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I have severe pain in my left shoulder, elbow, and wrist and i have not done anything to possibly injure it. I am only sixteen.

I have sharp pain just below thumb on left hand when i twist wrist in certain way. Could this be arthritis or is it likely to be muscle pain.

I have sharp shooting pains around the thumb into the wrist. Told it is a symptom of arthritis. Is that true?

I have swelling of fingers and wrist pain--what could this be?

I have tendonitis in my elbow. What could I do to help the pain?

I have twitching in my arm between my wrist and my elbow some pain and pressure what could this be?

I have worsening hand pain, is there anything to help?

I have wrist pain on both wrist. Pain woke me up this morning at 3 am on the right wrist and 8 hours later my left wrist pain started. Sever pain?

I hurt my wrist over a month ago and the pain is still there. What should I do?

I need info regarding pain in the palm and wrists?

I was told I have tendonitis of my pisiform. But I have so much pain on the user side of my wrist, aching and burning. Is this caused by thtendinitis?

I'm experiencing a lot of finger and leg joint pain. What can I do?

I'm having elbow pain what could cause this?

I'm having increasingly worse hand and wrist pain, what to do?

I'm having really sharp pains in my wrist. I haven't done anything really, why?

I've been having a lot of pain and pressure down by my wrist?

I've been having elbow pain for 3 days help please?

I've had a burning pain in my wrist that won't go away with anti-inflamatories or a carpul brace, what could it be?

Im 25 years old and have horrible pain in my knees, hips ,shoulders,elbows,hands, and feet pretty much all joints. What could cause this??

Im in severe pain started with my right thumb and up my arm. Now my thumb has know mobility any more. Now my left thumb to elbow severe pain?

Inch deep laceration on wrist with no pain, what is this?

Inch deep laceration on wrist with no pain, what to do?

Injured thumb in pe still sharp jabbing pain ?

Intense pain in wrist/hand. Swelling in hand, limited movement in wrist, pain increased wen gripping. Meds/ice/heat dont help. What can it be?

Intense sharp pain in wrists. Carpal tunnel? If so, how can it be treated?

Is it normal to feel no pain after broken elbow surgery?

Is it normal to have shoulder pain after hand surgery?

Is it okay to have a sharp pain in the wrist after a fracture and difficulties rotating my hand up and down?

Is joint pain in elbow the same as elbow pain and bone pain? If so what is the difference?

Is my hand broken? I have shooting pain down to my elbow?

Is pain in wrist when flexing normal one month after Ganglionectomy normal ? Pain is moderate also have a lump under incision

Is there anything i can do to stop this elbow pain?

Is wrist pain common after shoulder surgery?

Joint pain in fingers, wrists, big toes, shoulder and elbow for a few months. Now painful muscle spasms in forearm. Are pain and spasm likely related?

Left hand elbow pain. Doctors told its tennis elbow. No relief by their medicines.

Left hand tingling and wrist pain. Do I use a wrist splint on it?

Mild pain in coccyx and finger numbness, what to do?

My forearms and wrists ache doing can hardly tolerate it without tears. What can do I do for the pain what could it be ?

My hand injury- still having pain almost 3 months later, what to do?

My shoulder is painful.My dr said its tendonitis.Could it be something else.Still painful?

My shoulder joint hurts and I have pain in my forearm. What could cause this.?

My tendon is popped over my wrist bone and causing pain and numbness. Is this something serious?

My thumb is numb I have arthritis in my shoulder my shoulder been hurting for 2 week i have seen doctor for shoulder thumb only numb for 2 day?

My wife age is 30 years old and her hand in the morning has stiffness and pain. What can we do?

My wrist is in pain for a while is this a sign of arthritis?

Need medical advice for severe pains in my wrist and fingers?

Other than pain can I dislocate my thumb without any down sides?

Pain in bicep when playing softball...shooting pains from fingers to shoulder when resting. What could this be?

Pain in both hands a few months?

Pain in elbow and shivering in thumb why ?

Pain in hand after wrist was squeezed?

Pain in left arm just above and below elbow. Less pain elbow bent. No help with rest. Seems like muscles. What is cause, how to relieve the pain?

Pain in muscle of thumb, especially when gripping or if i press on it. No tingling or pain in other fingers. Is this tendonitis?

Pain in my elbow. Please help?

Pain in my thumb joints that radiates up my arm?

Pain in r elbow radiating into my forearm when I straighten it. What can it be and what can I do to relieve the pain?

Pain in wrist that spreds into the top of my hand, and can't bend hand up at wrist. Constint pain, no injury swelling or brusing ?

Pain on forearm abkve elbow. Worsen with pressure. Feels as if pain is on bone. Tinglinh in fingers+neck pain. Help?

Pain up arm when putting pressure through my index finger. Throbbing wrists and shoulder, radiating pain to elbow. What could this be?

Pain when leaning on my elbow?

Pains shooting up my wrist remedies?

Persistant pain in wrist, difficulty gripping and bending wrist, sharp pain when resting regular cramps in fingers and toes aching ankles?

Please help! i'm having pain, swelling around palm/wrist?

Radial artery occlusion. What would cause sharp pain in wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Recent joint and tendon pain in feet, legs, hands and wrist. Pain is constant but seems less tolerable at times. What could be cause?

Severe elbow and wrist pain, numbness in fingers and swelling in fingers?

Severe pain in hand and wrist after punching something. What should I do?

Shooting pain in fingers, hand and wrist. What kind of doc should I see about this?

Shoulder pain acromioclavicular joint with pins and needles in ring and little finger. No injury but pain unbearable ? Cause

Shoulder pain, arm pain and numbness elbow pain, dull and sometimes stings diagnised with over use injury more than 2 months ago still have pain?

Sprained wrist 8 mon ago. Just started feeling tingling in fin with lots of pain in wrist. What could it be?

Stiffness and pain in wrist and hands after typing for a few minutes?

Suddenonset elbow pain?

Swelling on my feet and shooting pain up my arm and wrist what could it be ?

Swollen elbow no pain?

The wrist has no pain then you fall and instant pain, can that be arthritis?

Tingling and pain in ankles and wrists?

Ulnar sided wrist pain on lifting weights?

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What are some common causes of hand pain?

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