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A dr. Said the more thick chest hair is, the more likely you'll go bald. Does this include other body hair? (legs, arms, facial hair, etc.)

After applying hair color my head is throbbing and there is numbness in my scalp?

After applying hair color my scalp is numb and throbbing?

Age16years.2 years ago i had hairs loss, after shaving my head it is stopped but no pores are in my head from lossen area.How to recover lossed hairs

All over my scalp I have sebum "balls" or "plugs" at the root of my hair. Every time i scratch my scalp there is a hair attached? It's itchy

Am 23 years old and I have bold spot in my hair what's causing my hair to fall off?

Because of excessive hair loss I have shaved my head any tip to recover my hairs back?

Building up trapped hair follicles on my head hurts want them removed where can I go ?

Burning sensation on spot of scalp mean hair loss?

Can an itchy scalp be part of hair loss?

Can bread,mustache, Or any hair other than head hair fall down or break down?

Can hair dye cause zits on my head?

Can massage on head with oil produces hair on bald side and prevent hair loss?

Can mild inflamation of scalp cause hair fall?

Can muscle tension in neck cause hair growing to hurt scalp?

Can one grow hair at a bald part of one's head?

Can wearing a ponytail cause hair loss? It hasn't happened around the temples or hairline, but in other parts, yes, like on top of the parietal.

Can you "blackout" from brushing your hair too hard?

Can you tell me about suggestions how to numb the back of a man's head so that an elipator will work to remove hair?

Chemotherapy hair loss, is it better to just shave your head?

Could a hit on the head cause hair loss/damage, and if so, would it be one spot or spread around?

Could a hit on the head cause hair loss/damage? And if it could cause hair loss, would it be a spot or marbling (spread out, like in a steak.)

Could impact to the head cause hair loss/damage via shock? If so, would it be a bald spot or marbled throughout the scalp?

Could tingling at the top of pubic hair be from anxiety?

Covering hair is it bad for it ؟?

Does pulling my hair back tightly contribute to my hair loss?

Does scratching the scalp or hair on the head cause hair damage/loss?

Does shaving your head many times effect your hair follicles and scalp and leads to hair thinning and are there any side effects of shaving your head?

Does THC stay in your arm hair longer then the hair on your head?

Does waxing chest/back hair cause any serious health problems like cancer ? Can waxing eyebrows cause you to lose sight by pulling hair close to eyes

Dr thinks I am coeliac. Would this explain itchiness all over body, losing eyebrows, thinning hair and big scales on upper eyelids and forehead?

Every time I wash my face I lose a couple of beard hairs. The same is for my head?

Falling hair and skin head itchiness?

Front head hair fall? What to do?

Had a baby 12mths ago & thyroid ok. Hair & weight loss, burning scalp on top & heachache. Worse after washing hair or brushing . What could it be?

Hai, my baby is 18 month old when she born she was straight hair but now she has curly hairs that's very dry.How her hair can straight.Plz help .

Hair fall and teeth damaged help us back pain, what to do?

Hair follicles easily pulled out of my sideburns and the hair above my sideburns. How do I stop this ongoing issue?

Hair loss - arms, legs, eyebrows, eyelashes & nose hair, cause?

Hair loss and lump under arm. Is it be cancer?

Hair loss on eyebrow and head and legs thyroid came back normal what's wrong with me?

Hair thinning on side and back of head but not top of head. I have scabs sparatically on my scalp. Whats wrong with me?

Hairdresser noticed thinning hair small area and breakage on right side ?

Have hair loss which derm thinks telogen effluvium, so then why is hair on my legs, eyebrows, under arms, etc. not falling out and still growing?

Having this pulling sensation sometimes on my scalp, feels like my hair follicles are being pulled on or coming out, no noticeable hair loss currently?

Head hair falling more than usual. Yet Head hair + arm hair growing longer than usual. Is that anything specific or worth worrying about?

Heavy hair fall with boils in head?

Hello !! Is it normal to have hairs in the penis tube till to the head ? How can I remove it ?

Hello doctor! My eyebrow hurts and when I pull out my eyebrow hair the hair falls off ! Any solutions ? Thank you !

Hello doctors, we need help! sister having hair loss and head and body aches?

Hello im 27 yrs old and my hair is thinning out from the top of my head towards the crown. Is that normal?

Hello some part of my head don't have hair? How can I solve this problem?

Help. There's something in my hair. And it's moving?!?

Hi I am only 17 years old , and i don"t know why , but my head skin is fallig off with 3 or 4 hairs on it, is that normal please, help me I am so scared?

Hi I am suffering from hair at the front portion of the head and can see shining head under light.How to reduce hair fall?

Hi i have alopecia areata and i have no eyebrows and eyelahses started to fall out, also i have small bald patches behinf my head 2 of them on bottom.

Hi I'm 16 I want to know why I have a small penis and hardly any arm pit hair and no facial hair ?

Hi, its dipak. There is pimple like something appeared on my head skull. My hair is falling day by day. Hair fall rate increases when they get dirty?

Hi, 23 years old, i'm worried about my hair, since few weeks ago i verify that after shower my hair scalp is red, itch and loss hair. What is that?

Hi! i am 23 years old and I am facing hair thinning problem on top of my head. It started 2 years back. What can I do to stop it and regrow my hair?

How can I get my side hair back?

How can I get thicker hair in the crown region of my head?

How can I slow hair loss in the middle front of my hair?

How do I break this habit of pulling hairs on the side of my chin? Could I have trichotillomania?

How do I fix my naturally ingrown hairs on my arms, legs and back?

How do I treat pain in my eyebrow hairs?

How do you cut shoulder length hair so that it curls under?

How does hair dye hurt your head? Does dying your hair cause brain tumors?

How long should my hair be after two months? I have shoulder length hair

How short do I need to cut my hair to get the headlice off my head?

How to prevent hair loss is going on for an year now.i also experience pain in frontal head from where I am losing hair while massaging my scalp.what should I do?

How to remove nits from hair? i just went bald 3 years ago because i couldnt remove nits , they were all over my hair. and Now again its happening.

How to remove pimples in your hair/back of my head?

How to stop skin picking habit? Face with black heads and groin with hair follicles.

I am 18 tears old and i am losing my hair from centre and back of my head what should i do?

I am 18,male with curl/wavy hair.I see hair falling out..on my books,forehead,pillow, hair are kinda dry as well.i dunno what it is..HELP!

I am 18,not sure but i think i am experiencing hair loss.good hair health..and twice a week hair washing.heavy hair on top..but less at the temples. ?

I am 21 year old & i had hairs on my shoulder & ful back , is there any remedy to remove hairs from back as it looks very ugly?

I am 25 yrs old and All of a sudden my hair r turning curly with a lot of hairfall and the body hair r increasing over back & shoulder. Wats happening?

I am experiencing spider veins on my nose , facial hair & hair loss on scalp. These indicate what??

I am experiencing thin hair, scalp itching and hair loss and dandruff. My hair is so thin that I m always worried to wash it because it falls a lot ?

I am female 27 years old.about a year ago I started notice thinning hair from my sideburns and all my frontal . I feel a burning sensation on my side?

I am female and why do hair fall from the top of the top of my forehead where my hair start from?

I am losing hair on the side of my head, above my ears and on my jaw line where i had thick facial hair. What would cause this?

I am only 21 and I have been losing hair in the back of my head & my hair has been receeding, is there anything i can do to reverse this?

I could easily pluck my hairs on my chest & my facial hairs too fall when I rub my skin.I also see lot of hairs falling during my bath.I'm balding too?

I cut a part of the skin on my head due to which i lost hair in that part. Will any hair grow back in that area?

I find myself pulling out my hair. If i'm not doing it i get an annoying feeling in my scalp and i start pulling or messing with my eyebrows.

I had fungal hair loss. should I use terbinafine only in the hair loss part of my head or on all my head because I have sometimes itching on otherpart?

I had hair transplant (FUE) 26 days before and still have numbness on middle area of my head. Is it normal and will recover?

I had telogen, now I have hair tension on top of my head (crown) and i see baby hair falling out but hair is growing. Is there anything i can do?

I have a burning sensation on the vertex of my scalp. Have had it for past 6 months and accompanied by meaningful hair loss. What should I do?

I have a cut on my chin from a fall. The cut is scabbed. The surrounding area bruised and lost facial hair. Will it grow back?

I have a hair follicle at the base of my spine, what could be the problem?

I have a hair removal wax burn that's been on my arm since January 20th :( ?

I have a ingrown hair under my tailbone i got the hair out but theres still a lot of pressure it's throbbing and really hurts?

I have a problem of hair loss. Please tell me what I do in front portion of my head. I loose so many hairs in patches. Please help?

I have a really oily Forhead. Question is if my bangs from my hair touch my oily Forhead can it cause hair loss? Thanks

I have bald spot in the, top of my head my hair keep falling out?

I have bald spots both side on head above ear, what can I do to grow hair in that place.