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ganglion volar side of wrist in joint ulnar side , i get sharp burning pain in forearm, inner elbow and sometimes pain in shoulder blade why ?

About pain in my hand. ?

Advice for my elbow pain when I lean on it?

After my surgery for carpal tunnel i still have pain on my arm and fingers what shall I do to ease the pain?

Alot of aching pain radiating from elbow to wrist and up my thumb. I type all day. Carpal tunnel?

Am having joint pain only on left side.. shoulder, wrist, ankle. What would cause this?

Any advice? I have been having wrist pain and don't know why?

Any suggestions for artritucs in wrist & hand pain? Best over-the-counter meds. Pain is 4 out of 10.

Both wrist pain.occasionally when gripping something have shooting pain in wrist hand and fingers and cannot bend or straighten fingers.

Burning pain in shoulder after doing some activities. Should i ice it?

Burning sharp pain in my fingers and wrist ?

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Can knee pain cause hand painĀ ?

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Can tennis elbow cause numbness in fingers and pain shooting not only down the forearm but to shoulder too?

Can ulnar nerve pain cause bicep and tricep pain? Also have pain on both sides of elbow/wrist. Carpal tunnel was released on same arm 4 months ago.

Can wrist pain cause armpit and bicep pain as well?

Can wrist pain radiate up towards elbow?

Can you have an rsi with stiffness in fingers but no pain?

Can you tell me about nerve pain in my wrist, doctors didn't help, what should I do?

Chronic elbow pain when extending fingers.

Continual wrist pain for over 2 years, what to do?

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Elbow pain and pus?

Elbow pain when gripping?

Elbow pain, with wrist movement also up and down, and side to side motion pain seems to be mostly in the joint, tennis elbow?

Excruciating pain. At shoulder & goes into wrist, hand & fingers. Severe pain, numbness, & tingling. My nerves pop. Excruciating pain, numbness, tingling, itching, nerves pop.

Fell off bicycle 6 weeks ago on hand. Have had wrist/thumb pain since. No swelling Can't lean on hand/wrist without pain. Pain when gripping stuff.

Forearm pain down 2 fingers with ocassional cramps what would cause this ?

Had bicep tendonisis 2 weeks ago woke up this am with excruciating pain in ulnar area didn t do anything to it any reason ?

Had carpal tunnel surgery on both handslast year , and now i have sharp pains up to elbow and tenderness , constantly. ?

Had muscle and joint pain in both forearms through to hands for 3 weeks. No pain elsewhere. Any ideas ?

Hand and wrist. Edema and pain with rest, foot and ankle pain and stiffness. With rest, puffy am face, back pain and shoulder pain. Any ideas?

Hand injury- is it common to still having pain almost 3 months later?

Hand pain near my pisiform bone. I can massage it & there's no pain but if I do a push up there's a sharp pain. Haven't rest it. What can it be?

Hand stiffness, sharp pain in hands that shoots to my elbow?

Have pain in my fingers?

Hello, I am experiencing severe pain in my wrist on my right hand from the trapezium through to the radius.

Help ! throbbing pain in wrist while typing?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes joint pain, nerve pain and swelling in fingers, hands and wrists?

Help! i just have sudden hip, foot, and thumb pain (joints)?

Hi I am having heavy pain in forearms and pain and weakness in my pinky and right 4th finger, i do have a lot of arthritis also?

Hi, i'm a 17 year old badmintonplayer. I have pain in my wrist(hand) and the doctor told me it's tendonitis. It's still hurting, what can I do?

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How to reduce the pain in wrists and elbow joints. There is a constant itch to snap the wrist or twitch it. How to alleviate this?

How to relieve pain from tendonitis in the elbow?

How to relieve the pain of tendonitis in my finger?

How to stop elbow pain?

Hurt my wrist waiting 2 weeks xrays , 4 days later experiencing elbow pain and forearm and some shoulder pain swollen hand.. What could this mean?

I am a 46 year old female and I have been having joint pain and stiffness in both my hands, knees, left wrist, left elbow and right foot and ankle for?

I am experiencing neck pain, wrist pain, arm pain, finger pain and bruising (quality: bruising easily) .

I am experiencing wrist pain and hand numbness after my wrist popped. ?

I am experiencing wrist pain, popping or snapping sound from joint, wrist weakness, finger weakness, hand pain, finger pain, knee pain, ankle pain...

I am experiencing wrist pain.

I am feeling pain in the wrist, what to do and what is this?

I am having numbnes on my forearm and pain in my wrist?

I am having pain from my wrist down when I move my fingers my wrist pain?

I am having pain on the thumb side of wrist recently told I haveCRPS and tendonitis in wrist. What could pain be? CRPS or tendonitis? Can grip fine.

I am having pain while pressing and pressure while gripping or holding something in my carpometacarpal joint of the thumb. ?

I am only 13 and i have pain in my hand every once in a while i don't know?

I had an arthrogram of my wrist today. Having quite a bit more pain in wrist and elbow. Is that normal? How long should the pain last?

I had wrist arthroscopy in february, but still have a lot of pain. Is this normal?

I have a ganglion cys! do you think it would a cause sharp pain in my wrist when I move it?

I have a pain in my elbow.

I have a pain the shoots from my elbow to my hand?

I have a sharp pain on the back of my hand and on my knuckles. Is this possibly arthritis?

I have bad pain in wrist, now bruise and pain., any suggestions?

I have bad shooting pain from my wrist to my palm what causes that?

I have been having pain on my right toes, wrist, back and fingers on my right hand. What do I do? I have Fibroymalgia and arthritits

I have been having so much joint pain in my hands and wrists when I wake up in the mornings my hands hurt even to move them around and my wrists too?

I have been having wrist pain during and after typing. What is wrong?

I have burning pain in my elbow after training.Any idea?

I have carpal tunnel in my wrist. I'm feeling this throbbing pain that shoots up from my arm to my shoulder. What should I do?

I have extreme pain on the outer part of my elbow when I rotate my wrist. I've had this pain for a week. What could my condition be?

I have finger pain the morning?

I have foot extensor tendonitis for 10days Im on NSAIDs,the pain subsided when flexing toes up,but there is a cracking feeling and pain flexing down.

I have had pain in my elbow for a week and when I extend it the pain gets worse. Did I sprain my elbow and how do I treat it?

I have horrible pain in elbow and wrist and fingers from shingles, im on hydrocodone and neuroton, but pain is unbearable?

I have pain in both my forearms, what would ease it?

I have pain in my thumb ip joint when I work with force what is this? And also I have pain in my left elbow when I sit with this ??

I have pain in the back of both hands as well as stiffness, tingling, and swelling in my 3rd, 4th, and 5th fingers what do I do?

I have pain on the right side of my palm wrist area radiating up my arm is this carpal tunnel ?

I have pins and needles under my right heel and pain in my right shoulder, elbow and wrist. Its like a numbing pain. Is it a pinched nerve?