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20 year old female,had facial laser but hair got thicker.I have also frontal hair thining . my labs : DHEAS 484.1ug/dl,free testosterone 0.021 nmol/L.

21 y/o female diffuse hairloss for past 10 mo.S hair volume reduced to 1/3 of original. No bc taken, thyroid panels clear. Only stressor was mcat.

23 yof with hot flashes, osteopenia, thinning hair and now ovarian cyst... Thyroid is fine... Any ideas? Not on bc

25 year old female, 2 children, thyroid normal, no health issues, but lots and lots of hair falling out, any thoughts?

25 yr F, hair loss from Hashimotos. Why does Womens Rogaine (minoxidil) have heart warnings, safe for average user? suggestions for hair loss? Armour Thyroid Rx.

26, female, 5'5", 180lbs. Experiencing facial redness and hair loss. ANA negative. Thyroid normal. Vitamin D is 34ng/mL. Is this too low/the cause?

29yr old bf thinks his levels of testosterone may be high and causing his sleep problems & hair loss. Can this be? What can be done?

35 y female . Severe burning scalp pain & hair loss . Normal thyroid &chemistry blood tests .Best management?

35yr w/f 2yrs ago fit/healthy now hypothyroid,high-creatinine,low-iron,high-calcium,hyperpigmented skin on face hands armpits and groin,brain fog,weak,hair falling out,memory loss,waiting on endo apt?

38 f. Apparently my hair is falling out because I changed my diet and lost 41 lbs because of fatty liver. When will my hair stop falling out.?

40 F generally healthy. Recently checked hormones due to hair loss. Thyroid/hormones normal,but testosterone 14 on scale of 20-70. Any relation?

40yr F. Take bio-identical HRT & armour (low dose). Significant hair loss, male pattern. Should I see dermatologist or endocrine for follow up?

43yo f. Losing hair. Have low iron taking iron pills. Had a feverfew months ago. Recent weight loss 30lbs. What could be cause hair lossWhat do I do?

4mo post RT/Chemo 5FU (fluorouracil) massive hair loss. Taking Levothyroxine 4 3wks. 50mcg. Only TSH tested 5.04. Do I need more testing What? Will hair loss reverse

A dr on here told me ferritin levels are not related to hairloss yet my dermatologist saus otherwise. Will low ferritin caus hairloss?

A ferritin reading of 40ng/ml and hair loss, but is this the cause?

Am 25 yrs old had Hypothyroidism. Now it's normal. Tsh is 4.2 with t3 (liothyronine) and t4 normal But my skin has lost its elasticity and got signs of ageing. Help?

An year ago my ferritin was 7.i hv reached to 87 from 30(two months ago).but my hair are still falling out.Thyroid is normal.What should i do now?

Are a ferritin level, thyroid hormone, free testosterone level all blood tests ? Tests for hair thinning or hair loss.

Are there any medications to reverse skin atrophy from cortisone? Also can high cortisol levels in body cause skin thinning?

Being seen by hematologist for low platelets (lowest 96k). Also have hair loss, Derm suggested biotin forte. Is it safe, will it lower my platelets?

CAH Female with testosterone at 4 nmol/L (normal up to 1.5) I'm concerned I'm getting receding about hair loss. Once under control will it stop?

Can a ferritin level of 21 cause hair loss? All other labs were normal.

Can a low TSH cause hair loss?

Can a thyroid disease cause greasy hair?

Can a thyroid disease cause oily greasy hair?

Can a TSH level of .52 cause hair loss?

Can a vitamin d deficiency or copper deficiency contribute to hair loss? My hair suddenly changed texture (became very thin and dry) and falls out.

Can hair loss be related to hashimotos or is it levothyroxine? Will it stop falling? Can biotin help?

Can hair loss/thinning due to hypothyroidism or low serum ferritin levels be reversed once those problems are treated and corrected?

Can hair lost from stress grow if hormone deficiency fixed?

Can hashimoto disease cause my body hair to fall out?

Can high estrogen or testosterone be causing my hair loss or my thyroid?

Can hypogonadism cause hot flashes, hair thinning?

Can levothyroxine make you have increased facial hair?

Can low iron make my hair thin?

Can low thyroid hormone symptoms like hair-loss be reversed?

Can low thyroid hormone symptoms such as hair loss be reversed?

Can mid to normal copper levels cause hair thinning ?

Can paragard IUD cause hair loss? I have not had a baby, surgery, not a thyroid or a anaemia problem. My only change has been an iud. Its not genetic.

Can Paragard, the copper IUD, cause copper toxicity within the body? Hair loss, fatigue, etc.?

Can taking thyroid USP (desiccated thyroid) cause extreme fatigue ? I have hypo thyroid I'm also loosing my hair terribly . And loosing my vision

Can taking vitron c make me gain weight? Oh and can it also help me grow my hair due to it falling out of poor iron nutrition ?

Can telogen effluvium last for 6 months? (Thyroid, ferritin, hormones are all ok)

Can thyroid cause oily hair and increased leg hair?

Can thyroid nodules with normal hormones cause hair loss and itch all over the body?

Can too much zinc lower iron and copper levels and cause hair loss?

Can weak, brittle nails be related to pcos?

Can you lose hair on your legs from having a thyroid problem?

Can you still lose hair from hashimotos if your levels are normal?

CC: hair loss, itchy scalp, sore scalp. Irons fine, Vit D is low, Thyroid levels are high, what could cause my hair to be itchy, Sore and hair loss?

Consistent slight elevation in wbc, hair loss, and adult acn?

Could a thyroid problem cause you to lose the hair on your legs?

Could low copper leading to anemia effect skin and hair?

Could low copper status affect hair, skin, or nails?

Could my diffuse excess hair shedding/loss be caused by my ferritin being 53 level? Does it need to be above 70?

Could puberty be a cause for hair loss due to the change in hormone levels?

Dear Sir or Madam, I have hypothyroidism. How often should my thyroid levels be checked? Does hypothyroidism cause facial hair growth? Thank you.

Do low level lasers help scalp psoriasis?

Do the ferritin deficiency associated with hair loss?

Do those who can't grow facial hair have lower levels of testosterone than others?

Does a low ferritin of 17 cause hair loss?

Does high billirubin levels cause hair loss?

Does it mean that i have low Testosterone because i can't grow back hair?

Does low blood cause your hair to shed and thin out?

Does low thyroid cause hair loss in women?

Does pheochromocytoma cause hairloss? Please, need some answers?

Does taking testosterone supplements cause hair loss and if s why it is something our body produces? If we have high testosterone will one go bald?

Does tgf beta 1 in colostrum cause hair loss ?

Does thryronorm 25mg cause of alopecia and dry skin with echema?

Does too much or too little testosterone lead to hair loss for males? Or is it an imbalance of estrogen

Does your testosterone level relate to how much hair you grow?

Dr.'s, apart from fibroids & anemia due to fibroids, i was told no thyroids .What's causing my hair not to grow?I've also been wearing a wig for a year.

Dramatic increase in facial hair growth since my tubal ligation. Is this normal? Thyroid tests are normal

Due 2 thyroid prblms hair falling is very high? Wat should I do for the growth of new hair? I feard it vil effect my personality.

Dx hashimotos, TSH 1.95, free T4 19. Suffering from extreme hair shedding for 2 months itchy burning scalp. Iron level at 34. Hair thinning.29yrs woman?

Estradiol 2mg causing hairloss, what do I do?

Except thyroid what r d other reasons for hair fall? How i know d other reason ?

Excessive zinc intake 5 or so months ago for 2-3 weeks (100mg+/day), then i discontinued. Now zinc deficiency symptoms are appearing (hair loss), why?

Experiencing intense hair breakage/loss lately haven't had thyroid levels checked in v long time, is the hair problem due2 hyper or hypo levels?

Female hair loss, thyrod test came out fine. What causes it?

Ferritin is 33ng/ml thyroid is normal. but still suffering from excessive hair thinning and hair fall? i have gastric problem also

Ft3-3.02 , ft4-1.13 , tsh-3.49 , anti-TPO is 3.415 iu/ml symps: diffuse hair thinning, dry skin & hair, difficult to lose weight, sluggish & depression?

Hair & weight loss, fatigue. Thyriod, iron and B12 normal. Had a baby 12mths ago. What could be causing it?

Hair and eyebrows have been thinning for months after beginning college. Clear thyroid tests (TSH, T3, (liothyronine) T4, Ferritin I think) and other bloodwork. Not sure what other possibilities? Once had thick pretty hair, scared I will go bald?

Hair is dry and has been shedding for a year now. Thyroid was ruled out because TSH was 1.3, what else could it be?

Hair is falling from all over the body. Thyroid is ok. It isn't genetic. I am taking b12 shots and vitamin d and iron supplements. What is the reason?

Hair is falling out alot. Thyroid and all blood work normal. What could be reason for sudden increase in hair loss?

Hair is falling out--blood panels, thyroid, ferritin, b12, etc. all normal. Told to see derm. AND endo. docs, but which one do I see? Both?

Hair loss and grey hair at 18? Diagnosed with low iron level and was on Accutane for 2 yrs?

Hair loss for 18 months in crown area, first due to stress, then perhaps due to very low TSH as a result of Thyroxine dose increase. Iron levels fine. Hair is now finer / softer and continues to shed - will my hair ever go back to how it was ?

Hair loss secondary to low tsh?

Hair loss still, synthroid (thyroxine) 50 mcg, TSH 4.4, t4 (18), T3 (2.2.) Why no hair regrowth?

Hair loss. If my B12, zinc, ferritin, thyroid, dhea, testosterone all ok--should i also get b7 or any other tests? I eat well and so confused!!

Hair thinning really fast - my thyroid - ok my iron is 68.72ug/dl is that low? Pleads help

Help please! is excess hair in woman a sign of thyroid illness?

Hi, i'm 24 yrs old girl, having severe hair fall & extreme hair dryness problem. Thyroid & insulin are normal. Wat could be the cause for my problem.

Hi, i'm having healthy eating habit with normal iron, thyroid & insulin levels. Facing extreme hair dryness &hairfall problem. Kindly suggest cause.

Hi! I am 31/F. Putting on weight and have trouble with coarse facial hair. My thyroid is normal. Is it possible I have PCOS?

High testosterone levels and high thyriod will it cause skin breakout and hairloss?