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A child at my daughter's school has lice. Can head lice prevention products prevent my daughter from getting lice?

A sex partner told me he has pubic lice. Can I have them even if i don't see bugs or nits?

After treatment of head lice with Hedrin I am still finding between 10 and 20 seemingly new hatched lice 24 hours after.They appear dead. Normal?

Anyone know what is a safe, but effective, treatment for head lice?

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Are pubic lice eggs red.

Are pubic lice noticeable? What are the symptoms ?

Are public lice white?

Body lice burrow in skin, what should I do?

Bugs in my hair that's not lice and they are invisible what could this be? They sting me all during the day and hurt so much. Can you help me please

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Can a hair straightener or flat iron kill lice?

Can a lice nit still hatch after being plucked from the head?

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Can an adult head lice bug be killed just by squeezing it between your fingers?

Can any bug be in my hair besides lice?

Can cockroaches lay eggs in a humans hair?

Can female scabie mites still lay eggs off the skin?

Can female scabie mites still lay eggs without being on your skin?

Can female scabies still lay eggs without being on your skin?

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Can head lice really be harmless?

Can head lice spread from your head to other hairy regions of your body?

Can i comb and put grease in my chid hair after been treated for lice?

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Can I get lice from dirty brush at a salon?

Can i get pubic lice on my scalp?

Can infested head lice lead get in your finger nails cause body lice?

Can kwell (lindane) help hair that's infested with mites?

Can lice be transmitted through bathing with someone who is infested?

Can lice move to eyebrows and how do they form?

Can lice, once killed, comeback and re-infest my hair?

Can nits live without being attached to scalp?

Can perineal lice be seen?

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Can scabies and pubic lice affects fertility?

Can scabies get onto the scalp?

Can tapeworms exist on the human hair and scalp?

Can there be pubic lice in my bedsheets?

Can u have hallucination of lice being in your hair?

Can vacuuming your hair out also help get lice eggs out?

Can you catch head lice from headphones or helmets?

Can you explain where did lice come from?

Can you get body lice from having head lice travel downwards?

Can you get crabs on your eyelashes?

Can you get head lice from animals?

Can you get lice (body lice, head lice, pubic lice) by trying on clothes, hats.... or by using a public toilet room?

Can you get lice if you have dandruff?

Can you give me advice with head lice infestation, please help?

Can you help? Could straightening tongs kill nit eggs and lice?

Can you please tell me how headlice and dandriff differ?

Can you please tell me what exactly is crab lice and how do you get it?

Can you tell me about head lice. Please help !?

Can you tell me how i can remove lice without treatment?

Can you tell me how I could tell if I have pubic lice?

Can you tell me if there are any other bugs that live in hair besides lice?

Can you tell me if you have killed the head lice are the eggs dead as well?

Can you tell me what are nits from lice bugs?

Can you tell me what to do if i found out i had head lice!?

Could a flat iron kill head lice along with their eggs?

Could children get head lice from farm animals?

Could head lice return to the host from a pillow?

Could infested head lice lead get in your finger nails and lead to body lice please help!?

Could you please tell me all you know about pubic lice (pthirus pubis)?

Could you tell me what happens when you leave head lice treatment in your head overnight?

Crab lice from tanning bed?

Crab lice left me with a bad reputation?

Daughter got head lice. Lindane only killed bugs, not nits. Do any natural remedies work?

Do head lice jump?

Do head lice leave any visible droppings?

Do I have lice? I have a type of bug living in my hair that looks like lice but there are no visible eggs, nobody else in the house has caught them, and i never have combed out more than 20 bugs every few days with a metal lice comb. Most of the time my h

Do lots of people get pubic lice, or is it unusual?

Do scabies go into your hair?

Doctors can you tell me how often should you check for nits and lice eggs after two/three days of treating it?

Does anyone have any good remedies for very resistant lice?

Does anyone know what is sea lice?

Does citrus help prevent lice infestations?

Does derbac m liquid for pubic lice really work?

Does head lice carry disease?

Does head lice like clean or dirty hair?

Does ojon restorative hair treatment kill lice?

Does pediculosis(head lice) cause encephalitis? Please, need some answers?

Does pubic fleas (lice) go away by it's own? I had it for some time now and now I can't find any anymore

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Headlice, what do I do and not do?

Headphones and head lice?

Hello doctors, can washing your hair every day result in head lice?

Hi can head lice causebody hives?

Hi doctors I have a big problem, how to spend the lice and their eggs (louses) in the hair? Please help me.

How are head lice spread?

How are the brown head lice eggs and the white one distinguished from each other?

How can I confirm when pubic lice (crabs) are fully gone?

How can I kill lice and eggs effectivley?

How can I kill lice and eggs naturally?

How can I know the difference between lice and dandruff?