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15 yr old girl has new hair growth that is coming in wirey, frizzy, kinky, totally unruly. It is not her thyroid according to lab work.So what?

17; I have grey hair, people say it's wisdom hair or it's because I'm under stress be's the reason. I don't comply, why do I have grey hair at age 17?

32; gray hair. Does New Nordic Hair Volume really work? How can I increase copper in my system to aid in my hair pigment? Too young for gray.

34 year old male. Graying hair. Has been stressful past year of change in life. Does stress affect this in men? Any advice to slow graying/thinning?

Another female on here said her scalp was itchy and hair falling out. Can women also get male pattern baldness and why?

Any insights on when do men start to get a receding hairline?

Any tips to help grow longer African American female natural curly hair.

Anyone experience telogen effluvium after baby?

Are people with fragile hair more likely to go bald?

Are there real solutions to premature greying? If yes, how do i get them?

As a woman, how can I deal with excessive hair like sideburns?

At the early age of 20, I have become bald in mpb pattern. Thedoctor said my excessive ejaculation like 20 times a week for two years caused premature baldness! can it happen?

At what age do men start getting grey hair?

At what age do people start getting grey hair?

Can a man get hereditary alopecia at a young age even if the other men in the family did not lose hair until late in life?

Can a man get hereditary alopecia at a young age if his father has not lost hair till about 50 or older?

Can beard growth at an early age mean that i will get bald early?If yes,NATURAL SOLUTIONS PLEASE,If not,GOOD HAIR AND BEARD TIPS PLEASE.[PATCHY BEARD]

Can dermatologists cure white hairs at young age?

Can hair removal help pcos women or the situation get worse with that? And what should pcos woman eat? In case of hair loss, hair can grow again?

Can hairs be regrown naturally on bald patches at teenage? Plzz help..

Can it be possible to get hair diseases from hairstylists?

Can prostate disorders cause hair to go gray?

Can women with short hair develop hypothyroidism as well?

Can you actually get old and develop gray hair if you are ill for long periods of time?

Can you get cancer by dyeying your hair?

Causes of premature graying, other than just getting olk?

Could people go bald on their genitals?

Do all men eventually go bald?

Do balding men shed hair more rapidly than others? Or does it just not grow back once shed?

Do men often start balding at the crown?

Do people with low hairlines tend to go bald earlier?

Do premature grey hair means you are more likely to develop vitiligo?

Doctor my age is 19 and I am going to be bald fastly.I am so much worried please give me any oil that is good for my hair and prevent from balding?

Doctor! I am 33 year old male, and I have been noticing grey hairs on some of my hairs. Is there any capsule or tablet thathelps to restrict greying?

Does a receding hairline mean your gonna be bald eventually?

Does androgenic alopecia run in everybody in the family, or are some guys spared?

Does anyone know what could cause eye lashes, facial hair and testicular hair to die and fall out despite normal hormone tests?

Does chronic worry make you appear older, lose hair?

Does finastride 1mg help grow hair for older men 50 plus ?

Does hair thinning at temples guarantee you will go bald in spots if a woman?

Does masturbation cause hair-thinning? ( I've read about the whole DHT thing and im scared now!) I dont wanna be bald.

Does pulling out a gray hair make others appear faster? Or is that just a myth.

Does stress cause hair to grey? I am 35, and already have a lot of greying hair. Is this normal? Is it due to stress?

Eventhough my father, mother, and all others in my family are having enough hair on their scalp why I have not hair even for covering my scalp?

Extremely premature receding and thinning of hair. Why? I am female

Hair is short & hav bald spot. I'm female. having trouble growing out hair. Diet is healthy. have stress & anxiety. tips on how to help hair grow?

Having premature graying of hair. Almost 30% of hair have gone white. Please suggest me some medicine to control and revert this.

HELLO, is 5% minoxidil recommended for a 18yearold guy around scale 1(just start to lose some frontal hair)( btw, hisfather , grandfather are bald?

Hey I'm male, 17 and I'm getting really really bald. What can I do about this?

Hi doctor! my names is dennis and i'm starting to get grey hair.So my question to you is what cause grey hair and what can prevent it.

Hi, im 19 but i don't have any facial hair while all my family have so can you help me, some tips maybe ill be thankful?

Hi! I am 23 age female, by birth I am having very thin & short hairs, but its not heredity. What can be done to grow my hair both in lengh & density?

How can african women grow their hair back after balding and thinning really bad ?

How can I be bald forever?

How can I cure alopecia naturally without wasting mooney or looking stupic?

How can I get treatment for premature grey hair?

How can I get vaseline out of a caucasian childs' hair?

How can I have light people hair style ?

How can I stop my hair from thinning as I get older?

How can you get vaseline out of a caucasian childs' hair?

How can you prevent thinning hair as you get older?

How do I get my hair naturally blond and that it stays blond?

How many hairs fall out in a day for a young female?

How or what can I use to treat alopecia if female with both parents with thin hair?

How to avoid thinning of hair and lessening of hair? my ancestors has not gone bald in this young age .my father has full hair and is 45 wats wrong ?

How to cure pre mature grey hair?

How to cure premature greaying of hair?

How to get rid of baldness due to heredity?

How to reduce/prevent balding/gray hairs at a young age? I have very little but is there a way to help stop it? Male in the 20's.

How to stop my hair from graying and make it black again naturally?

I am 18 and already balding what could it be?

I am 25 year female with premature grey hairs almost 50% and its genetic from my mother. Is it goona effect my fertility or egg quality?

I am 27 year old and having problem of premature hair graying on head and beard plz suggest any treatment and medicine?

I am a 21 year old male and I don't grow any beard at all. My body hair is very low even though my dad and brother are quite hairy. What could it be?

I am a 40 yr old japanese american who cannot grow a beard to save my life. Can I use rogain on my face? Or is ther any other way

I am an Italian woman who embarrassingly gets facial hair. I get thick dark hair all over my cheeks. How do I solve this issue without birth control?

I am experiencing bald spots at the ripe age of 16, is there any way to deter further balding?

I am just 16 and I am getting bald day by day. What can I do?

I have an elderly neighbor lady that is losing hair really bad, what could be causing it?

I have an issue im wondering why my hair is so brittle and unhealthy. Is there any curtain reasons and how can I get healthier hair?

I have lot of hair on my testicles, can anyone tell me if that's normal?

I have thin, weak hair can this be genetic? My mom, paternal and maternal grand ma have thick hair but the grand ma of my dad has thin hair

I have very rough hairs ,what should i do to get healthy and beautiful hairs?

I have very thin hairs on my head since childhood and now i attained the age of 18 and I am getting bald now. Can i grow healthy & thick hairs??

I know people that are young who have gray hair. How can that happen?

I love my hair, i don't want to loose it I am in early stage of androgentic alopecia, what should I do to remain my hair forever?

I m 29 male and unmarried. I m getting bald and my hairs are turning white in last 3 months. I m programmer. Please help. What should i eat?

I started loosing my hair at 14 and its still the same now and im 17 now but only my dad is bald no one else in my family and my moms dad isnt bald?

I twirl my hair all the time when i'm bored. Will i eventually get bald?

I watch my hair daily...Can this be bad for my hair or make me bald?

I,m a young black male in my early 20s when Will i start geowing full body hair.

I'm 19 years old a guy, my dad is bald is it possible to me be bald?

I'm 25 and I start losing my hair at age of 19 like my father. Also my younger brother start losing his hair at 19. Is there a way that can help me?

I'm 26 year old male and is healthy except I got asthma. My hair is greying. Is there any treatment for premature greying.?

I'm 40 years old female and my hair is thinning alot. Am I the only one or do other females my age suffer as well.

I'm an African American man with dreadlocks and I use very thick hair grease quite often. What are my chances of getting lice?

I'm losing a lot of hair and i'm still relatively young. Is this a disease?

I'm nearly 20 and my beard doesnt appear. At what age does my probabilities of having a beard will die?

I'm seeing excessive greying of my beard?

If a woman has short hair will she develop cancer?