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I am 16 year old how can I prevent greying of hair?

23 yr old male. Never had hair loss until I used Rogaine (minoxidil). Used it off and on 2-3 weeks on front hair to grow longer but quit. Will my shed hair grow?

4 months after having my twins i'm losing hundreds of strands of hair per day. My hair is thinning. Is this normal? Will it stop? Is it hormones?

8 weeks after using differin (adapalene) gel my hair is thinning in one line on my head! is this hair loss permenant? What can I do to regrow the hair?

Am using rogaine (minoxidil) for hair loss since few months. I have frizzy hair and am living in humid environment. Does rogaine (minoxidil) makes hair more frizzy,dry, dull?

Any keratin oil really helps to grow hair roots?

Any supplements to grow eyebrow hair ?

Are hair styling creams bad for hair?

Are hair transplants effective for younger men? I have moderate hair loss and thinning/receding from the front. Does the new hair not fall out?

Are male hair regrowth products effective?

As a female, why is my hair thinning at 22?

Baldness, why hair loss & would like to know if hair regrowth treatment will work?

Biotin hair skin in nails ok?

Can beard hair grow in areas that had no hair after natural weight loss ?

Can bleaching your hair really help someone fool a hair follicle?

Can dermatologist treat frizzy hair?

Can dry hair lead to permanent hair loss? If i lost hair due to dryness, will my hair ever grow back? Some hair is growing back slowly, some as vellus

Can hair thinning at the age of 17 in females be treated?

Can Head and Shoulders shampoo cause hairloss? If not, can hair regrow after treating the dandruff that causes the hairloss?

Can hypothyroidism cause blepharitis? And thinning eyebrows ?

Can I use morr 7.5% for hair regrowth for my hair loss?

Can Jamaican or regular castor oil really help with hair growth and thinning hair? My hair is thinning at my scalp on my L side. I'm 23 good diet

Can masturbating cause your hair to flake?

Can masturbation cause premature graying of hair?

Can miniaturization of hairs Happen with telogen effluvium?

Can Modafinil cause hairloss or hair thinning?

Can my hair grow back from alopecia totalis?

Can overuse of hair conditioner all over head/scalp cause it to seep into and clog hair follicles/roots- and then cause hair loss a few months after?

Can rogaine (5% minoxidil) slow hair loss or just grow new hair?

Can rogaine (minoxidil) be used for hair growth on scalp hair as well for women how is it used? Is it good for women?

Can rogaine (minoxidil) stop hair loss or does it just grow new hairs?

Can seborrheic dermatitis in the scalp cause hair loss and/or thinning hair?

Can spiker hair gel cause balding?

Can stress cause hair thinning ?

Can telogen effluvium cause thinning in the frontal area and temples?

Can the hair concelar toppik be used on a thinning hairline everyday without blocking the hair follicle?

Can there be dandruff of the hair, moustache, and eyebrows?

Can thyroid cause scalp rash & hair lost?

Can vistiril cause hair thinning in woman?

Can washing your hair 1 time a week cause hairloss ?

Can we regrow hairs fast on bald head?

Can you have an allergy to your own hair?

Can you recommend a way to rejuvenate hair follicles that have died and are no more on the scalp?

Can you tell me, are eyelashes thinner/the same/or thicker as the hair on our head?

Could an overly oily scalp cause hair loss and thinning?

Could I have hair re growth in bald head? What can I do?

Day by day I am loosening my hair what is the cause for this?

Dermatologist prescribed me Ketoconazole & fluocinonide for hair loss have some hair loss on top head said these can help regrow hair is this true?

Diff between new hairs versus hair receding ? I have many short hairs standing up but my scalp still shows a lot from all the hair shedding.

Diffuse thin hair all over the scalp, lost hairs near temples, sideburns and above sideburns, what could be the possible cause?

Do people shed hair ? More hair during certain times of the year?

Do treatments for thin hair and baldness really work?

Do you know about hair analysis and it's benefits?

Do you think I can use hair regrowth shampoos to increase the volume of normal hair?

Doctor can u tell me any oil for my hair regrowth hair for my lost hair.

Doctor I want more hair I want more volume of hair,can I go for hair transplantation and also my hair is thin and my scalp produces oil heavily?

Does Brazilian blowout hair treatment cause the hair to fall out ? Is it suitable for highlited hair ?

Does castor oil regrowth hair on bald spots?

Does ciclopirox shampoo grow your hair?

Does coconut oil good for male hair regrowth ?

Does colostrum cause hair thinning ?

Does curling your hair cause your hair cells to die?

Does dandruff lead to more hair shedding?

Does genetic hair thinning have a solution? Female hair thinning

Does hair breakage from combing cause your hair to stop growing? I have coarse kinky hair and breakage is unavoidable.

Does hair grow over alopecia barbae?

Does herpes affect hair follicles on the scalp.

Does hypothyroid cause brittle hair?

Does masturbation cause thinning of hair/lessening of hair?

Does minoxidin works for female.. i have less hair in d front?

Does norethindrone cause hair shedding?

Does rogaine (minoxidil) for women really work? Im 19 and my hair is kind of growing slowly

Does rogaine (minoxidil) stop hair loss or does it grow new hairs?

Does rosemary oil really work to grow hair and or eyebrow hair?

Does rosemary oil really work to grow hair/eyebrow hair?

Does spring valley hair, skin and nails really work. Does it cause your hair to grow?

Does the anoop hair oil helps to grow hair?

Does washing your hair daily worsen thinning hair? Should I do it less often?

Does waxing reduce the hair follicle and does less hair grow back over time?

Does wearing gel on your hair make you bald quicker as you age? What causes hair loss or grey hair?

Does wearing hats cause hair loss or a receding hair line?

Endocrinologist or dermatologist for eyebrow hairloss and trying to regrow ?

Eyebrows. Are thinning?

Hair breaking due to hair dye, what to do?

Hair color damaged my hair follicles what can I do

Hair eyebrows and body hair diffuse thinning but no baldness, for over 6 months. Is this most likely chronic TE as opposed to alopecia as no baldness?

Hair, skin& nails plus biotin really help grow your hair?

Hello. Can a oily scalp/oily hair cause hair loss?

Help my hair is thinning what is good for it?

Hi doc, please help me with my hair. im suffering frizzy,dry and curly hair. what should i do?

Hi dr I am 18 years old and i have hairloss in front of my hair! I just wnat to know what is the best hair compliments for my hair?

Hi I am experiencing clogged hair follicles due to oily hair and hair thinning as a result. What are some home remedies to unclog hair follicles?

Hi... I have a rough hairs...How i can have a smooth and perfect hairs ?

How can I grow out my frizzy, coarse hair?

How can i Prevention of hair graying?

How can I reverse thinning hair after menopause?

How can I tell if my hair is thinning or I'm losing hair (men)?

How can I thicken thinning hair .

How do hair plugs work?

How i can thick my hair? I have a little hair fall Which shampoo do you advice?