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1 dr said no breaks but my hand still hurts and from hand to elbow swollen for 2 weeks now. Pain from below pinky to wrist.

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Down on hands and knees installing flooring. Left hand/ wrist are swollen, pinky finger and palm numb, hand weak, can't open hand completely.

Fell on my hand out of bed and my hand landed on a extention lead swollen bruising and fingers are swelling what do I do now its beem 3 days?

Fell on the knuckle side of my hand the bone above my thumb is sore.Wrist and hand all bruised fingers are swelling bruising gone up my arm 5 days now?

Fingers and hand swell 3 weeks after cast removal, is this normal?

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Had ects three months ago, hand painful more than before surgery, other hand too.?

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How+to+treat+broken+blood+vessel+in+hand top of hand very swollen and moving into wrist?

I am experiencing wrist pain, hand swelling and finger swelling.

I broke a bone in the top of my hand long time ago, but my hand is still swollen. Is this normal?

I broke my finger 3 months ago and now I often have numbness and stiffness in my hand. Why?

I broke my hand and my doctor said there is a bonine tumor in my hand. What is that?

I don't know if my hand is fractured. What are the signs?

I had surgery on my elbow after a fracture on Saturday my hand and fingers are swollen is this normal?

I had swelling in my hands and ankles and feet.I told my doctor about the swelling in my feet and he said that's part of pregnancy.But what about hand?

I have a broken wrist. My wrist is really hot and my fingertips are cold. What is wrong? And how can I fix it?

I have a casket on my arm and my hand is swollen what do I need to do?

I have a rash on my hands and fingers (same fingers on each hand) - what's going on?

I have been waking up with extremely swollen hands in the morning. Sometimes they tingle at night, sometimes they don't. My feet are not swollen.

I have bites on my fingers, wrists, on my arms, and hands and i don't know what to do I keep getting one each day what do I do?

I have had hand, wrist swelling for a year. ?

I have large hands and feet, could that be causing my fingers and toes to always be cold?

I have lots of tinnie blister all over the back of my hands and my hands and fingers and my hands are really sore what cud it be please?

I have no reflexes in my arms , hands, wrists, feet, ankles or knees. Is this dangerous?

I have numb fingers, cramped hands, and swollen ankles/feet?

I have pain/swelling in both hands on my first 2 fingers& left wrist is also hurting. Just in my wrist& first 2 fingers on both hands. What is that?

I have puffy hands, fingers and feet. What does this mean?

I have swelling in hands as in just fingers and my ankles and feet what causes it and what can I do?

I have varicosities my palms and fingers and feel stings in my hands, wrists and arms. I'm only 32 years old. Will this invalidate me one day?

I have what my dr called trigger fingers on both hands. It effects both third fingers of both hands. My husband has noticed that my hands feel hot. ?

I injured my hand 4 weeks ago, xrays were normal, hand still hurts, should I still see a hand specialist?

I put a wrist support on my wrist and now my hand is swollen. This is not normal, what should I do?

I still have finger and hand swelling after hand surgery. Is this normal?

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Just had shingles on wrist, finished anti-vitals, now have swelling of wrist/hand. Why?

Knuckles on both hands swelled up now hands red from knuckles down & wrists & hand pain , have included pics in file .

Last 2 month I have hand fingers and foot swallon and pain why?

My arm is in a cast and my fingers are darker then my other hand. What does that mean?

My broken hands smells is that normal?

My child has swollen hand and fingers, what to do?

My fingers of both hand gets swollen during trekking. Why? Is it normal?

My hand hurts, but I can make a fist. So, could this still be a broken hand?

My hand swollen with sprained wrist -- is this normal, what to do?

My hands always tingle and my fingers swell. This happens a few times a day

My hands and feet tingle sometimes and even cause my hands to seize up. What doctor do I see?

My hands and feet will go really red. Unless i put my hands up or walk for my feet.

My hands and wrists are swelling through the night. Im very active through the day. This has just started in the last week ?

My hands have been swollen in the moorings for about a month. Why?

My hands remains too cool and swelling iin finger..Pls help?

My hands swell up at night and also my wrist and finger ache?

My right hand and foot are almost always colder than my left hand and foot, is there are a reason for this?

Random swelling of the hands. Is that from too much salt?