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21 years old female. Terrible hairfall almost entire year with tons of dandruff. What should I do? What is causing it?

45y old male suffering from very serious hair oily dandruff for two yars now. I used different shampoos but still I have it?

Am suffering frm premature greying of hair. Please give me a solution for this problem. Am just 20yr old.

Androgenic alopecia - how to get rid of it?

Best way to control hairfall? I hav dandruff and oily scalp

Burning scalp, oily hair, causing me hair loss. Dermatologists can't find the reason for it. Its been over 10 years now. I m desperate.Help?

Can excessive ejeculation cause hairfall and baldness.As some doctor i went to agreed that if done frequently it can lead to hairloss/thinning ?Is it

Can psoraisis or seborreic dermatits cause sudden severe hairfall? Provided that I do not have telegon effluivm.

Can sebopsoriasis cause mild scaling n greasiness nd severe hair fall?

Can Trichotillomania be cured ? I'm really stressed with myself. My hair is thinning already :(

Can you answer, is dandruff before menstruating normal?

Could it be something bad if I have alopecia?

Dmpa can cause hairfall?

Do cats hair cause asthama? I have a cat and i can see her hair flowing every where.... Plz tel

Do u think stress or masturbation or alopecia causes hairfall ? How to cure these things ? And get back healthier hair sculp ?

Does diabetes cause hairloss because my dermatologist told me that it doesn't and perscribed me ketoconazole shampoo ? Its been 45 days later and my hairloss is getting worse.

Does priorin n effective in alopecia?

Extreme dandruff and hairfall problem for 24 year old male. Oil builds up on hair if not washed daily.

Gnite doctors i have a serious problem , i have been loosing alot of hair n my hair is not the same very dry and i have acne problem need help ASAP!

H there I have been using minoxidle 5% and finastride 1mg every day under doc supervision to treat hairfall. Evry one says its bad. Plz advise?

Hair loss, F- derm said telogen effluvium- bloodwork ok, no other med probs, no fam history of hair loss-no fungal infection. How long can it last?

Hairfall problems give me tips to reduce hairfall I am just 18 years old?

Hairfall solution without side?

Hairloss due to ringworm?

Have been having intense Hairfall and thinning of hair.What all tests can be performed to assess the cause behind the Hairfall.No hereditery baldness?

Having alot of hairfall what to do ???

Hello doc. i have hairloss prblm?

Hello dr I am just 17 and my hairs are becoming white . What should i do to cure them . And i have dandruf problem also plz help me?

Hello my mom is 37 years old she is suffering from thyroid , her thyroid is in control now bt she is having too much hairfall please help?

Hello sir, I have a sever hair fall and i guess it's due to the over mastrubation and now i've controlled it but still suffering from sever hair fall.

Hello, how can I treat hair dandruff? Thanks

Helo.I m 23 yr.I hv thyroid .N i hv hair fall.But now i could c i hv gray hair.Not 1 or 2 its more.Pls help.I don't want to do hair color.Proper treatmt?

Hey I have to ask that if u can't prevent sleep deprivation and if anticipating hair loss due to tenigen effluvium..Is dere anything u cud do about it?

Hi dr I am 18 years old and i have hairloss in front of my hair i went to dr and be gave me minoxidil 5% and rinfotil but idont recive any change?

Hi drs.My father had dandruff and hairfall for about 5 yrs.He used some cosmetics and medications but all failed.Is there any solution?

Hi I am suffering from hair fall please suggest medicine available in india?

Hi i am suffering with balding, i deal with alot of stress and i dont know if that is the cause of it. What can i take to help regrow my hair?

Hi sir i m from india a dasert area rajasthan so I have areata alopecia. My hairs are loosing from 6-7 years with dandruf please suggest me madecines.?

Hi, I am 18 years. I losing my hair day by day due to dandruff. So, can u pls help me to solved that problem.

Hi..Am suffering with hair falling problem. What should I do?

Hii..My age is 26 and my hairs falls regularly wht i do?

How can I tackle problems of intensive dandruff and hairfall?

How do I get rid of telogen effluvium that's lasted for 6 months?

How Shall I avoid the graying of my hair. My age being 19 year's, Why am I experiencing such a problem?

How to control hairfall? I really need to do something abt it.. My scalp has dandruff and is oily.

How to get rid of heavy dandruff? I am facing hairfall. Medicines and shampoos not worked.Please any home remidies?

How to prevent hairloss at the age of 28. It is thinning but not very visible. How do I make sure hairloss is more than normal?

Hy iam suffering hair fall problem.. is Surbex z is good for me??? what you recommend me?

I already asked before about hair dandruff but I haven' t got reply yet. My problam is that I have lots of dandruff ans I just done hair transplantation four monthes ago and my hairs are not strong yet. So what should I do to get rid off dandruff . Tnx?

I am 18. And i am experiencing hairfall 5-10 strands per day. What should i do to stop this ?

I am 18. My scalp is terribly itchy nowadays, so Irritating. Even having hairfall , don't know reason? Help me ! Wht do u suggest, y am loosing hair?

I am 20 yrs old girl last year i suffered from telogen effluvium.This year my diet is balanced I am experencing hairfall for past few days.Plz help ?

I am 21years old and I am having hair loss problem. I have undergone prp twice but it didn't help and trichoanalysis report says I have oily dandruff, what should I do?

I am currently suffering from hair fall. I've tried protein shampoos, scalp solutions and even eating healthier but it does not seem to work. ?

I am eating 3 eggs daily to prevent the hairfall but since last 4 months there is no improvement in hairloss. Help?

I am having severe hairfall please help?

I am losing hair on the scalp daily, can I find any remedy for this problem?

I am male, 20yrs, student.I have severe hair fall and dandruff problem.My scalp gets oily and itchy everyday.I had habit of masturbation.I stopped it. ?

I am suffering frm alopecia areata frm the age of 8, now m 18.I visit many doctors.But didn't help.Use injection solutions like minixodil.But didn't help?

I am suffering frm alopecia areata frm the age of 8, now m 18.I visit many doctors.But didn't help.Use injection solutions like minixodil.But didn't help?

I am suffering from alopecia. Have developed bald spots on my beard one spot on my head and one on my chest. Kindly suggest medication?

I am suffering from androgenetic there any remedy to overcome this issue or are there any chances of getting my hair regrow again?

I am suffering from continuous hairfall. Due to which there is front baldness in me can I go for hair transplant or is there any remedy to cute yhee?

I am suffering from fungal infection on head from many years and lost almost 90% hairs. Pls suggest?

I am suffering from hair thinning and hair loss , and my scalp is filled up with sebum kindly suggest some effective solution ,suggest some oil & cure?

I am suffering from hairfall my hair get very thin.What should I do which medicine should i take?

I am suffering from sebo- psoriasis since 7 years.. Plz hlp me?

I am suffering with scalp psoriasis and I am suffering with major hair loss. Can I get any remedies for preventing this?

I am suffuring from nightfall amd how can I prevent from it.What is the disadvantage of it for me.

I am worry about my hairfall and dandruff. I have take medicians and used shampoo bt it dosnt work please help me wt should I do?

I can actually see a bald spot on my head, does that mean I am suffering from androgenic alopecia?

I have a hairfall problem since past three years.I want to get relief from hairfall. So, how can I cure my hairfall problem.

I have a lot of body hair and I am facing a problem of hair loss from head. I am 26 years old and unmarried. Please suggest. I am from india?

I have a weird bald spot does that mean I am suffering from androgenic alopecia?

I have been facing a severe hairfall since 3 months. My blood reprts are normal with no deficiencies.My scalp and skin is dry. What can be the reason?

I have been suffering with thinning of hair... Pls suggest solution?

I have dandruff problem due to which hairfall is occurring.. How can I stop this ? Even I am using Nizoral shampoo fr a day it works nt much help.

I have dandruff. How can I solve dis problem n my hair is so dry. Any oil u can suggest?

I have heavy hairfall for some last days.....How can cure it......

I have polycystic ovaries and hypothyroid.I am having too much hair fall.Is it due to thr above conditions.If yes, is there any cure for hairfall.

I have SD scalp.I hav severe hairloss and balding heavily. Excessive masturbation must have cause it.Can I take Becousels Z tab to balance it ?

I have severe hairfall due to breakage i think,.what am i gonna do?

I have severe hairfall.. It icreases when i itch on head..What is the cause of this. How it an be cure..?

I have suffering seborrheic alopecia for 6 years. I am a 21 year old man from China.I tried balanced diet but it did not work. Can you help me ?

I have thin hair and am loosing about 40-50 a day and more when I wash . Am I experiencing hairloss? Is this normal?! I'm freaking out please help!

I have tremendous hairfall , I m 40 unmarried . please help?

I m 18 yrs old and sice past one and half year i m facing severe hairfall (alopecia)i have consulted many docs but no result?

I m 19 years old girl and i m experiencing heavy hairfall from past one month which has led to thining of my hair.what should i do?

I m 23 yrs old .I hv a problem of hair fall and dandruff from a long tym.I use 2 hv head full of hair but nw m experiencing thining of hair please advice?

I m 40 unmarried & I have tremendous hairloss & my hair is thinning too.please suggest done medicine?

I m suffering from hair fall how to cure it?

I mastrubate daily but I am paitent of atopic dermatits if i can not mastrubate next day I am facing sever allergic attack why?

I started losing my hair at the age of 17 nd my hairs are really thin I have taken many medicines bt no improvmnt thought now i don't have lot hairlos?

I started minoxidil for hairfall 4 months ago. It only resulted in worsened seborrhic dermatitis and more hairfall. Is it ok to stop minoxidil ?

I used to hav good hair but due to pcos I am having severe hair loss specially from the front.I was on rogaine (minoxidil) bt stopped it as im pregnant. wht to do?

I was into TB medicatin from june 11 to march 12.. And i started lossing hair after medicatn was. Over.. Plz tell me the reason 4 the same.. I?

I'm 18 suffer from extreme hairfall what should I do after some day i'll be bald help me?

I'm 22 and how can I prevent severe hairfall?

I'm 32 facing severe hair fall and my scalp gets oily a day after hair wash.facing lice problem too. Pls help and what are the causes and how to fix?

I'm a teenager having seb dermatitis related hairloss. Now I use ketaconozole shampo daily and it's effective. I lose abt 30hairs daily. Is it normal?