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i have finished medical school.I have a problem with noticable hands shaking,when performing something.I'm also very anxious.any advice ?

purple feet/hands for long time. Wash hands a lot feel the cold anxious & am underweight. Is this due to heart failure? 19 no heart disease history

@ what age does DHA need 2 be introduced into child's diet? He is 4 months old. Also his feet & hands a little purple, is this bcause he is cold?

1 bugbite on each hand, both hands are still completely swollen 36 hrs later. No other associated symptoms. Live in KS. Take him to the doctor??

18yrs but get wet hands most of the time. Sometimes it's hard to thing to do? Only aware of surgery to cut the nerves, a doctor told me.

34 weeks pregnant and have noticed when i hold my phone or a pen still my hand shake. Blood sugar ok. Also have a sore neck. Have a lot anxiety. Help?

4 month old hands and arms kept tremoring for a couple seconds and would stop. He was happy and engaged, but did this about 5 times. Is this a worry?

4 wks baby erb's palcy. Can move hand up & do moro reflex,but prefer to put hand on chest or down. Will she recover completely & when?

52 yrs meno yet. everyday while no activity is done all of a sudden start sweating and flame in hand.5 yrs now. what can be the reason and cur?

8 mo male. Physically and mentally well but constantly moving hands and feet as if anxious. Significant?

93 yr old male swollen lft hand contuinous for three weeks or more. Have put hand in sling and iced swelling reduces but he refuses to do for any helpful length of time, and will not get treatment my brother and i are at an impasse please help.

A 14 month old raises his hands around bright lights, gruntsand exhales. He is delayed, has curved pinky finger, eats non-food items and has a short neck. Autism?

A 65 yrs female feels heat and itching in her hands and fingers by night mainly, not hypertnsiv or diabetic , what that could be.Thank you in advance?

Actually I am in Japan and I cannot talk with my doctor. I have strange bubble on hands and feet. Is it dangerous?

After a treatment for m.S. With acthar i could no longer use my right hand to write. Type of exercises? Now its both hands now! please help

After being put under can't open eyes or breathe on own. Can understand yes and no questions and will respond by squeezing or shaking hand. Any Help?

After consume lyrica (pregabalin) for a month, i feel that both of my hand expecially my finger not that energy. Why ?

After having a hand transplant does the new hand retain it's fingerprints?

After reading about HPV, I have been worried about getting it via holding hands, shaking hands, hugging etc. with friends and all, Shall I be worried?

After sixth chemo the hand and the fingers have swelled up. Due to the leakage of chemo medicine there are burn marks on the hand.What to do?

After using my inhailer my hands start shaking. Is this dangerous?

Alien hand treatment?

Altymers, drolling and tremors my 65 year old husband will not go to the doctors for anything, so i was wondering what are the symtons of altymers and does drolling have anything to do with the desease? His left hand also tremors as well.

Am getting itching on hands especially on palm after taking alcohol.Please provide solution?

Any health care providers out there w/ hyperhydrosis? What do u recommend? It's hard to shake pts hands and put gloves on when hands are sweaty.

Any remedies or techniques to help hand cramping while writing age 24 .. It hurts enough to bother me..

Are shaky hands and sweaty palms related to attention deficit disorder (add)?

Are there any cures for hand foot and mouth disease?

As a massage therapist I get many who sleep upon their hands and arms who also have neuropathy. None of their doctors have asked them about it, why?

As a pre teen I broke a mercury thermometer and was playing around with the Mercury in it bare hand. Could this have caused my SFN and Dysautonomia ?

As far back as i can remember (3 years old) I have had warts on my hands, wrists, feet etc. Did i receive this from my mother?

At least twice a day i lose control of my hands (usually when im typing) and they just go everywhere for about 10 seconds. my sister has epilepsy.

Been onmethadone for five months up to 95mgs.Quit two weeks ago.keep awakening with my hands dead This is very painful along with all the other side?

Best treatment for playa hands? Since i returned from burning man my hands have been peeling. I have tried lotion, but my hands are still a mess.

Body heaviness/semiparalysis triggers shower, bare skin, weather change, some hand motion & bad sleeping. Lasts for secs a minute maximum. Cataplexy?

Both my hands will go numb if i hold anything for too long (cell phone, when driving, ect. ) what could that be?

C5-c6 quadriplegic, body paralyzed from waist-down, no finger dexterity, cant move arms completely. wants to go for hand cycling. possible? Safe?

Can a child get hand foot and mouth diseases at the same time?

Can a hand held steamer help with sinus problems?

Can a lack of sleep cause migraines? And i it normal for hands, lips, & arms to go numb as an aurora ? Also is loosing the ability to speak clearly ok

Can A toddler get hand foot and mouth more then once?? I'm sure It's back again 2nd time this year

Can a toddler get hand foot and mouth twice? If he does would there be a reason why he is more susceptible?

Can adults get hand , foot mouth disease?

Can adults get hand foot and mouth disease?

Can adults get hand foot and mouth if exposed?

Can adults get hand foot mouth disease? What are symptoms? How is it treated?

Can anyone tell me what can I do to stay active, with a broken hand?

Can dental numbing lead to shaky hands?

Can extensive drug use cause your hands to go numb?

Can hand foot and mouth affect a 80yrs old with heart disease?

Can hand foot and mouth disease cause complications with severe copd?

Can hand foot and mouth disease cause feet to swell especially the sole of the foot?

Can hand foot and mouth disease last as long as a month? My 15mo. Has it and a friend said her child had it for a month. Is that realistic?

Can hand foot and mouth disease lead to having a fever over 103?

Can hand foot and mouth disease only cause blisters around the mouth?

Can hand foot and mouth disease spread to the chest?

Can hand foot mouth present without hand foot mouth blisters?  

Can hand foot mouth spread to the entire body?

Can i catch ( hand foot & mouth decease) from a 3 year old ? Im 54 years old--male ! From touch ?

Can I have some tips to go to gym with affected hand tremor?

Can metformin give you cold hands sometimes is this safe or a warning sign of something?

Can my husband be a carrier of the hand foot and mouth disease?

Can my two year old have hand foot and mouth as well as strep?

Can phentermine make my hands change colour and stiffen hand up i get dizzy and tried is it still ok to take phentermine have been on it for 3 years?

Can pregnant women catch the disease hand foot and mouth?

Can ritalin mask hypothyroidism? I have increasingly cold feet, hands, and nose, even though my thermostat is set at 75 and I have terribly dry skin, muscle weakness (trouble opening jars when i never used to), and joint pain in my hips and knees when i g

Can scabies affect the mouth?

Can shingles be the cause of hand foot mouth disease virus?

Can someone get a blood disease if he writes on his hand?

Can the coxsackie virus cause finger and toenails to fall off?

Can u get correct oxygen readings from club fingers.

Can writing on your hand give you blood disease?

Can writing on your skin with pen cause lead poisoning?Because I've done it for years now and feel fine but if it can cause it of course i'll stop it

Can you die from hand foot mouth?

Can you explain if it's safe to babysit a child with hand foot and mouth disease?

Can you get a person out of v-fib or v-tach using bare hands?

Can you guys tell me how best to treat a hand foot & mouth disease infected my 14 yrs old daughter ?

Can you have hand foot and mouth disease without fever?

Can you please define hand foot and mouth disease?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get steady hands to become a heart surgeon?

Can you replace an amputated hand with another natural hand?

Can you tell me if my hands are slightly shaky (not a ton, not even noticable really) could i still become a neurosurgeon, or a cardiothoracic surgeon ?

Can you tell me is it possible for a 16 year old to get hand, foot & mouth disease?

Can you transfer a verruca on the foot to the mouth or genitals?

Can Zoloft (sertraline) cause bilateral hand tremors when trying to hold object still: like phone or pen? Mild shaking bilaterally when holding hands out infront

Cant keep my hands still. Is this trichotillomania related?

Child that has hand foot mouth. If no fever are they still contagious?

Concerning a child that doesn't have hand strength to color, or write, what would be a good exercise for them to do, what to do?

Constant.Finger stiffness pain 6yrs both. Hands. Retired.58 hobby reading. Healthy need lose 20 lbs?

Could a child catch hand foot and mouth twice?

Could a laptop cause severe breakout on your hands?

Could holding iphone for long periods of time cause hands cancer ?

Could I have fibromyalia? My whole is in pain from my hands to feet. I have no energy at all.Can't sleep at night.

Could i request an IV in my hand instead of in my arm?

Could it happen such that a child get both hand foot and mouth disease and strep throat at the same time?

Could not get a password to type correctly, and discovered, after watching my hands, that the right hand was responding instead of left? Any idea why

Could you contract hand foot & mouth disease from dog faeces?

Could you tell me what are good hobbies to take up when you have MS and your hands don't work?

Currently my hand is tremble but is not too bad,for example:when I take the chopsticks, my right hand is slightly tremble,.. and so on.What′s wrong ?

Daily hand job does it make body pain?