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I had this irritant feeling in the face specially in an early cold morning , very dry skin, itchy hands and feet sometimes, dandruff, and joint pain?

2 of my kids finger tips are peeling, it starts off as a white blister then it peels all the way to second knuckle?

8th day of a cold sore & after a shower some scabs had landed on my dry, slightly cracked hand skin. I washed my hand quickly. Any chance it spreads?

A few years ago i got a dry ice burn on my index finger. The skin blisters & gets raw in a never-ending repeating cycle. It's not eczema. Cure?

A small piece of the skin on my ring finger has been perpetually dry and itchy for a few months. No amount of moisturizer has helped. Any ideas?

About once a month my hands get dry, red, raw, and peel leaving my hands in pain. Sometimes my hands will get very warm also, is it a nickle allergy?

Accutane 60mgs day 40, terribly dry lips, elbows and surrounding skin, and penis (omg why there) what can I do? Burns to put cetaphil on arms.

After giving birth I realised that the skin around my fingers are always veri dry and flaking off, what should I do?

After hand wax treatment at spa, hands were rough and flaky. Too hot? What?

Any reason why are my hands peeling, how can I stop it?

Are rashs common wth hashimotos? What can you do for them? I have hashmotos and I get a rash of dry skin on my hands and wrists after I wear my gloves

Are those hand sanitizers ok on delicate skin? Seems like there are tiny cracks when I use it too much.

Back of my hand breaks out in rash only when and every time I sweat a lot and don't keep my hand dry. Should I see a dermatologist?

Best way to heal broken dry skin on hands and prevent infection to myself and others?

Bit of a question about the hands? Why so dry as I age?

Brown bruise/rash thing under skin on thumb tip. Thick, hard callused skin where it is. No pain. (i have OCD & do lots of cleaning & hand washing)?

Can eczema or any other skin disorders cause finger clubbing?

Can humidity cause puffy fingers?

Can you advise for dry skin on tips of fingers?

Can you tell me about the skin condition knuckle pads do you know anyone with this disorder?

Chapped fingers(especially index and thumb) on both of my hands. They seem to heal and then chap again. How can I cure them?

Dermatology rapid city sd What do you put on dry feet and hands during winter months?

Does anyone like touching cold skin, especially toes?

Does not drinking sufficient water lead to peeling and somewhat scaly skin around the fingers?

Dried skin on sides of legs fingers . What is the solution?

Dry crack finger tips what's good to use.

Dry skin all over my hand. What could be the problem?

Dry skin n peeling on hands n feet.

Dry skin on hands, elbows, scrotum, etc. doesn't get much better with lotion. Any advice?

Dry white cracking scaly rash around knuckles finger front of hand pretty much in joints of fingers. For 5 years. Lessens and worsens all the time.

Dry, cracked, itchy skin between fingers, skin peeling off wrists and arms from itching. Had treatment for scabies and use lotions, both unaffective.

Dry, rough hands with brittle fingernails! help!?

Eczema in my hands keeps on coming back, cracking ang dryness.. Is there any remedy to this?

Either my hands are really dry or they are sweaty when I put on lotion. Why?

Finger tip numbness with dry skin there. Should I use hydrocortisone on it?

For over 5 years, every 2-3 months the area between my thumb and index finger on my both hands gets really dry and the skin pills off. ?

For the past 2 months i have been getting wrinkles on my palm and fingers(both hands) after contact with water and on eating but disappear aftr drying?

From excessive hand washing, my knuckles have become extremely chapped. What should I do?

Had on-off hand eczema for about 1/2 yrs mainly in winter and in contact w chemicals. I now have superficial nail pits in 6 fingers.No skin lesions.

Hand is peeling, cracking, very rough and dry. Areas look similar to athletes foot. Gets better and then worse but wont go away. Had for 6 months now?

Hands have always sweat a lot (genetic condition) but usually they dont peel.Lately they've been peeling badly. Wash them fairly often. Is this normal?

Hands often dry, but only right hand randomly has very dry/cracking outbursts with bleeding & stinging w/ any lotion/moisutrizer. What could it be?

Having Issues with skin on thumbs, index fingers and skin between them It is dry, itchy, tough skin won't go away for months now Lotion does not help.

Hello docs! can you tell me what could cause an 8 year old to have facial tics, nose flaring, etc. And skin peeling on hands?

Hi doc I have problem with my finger before one week one machine droped on my finger and still the wound not dry what can I do?

Hi, My hands , especially my left hand has got very dry, tight and peeling on my palm all of a sudden .. what's the best way to moisturise it?

Hi. I'm in the uk sufferering with eczema on my fingers, hands, arms and legs. My doctor wants me to moisturise more but I want steroid cream first?

How can I cure my red hands in winter?

How can I prevent painful, monthly peeling of skin on fingers between distal knuckle and cuticle? I keep my hands moisturized.

How can I stop my fingers peeling from eczema?

How can I stop my hands getting chaped and dry ?

How can I stop the blistering on my fingers while I drum?

How can you treat a child's hand that is dry with wrinkles?

How do I deal with crusty skin buildup on the thumbs?

How do I prevent rashes on my fingers when i peel onions?

How do you keep dry skin at the tip of fingers from cracking and bleeding in the winter?

How to control psoriasis flare up? Dry cracked skin over the first knuckel of first finger.

How to cure extremely dry, cracked, peeling, red hands?

How to get dried up super glue off my fingers? I did what i could to wash it off, but it is still sticky and flaky.

How to stop peeling on my fingers?

I always have some peeling on my fingers. After I peel off for quite sometime, peeling occurs again. What causes this and how do I prevent it?

I am 22 girl with contact dermatitis. My fingers is always dry and scalding and swelling? Is there is anything can cure me apart from corticosteroids?

I am getting dryness on my fingers and hands?

I am having rashes on skin especially on.Both hands for last few weeks. Wats the solution ?

I am so dry on the inside that sex is a no-go.. I am also very dry on the outside peeling hands, feet, etc. I am 56 and yes had a hysterectomy.At 28?

I feel itchy in my hands and feet especially in the night. I tried multiple dry skin lotions but it didn't quite work for me. I have absolutely no rash

I feel like i have a film on my skin after i shower. Been this way on and off for two years. I feel it all over hands feet face lips mouth everywhere.

I fell and abraded the top of my hand. About a 2by2 area. I am using bactricin on it daily. Should I just let it air dry?

I got welts on one side of 4 fingers from contact dermatitis(?). I started washing my hands more often. Is this the cause? Or contact with bacteria? Do moisturizers or betamethasone work? If so, why?

I had an eczema mostly my hands what should I do to prevent?

I have a dry cracked skin on right hand ring finger which sometime even bleed. For temporary relief i apply moisturizers and oils to keep finger moist?

I have a dry mouth, my fingers swell, dry fingers temporarily, what could cause this?

I have a dry, itchy cracking rash on my knuckles and wrists that doesnt get better with creams?

I have a peeling skin in hands and fingers,also I have calluses. I use Vaseline before i sleep and than I wear gloves,but is not working. What to do?

I have a rash on the palms of my hands for about 9 months now. It feels like something eating my skin and leaves them cracked sore and dry.?

I have bipolar disorder and i am on laponex and abilfy, my lips are constantly drying and peeling terribly what can i do to stop them from peeling?

I have brittle skin and crack on one of my finger. I try with many type of lotion but problem still persist. What is your advise?

I have chronically red and dry hands. Is there a cure for this?

I have constant dry itchy rough skin on my hands possibly psoriasis what can you recommend I'm using Glycerin hand cream, is there something else?

I have cracks in my fingertips and feel my hands dry and tight all day, but i'm using hand cream often. No bleeding.Could it be caused by the water?

I have dry hands, what can I use to stop them from cracking at the nuckel it's so very bothersome and sometimes painful.

I have dry, cracked hands and at times hurt. I work around a lot of boxes. Is there something I can use at night to help my hands? I try to use lotion

I have eczema on just on finger. I also work in water and bleach, so what can I do to help prevent it from being worse?

I have either dermatitis or eczema on my hands & when i put the cream on my hands that i got from the doctor my hands burn &feel like the are on fire.

I have extremely warm hands and skin. Could it be a symptom of something?

I have ezema on my hands (knuckles). Do you have any tips to take care of this?

I have flaking hands, falling apart what can this be?

I have got fissure on my hands & feet. Made my skin very horribly wrinkled. I feel very embarrassing by getting them. Please suggest me some medicin?

I have hardened skin on two my fingers & after some time it get cracked and bleed, very painful. I tried hand lotion and other over the counter creams, but no luck.I am not sure, if this is hand eczema or something else. Need some advice on medicine.

I have lupus (so they think) latelyive been getting dry patchy areas on the knuckles closest to my nails this just dry skin? And why only on knuckles

I have old wrinkly rough dry hands and im under 18, why? is there anything i could do to fix them. i also have wrinkly feet,knees, and elbows.

I have peeling hands a work with paint thinner?

I have really dried skin on my pinky and index finger and it peels of. It might be eczema. Is there any over-the-counter medication i can use?

I have really dry, cracked tops of my big toes, I have been using moisturiser on them for at least 1year but no improvements. Also my nails crack easy?

I have severely dry skin on my hands what can I do for it.?

I have something rare on my finger skin and want to know what is it?

I have very dry hands to the extend my skin breaks and bleeds?

I have very dry skin on my hands they crack and bleed around the knuckles I use a liquid hand soap and handcream when i wash them it helps some but ..?

I just had 2 sutures removed from hand. My hand is really dry. Is there any kind of lotion i can put on. Thank you for the help and response.

I keep getting cuts on my hands it's literally a layer of skin they look like paper cuts. Not cause of dry hands always use lotion have sweaty hands?