Many thanx?

Can muscle relaxers interfere with memory?

Can prescription muscle relaxers be taken on a daily basis?