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26 male.. Help hair regrowth tips and products? If minoxidil and finasteride are not effective the moment you stop using them, what to use?Thank you

44 yrs m. On 15.5.13 undergone angioplasty with one stent insertion. Want to use togain 10% of cipla ltd for cure of hair thinning. Is it advisable?

A canadian product called nisim hair shampoo reduces hairfall. Is it true? Plus canyou recommend effective hairloss shampoo. I'm a female and 22 yrs

After using minoxidile 5% and propecia (finasteride) for 1 month, now my doctor prescrbe me fincet-1, lycon cap. Hgfive hair oil, kerawash, is it prevent hair loss?

Am a breastfeeding mom...have androgenic alopecia...please suggest me topical treatment?

Any Ayurvedic tablet or oil which i can use to treat hair loss and thinning?

Any good treatment for hair fall....? I am using minoxydyl topical solution 4%.

Any hair specialist- What is the efficacy and what are the risks of using Rogaine (minoxidil) 5% for men? I am a woman (50) with non genetic general hair thinning

Any possibility that weightlifting causes hairfall?I read that after weight lift testostrone converts in DHT which cause hairloss. Using minoxidil 10%

Are there any good 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors that are natural products to treat female pattern alopecia ? Shampoos, cleansers or caplets etc...

Are there any prescription medications approved for the use of accelerating hair growth in women?

Are there any success stories using products to reduce a receding hairline?

Are there side effects from using Rogaine (minoxidil) foam (womens)? Can you where a shower cap to bed so you don't get it anywhere on your face? Thank you

Been advised to try Viviscal vitamns by one Dr. and Nioxin shampoo by another. I have read that Revita is good. I have hair thinng 4 a mo. Which 2 try?

By using rogaine (minoxidil) on my face will i be able to make my facial hair appear? If so which are the possible side effects?

Can a ketoconazle shampoo be used in combination with rogaine (minoxidil) foam and propecia without any interaction?

Can clobetasol propionate foam cause hair loss?

Can I apply fluoinonide topical solution USP 0.05% and minoxidil 5% at the same time for hair loss and seborrhoeic dermatitis? Thanks!

Can I crush contraceptive pills and combine with hair conditioner to stimulate hair growth and strength ?

Can i double the dosage on the use of rogaine (minoxidil) once a day so i can style my hair after and not have to wash it twice for a double rogaine (minoxidil) application?

Can i start using rogaine (minoxidil) without any medical advice? What side effect does this product have?

Can I use kaminomoto while using monoxidil at the same time for hair growth?

Can i use minoxidil and hair tonic at the same time?

Can i use minoxidil solustion USP 5%to regrowth my hair..

Can I use minoxidil to counter act the effects of androgel in regards to DHT and hair loss?

Can I use propecia and topical rogaine (minoxidil) together to stop hair loss?

Can I use rogaine (minoxidil) after getting chemo?

Can I use rogaine (minoxidil) on my face? What will happen if i stop using it?

Can i use this canesten-s clotrimazole & beclomethasone cream on my head where i dnt have hair ( hair fall)?

Can i use trichoton forte to reduce my hair fall is it safe?

Can kwell (lindane) worsen thyroid hairloss?

Can laser therapy help female-pattern alopecia? (crown, sides, and overall thinning) anything besides rogaine (minoxidil)? (child-bearing years)

Can person with cirrhosis use rogaine (minoxidil) ot propecia!

Can the ingredient urea in a facial scrub interact with the drug propecia (finasteride) used for hair loss? I read to ask about interaction when using urea? thanks

Can the ingredient urea in a facial scrub interact with the drug propecia (finasteride) used for hair loss? I read to ask about interaction when using urea? thanks

Can using a lotion that absorbs coconut oil into my skin cause an interaction with my Propecia (finasteride) medication?

Can using castor oil help for female pattern baldness?

Can using rogaine (minoxidil) have any complications on the baby during pregnancy?

Can using rogaine (minoxidil) on a receding hairline actually make it worse?

Can we use dye while using minoxidil for hair growth?

Can you tell me how I could minimize my hairloss?

Can you tell me how I could prevent acne while using biotin 5000 mcg?

Can you tell me what medicines i must use for alopecia barbae (beard hair loss) in india ?

Can you use rogaine (minoxidil) for frontal scalp hair loss with good results?

Can you use rogaine (minoxidil) to treat post partum hair loss?

Cap adgain, tab androanagen, halotop lotion, minkem-n 5% lotion, do these medicines help hair fall stoppage and regrowth in male patterned baldness?

Capixyl gel and minoxidill 5% combination is more effective then capixyl gel only for androgenitic alopecia?

Could someone take biotin at the same time as the topical rogaine (minoxidil) cream to grow hair?

Curatane 40mg,is it accutane? Is it better to use 40mg?How can i prevent hairloss while using it ? Does everybody suffer from hairloss while using it?

Dear Doc i have DHT hair loss problem. is Follihair is good for me.what are the advantage of folli hair tablets?

Dear doctor i am using monoxidine solution every day on my scalp for growing hair for about 1 year without any progress on my hair.what do you recom?

Derm. said I had sebhoreic dermatitis mos. ago. Said use lotion on scalp &men's rogaine (minoxidil) 4 two mos.Now losing hair.I can't go back.What can I do?pleez

Diagnosed telogen effluvium after stopping birth control/spironolactone almost 1 year ago. Regrowth always falls out. Could using tretinoin be preventing recovery?

Do estradot patches helps to reduce scalp hair loss in men?

Do hair growth products like rogaine and minoxidil have to be rinsed off after a certain period of time?

Do products (shampoos, topical solutions etc.) containing caffeine help against male pattern baldness?

Do rogaine (minoxidil) could cause low libido as proscar do.i want to use rogaine (minoxidil) for hairloss but heard from users it can cause im afraid to use it?

Do you have to be a certain age to use rogaine (minoxidil) for hair growth?

Do you have to use minoxidil forever once started?

Doctor have prescribed me tugain soln(minoxidil 10%) and biotin tablets.But some one told me saw palmetto tablets really helps to prevent hairfall?

Does alpecin liquid increase the hairfall first and then reduce it ? I am having more hairfall than i normally have on using the liquid

Does clobetosol propionate and salicylic acid ointment useful for hair regrowth when used on the scalp?

Does derma rollar with use of minoxidil work? should I use derma rollar at home with out minoxidil

Does dermatologist recommended men's rogaine (minoxidil) foam-5% work for women with hair thinning happening for 5-6 years? Do i need to apply it twice like men?

Does hair dyes such as (just for men brand) safe to use on hair? Best regard.

Does medicine curatane 20mg cause weight gain ? can i use it while using hair spray minoxi ? I am not pregnant or breastfeeding

Does Nioxin system 2 stops male pattern baldness?? or it increases hair fall? should i use it>

Does roughing the scalp with a comb increase the absorption of topical minoxidil?

Does sulphate free shampoo helps to control the thinning of hair and the dryness ? Or its all due to water condition ?

Does the product called miracle hair work like propecia (finasteride) or rogain? I saw this stuff at a walmart store and was curious if this product cure baldness.

Does using hair spray or hair gel cause male pattern baldness?

Does using rogaine (minoxidil) promote body-hair growth?

During last 6 months I've used cyproterone and finastride 5 for hair loss alternatively. How much time I should stop using it before doing sperm test?

For derm: I heard that taking rogaine (minoxidil) w/ propecia works better than alone. Is this true? Can a 16 year old take it?

For frontal male pattern baldness which would be good... Grocapix gel or minoxidil10% ? M just 26y M. M using grocapix gel but m upset as it not grow

For hair shampoo which has already expired for more than four months, can it still be use?

Girl with too much hair, medication available, what to do?

Hairfall is my concern.Doctor suggested meto use minoxidil 10%(tugain solution) and bionit plus tablets! does biotin tablets helps? What to do? :(

Has anyone ordered the topical steroid, temovate, (clobetasol) for hair loss?

Has anyone used the steroid, temovate, (clobetasol) for hair loss?

Have been using 5% minoxidil for last few months for alopecia..Not much of an effect.. So, can I switch over to 10% minoxidil soln? 20yrs, male

Have been using minox for months (iron related hairloss), doesn't work! Still no regrowth after one and half months of supplementation?? How come??

Have thinning hair all i want is an opinion of what you think of the FDA approved hair max light therapy comb. Would it work? Thank you

Have women used rogaine (minoxidil) for frontal scalp hair loss with good results?

Hello. Have you seen any studies that indicate the efficacy of using Retin A (tretinoin) with Minoxidil to restore hair growth?

Help please! i don't know when will rogaine (minoxidil) foam show results for me?

Hey docs, I am wondering if it would be bad if i started using propecia, rogaine, (minoxidil) or some other DHT blocker?

Hey docs, what home remedies can I use for androgenic alopecia?

Hi dear dr it's safe to use regaine hair regrow for man ? And is it really work?

Hi doctor, I am facing hair loss from past 1 year.Now doctor prescribed me capixyl grocapix gel for hair loss.Can you please tell me the sideeffects.

Hi Doctors .. from today i am starting using minoxin spray to stop hair loss . tell me the steps how to use it ..

Hi drs. 3 months now using minoxidile and no results !! Is that normal ?

Hi i am 16 year Old and I am Suffering From Hairloss i am Using Genesis 1mgTab and Hair max Plus (minoxidil 5%) i also have Family History Of Hairloss?

Hi I am 22 years old but I have not beard .I used lots of xynodil?

Hi there. I have undergone two hair transplants. Do I need to use DHT blockers?

Hi what remedies can i use to help stop my hair loss and to block this dht?

Hi, I am suffering from androgenetic alopecia (severe). Prescribed medication finasteride1, capixl gel, kerawash shampoo. Will there be any side effects?

Hi, I have an oily hair and at an early stage of male pattern hair loss.I will use rogaine, but what is the best shampoo to help with minoxidil ?

Hi, using kirkland minoxidil foam 5% on my face to get more facial hair can have side effects?If so what kind?

Hi!i am considering taking rogaine (minoxidil) and i would like to know everything that can be told about this product.Will I have to use it forever once started?