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19 year old male how should I shave my pubic hair ??

2 days ago i shaved the hair around my vagina. I used a scented shaving cream. I've been itchy & bleeding but it's not my period. What should I do?

2 months and only have sparse eyebrow hair after doctor shaved eyebrow with razor to stitch wound for 4 year old boy?

Advice on waxing my beard?

After a shave around my pubic I have pimples?

After examining myself i noticed the 3 bumps I have in my pubic area have hair growing out of them. Is it safe to say that its just ingrown hairs?

Am i suppose to shave my pubic hair?

Are guys root hairs thicker than girls hairs? If a guy has never shaved his leg hair and a girl has been shaving hers but never waxed, are his thicker

Are there good ways to prevent ingrown hairs and the itching from shaving pubic hair?

Are your ovaries located under where your pubic hair are on your vagina?

Area where pubic hair grows itch after shaving. Why is this?

As i suffer from PCOD I have a hairy labia and the hair is thick.How do I wax my labia?

Been loosing a lot of pubic hair I have genital warts should I get checked for anything more serious ?

Can an ingrown hair on penis bleed during sex?

Can dry precum that is on your pubic hair can get you impregnated?

Can genital warts grow hair? I have a bump on the bottom of my shaft (tic tac size) with a hair growing from it. Concerned it may be a genital wart.

Can herpes only be in the pubic hair or other places as well?

Can i get blood blisters on my vagina were the pubic hair grows?

Can i get demodex in my pubic area because what's in my hair is in my pubic area, my eyelashes, and my nasel hair, its causeing acne on my body /bad sikn?

Can i self wax pubic hair?

Can i shave my armpit hair?

Can I trim pubic hair with scissors while having a genital yeast infection? Is it safe?

Can I use coal tar shampoo on my pubic hair? For some reason all of my pubic hair follicles are inflamed and hurt to the bottom but not infected?

Can I use nair on my pubic hair?

Can I use veet to shave my pubic hair?

Can ingrown hair on my vagina make you itch ?

Can shaving or closely trimming pubic hair increase the risk of utis?

Can shaving your head hair cause hair growth?

Can trimming public hair with scissors ( I'm a male) lead to itchyness?

Can u get vaginal sores from shaving pubic hair?

Can you get pubic lice if you have no pubic hair?

Can you contract gonorrhea from a hair follicle?

Can you explain to me how pubic hair develops in girls?

Can you explain to me why there is hair on my penis?

Can you get fewer infection from having no pubic hair?

Can you tell me about shaving pubic hair (male)?

Can you tell me how could i save my pubic hair without getting razor burn?

Can you tell me how i can shave female pubic hair?

Can you tell me if i shaved my armpit hair would i sweat less?

Can you tell me is it normal for a 13 year old boy to have a lot of pubic hair?

Could it be healthy to have hair on pinus shaft?

Could pubic hairs grow out of warts?

Could you tell me what is the relationship between estrogen and pubic hair and head hair?

Do doctors still shave pubic hair for child birth?

Do I have to shave my hair to get a hair transplant?

Do i let pubic hair grow before going to gyno or can I trim/shave ?

Do most men shave their pubic hair by their penis?

Do straight men shave their pubic hair?

Do we need to shave pubic hair?

Do you loose pubic hairs during puperty?

Do you need shaving cream to shave your pubic hairs?

Do you need to shave the hair above your penis? There is hair above my penis and i don't know if I should shave it or not

Doc how to remove permanently hairs around my. Stomach penis and anus?

Does anyone else get bumps on their vulva after they shave while the hair grows back?

Does eating vagina give you face hair?

Does shaving solve pubic lice? After shaving i feel itch. I recently had head lice so i'm scared i might have pubic lice too. It doesn't itch crazy

Does shaving with electric shaver cause hairloss due to electric current, because I noticed some bald patches in my hair after a month since I shaved.

Does stitches of wound in eyebrow effect hair growth which has been shaved by razor as it is now 2 months later and still the hair not like the other ?

Does waxing pubic area cause hair loss on your head?

Dont like to wax down there so shave. Would men be turn off about this?

Ever since i started shaving my pubic hair off my privates, I have been having ingrown hairs and boils. Why does this happen and how do you treat it?

Every time I shave my armpits I get at least 1 if not more ingrown hairs in both of them is there a reson they keeping coming everytime I shave?

Every time i shave my pubic area i get ingrown hair and some kind of acne.. What can I do?I shave in the direction of growing hair, use clean razor. .

Everytime I shave I always get bumps in my pubic hair area what could this be ?

Everytime I shave my pubic hair (genital area) I end up cutting myself or getting razor burn.. How good is laser?

Flaky and peeling under pubic hair i haven't been sexually active for about 6 to 7 months i just had my son september 13 and maybe a week or so after?

Found a flea on my pubic hair, what should I do now?

Genital hair on 1 year old, should I worry?

Had abnormal vaginal discharge for a while... tested neg for STDs. Shaved pubic hair and washed pubic area. Can pubic hair cause abnorm vag discharge?

Had sex with girl 3 days ago, now have red bumps in the pubic hair area , both clean shaved , crabs even tho niether of us have pubic hair?

Have black bugs in body hair(included anal and pubic hair).what is it? and what is the treatment and medicine?when shaving, there's blood with it

Have bumps on my scrotum skin, but i think those are hair follicles. Could this be a problem?

Having too much vaginal discharge after shaving off my pubic hair?

Hello if I shave my head multiple times will it cause any harm to hair follicles.Ihad already shaved my head thrice .Last time I shaved was year ago?

Hi i'm 17 and have a boyfriend do I need to shave my pubic hair or not help please!

Hi I'm a 37 yo male,and shaved my whole lower reigion(all pubic hair and buttocks) 4 days ago.Within one day I had a very painful rash ?

Hi Ive just shaven my pubic hair... It's hurting now and I don't know what to do.

Hi what causes a cut on the clitorial hood? It's very itchy when pubic hair is there but when I shave it doesn't itch or very minimal itch

Hi, my daughter is 9. She has hair in her underarm. Is the good idea to do wax or it's too ?

Hi,do pubic lice come from the vagina?

Home remedies for itchy pubic hair (not shaved)?

Hot compress for ingrown vaginal pubic hair? Then squeeze for hair I peep through and pull with tweezers? Other ideas ?

How can I cut pubic hairs with scissors?

How can I do hair removal on my pubic hair?

How can I loosen nits from hair shaft?

How can I remove hair from vagina?

How can I remove pubic hair?

How can I shave female pubic hair?

How can I shave my genital hair in the direction it's going if it's really curly and in all directions all over ? & the hairs are close . Impossible!

How can I stop the burning sensation after shaving underarm hair ?

How can you tell a ingrown hair is going away on your vagina? When it burns

How could girls shave their bikini area hair?

How do I remove my pubic hair without waxing?

How do I safely shave my pubic hairs?

How do I shave my pubic hair?

How do I shave off my peach fuzz?

How do I stop my pube area fro breaking out after shaving?

How do you stop pubic hair from growing i shave like everytime i see hair down there but when it grow it burns alittle and i don't like hair down there?

How do you tell weather you have a herpe or ingrown hair on your vag?

How long after shaving does an ingrown hair appear in the pubic area?