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Hi Dr. which one is more effective laser hair removal or IPL?

i am 32 years old an Indian resident 2 months pregnant wants to do underarm laser hair removal , whether it is safe?

iam male i have unwanted hairs on arms want to reduce density not completly remove it 1-2 sessions of laser will enough to have normal hairs like men?

22yrs old. I want to get laser hair removal (every where from my face down, including my back and underarms and privates..everything) is it risky?

After how many sessions of laser hair removal of face wil give remarkable results?

After how many sessions of laser hair removal on face wil give significant results?

After my first session of milesman laser diode hair removal, i had a superficiel 2nd degree burn on my underarms. What about using fucicort and biafine?

After treatment with diode laser (for hair removal )by how much it is considered safe for me to get pregnant ?

Any easy method to remove dandruff ?

Any permanent side effects of laser hair removal?

Anybody have any luck with laser hair removal on face?

Are diod laser (hair removal laser machines) considered harmful for a pregnant woman or not ?

Are breast implants and laser/permanent hair removal becoming more and more popular?

Are diod laser hair removal machines harmful while breast feeding? Or normal?

Are hair growth/regrowth laser devices such as the HairMax laser combs harmful to use or do they pose any safety/health risks?

Are hair removal strips better than the alternatives?

Are l-arginine and herbal enzyme complex photo sensitive? Could they be taken a day before laser hair removal ?

Are the spa lasers equally effective at removing all hair growth from unwanted areas? Are the lasers used at home equally good too? Why or why not?

Are there any common risks of having a keratin treatment done on hair?

Are there any dangers to laser hair removal?

Are there any home hair removal laser that actually works?

Are there any long term side-effects to laser hair removal? (other than the promise of no more waxing?!) :) cancer/tumour etc?

Are there any problems if I have discoid lupus and have my hair removed with laser therapy?

Are there dangers associated with laser hair removal?

Are there risks for laser hair removal? Skin cancer?

Are there risks to laser hair removal?

Are those hair treatments (did nt use any heat), scalp treatment that is done in salon good for our hair?

Aren't there less painful methods other than waxing for hair removal?

As a woman, is there any way to safely and permanently remove facial hair?

Before a laser hair removal consultation do I need to let the hair grow out?

Black hair. Is it ok to leave hair grown or shave it before going for laser hair removal or leave it half grown? They use yag laser.

Can a 17-year-old get laser hair removal?

Can a man permanently remove his facial hairs without costly treatments? If so, how?

Can a pulsed-dye laser affect future facial hair growth if applied to a cheek one time earlier in life ?

Can a pulsed-dye laser affect future facial hair growth if applied to cheek for port wine stain treatment please help.

Can Alma Soprano Diode Laser permanently remove unwanted facial hairs? which is the best laser?

Can anyone tell me does the rio scanning laser hair removal really work I have fair skin so it shud work?

Can anyone tell me is yag laser hair removal way to go?

Can electrolysis be used on the tearcanal saftley? To remove hair near the eye?

Can electrolysis cause scarring? I'm worried about possible scarring if I have electrolysis on my face. Is this a risk of the procedure? .

Can exposure to radiation from laser hair removal of chin be a cause of thyroid cancer?

Can facial hair be removed using epilight? I have dark chin hairs on my face. Will the epilight procedure be a good way to get rid of these? .

Can facial hair be removed using epilight? I have dark chin hairs on my face. Will the epilight procedure be a good way to get rid of these? .

Can hair laser therapy using laser diodes help thinning or receding hair? Read a few legitimate articles saying there is SOME evidence of this.

Can I do full bikini laser hair removal after 2 weeks of my dilatation and curtage?

Can I do laser after a week o removing my hair by using silkepil ?

Can I do laser hair removal when I have ringworm?

Can I do laser hair removal while on amoxicillin/clavulanic acid (875/125) or a week later after completing the treatment at least?

Can I do laser treatment for removing unwanted hair on face or chin?

Can i do peeling for the bikini area to treat hyperpimentation caused by laser hair removal treatment in between sessions ?

Can I get cosmetic laser hair removal if I have vitiligo?

Can I get laser acne removal while i'm pregnant ?

Can i get laser hair removal after doing angioplasty?

Can I get laser hair removal if I have dark skin?

Can i get laser hair removal on my chest and stomach?

Can i get laser hair removal on my entire head so that i can be bald forever?

Can i get laser hair removal while on the contraceptive pill?

Can I have laser hair removal and isotretinoin simultaneously? Black American skin. Past laser mole removal while on isotretinoin w/o scarring.

Can I use laser hair removal while having my period ?

Can I use mebendazole whilst having laser hair removal? will there be any effects/deficits?

Can I use tria laser at home for hair removal?I had stress urticaria before 1.5 year, removed by steroid.Now the urticatia go and come with stress.

Can i used HPL "home pulsed light" laser hair removal on my arms with keratosis pilaris?

Can laser hair removal actually work?

Can laser hair removal be expensive?

Can laser hair removal be suitable for teenagers?

Can laser hair removal cause permanent scarring or redness? Having it done on my face and my face is very sensitive

Can laser hair removal cause scarring or other danger? How can you avoid this? Considering having it done on face and have VERY sensitive skin.

Can laser hair removal lead to skin cancer?

Can laser hair removal permanently get rid of hair forever after a matter of times getting it done?

Can laser hair removal treatment cause cancer or stirility?

Can laser hair removal/electrolysis get rid of keratosis polaris?

Can laser treatment for facial hair lead to a vitamin d deficiency or cause skin cancer?

Can my underarms skin darkening be improved by laser hair removal treatment safely?

Can people who has vitiligo get laser hair removal done?

Can people with vitiligo get laser hair removal?

Can removing all the hair on your vagina cause health problems?

Can someone give me a thorough explanation of the dangers of laser hair removal?

Can the follicles form cysts or scars after laser hair removal?

Can underarm laser hair removal damage eyes?

Can vitiligo patients wax their hands and legs to remove hair?

Can yag laser for unwanted facial hair removal be used for acne tx, as well. are there other safe, more effective alternatives for olive completion?

Can you get hepatitis c from threading if you bled after removing hair from your eyebrows?

Can you go get laser hair removal if you are taking iron tablets, three times a day? Will i get discoloration of the skin.

Can you take a shower after laser hair removal?

Can you tell me about having laser hair removal done on my face. Would laser hair removal be the best option?

Can you tell me about it's like to use soprano laser for hair removal?

Can you tell me for underarm wax removal, is veet or nairs better in terms of the hair removal and regrowth time?

Can you tell me is laser hair removal worth it for people with pcos?

Cause of melasma and tell me if supplements needed for its removal???

Could hair removal laser treatment cause cancer?

Could ipl(intensive pulse light) for hair removal prevent getting pregnant???

Deep and long ingrown hairs that circle into skin and never come out completely. All over my body, even places that have never had hair removal done.

Do any of the home laser hair removers actually remove hair permanently and if so which ones can be used on a man's face?

Do doctors recomend laser hair removal?

Do doctors recommend Brazilian waxing?

Do home laser hair removal machines work?how effective r they? and r there any areas that they cannot be used on?

Do laser treatments work for hair loss? Are laser treatments at all effective in reducing hair loss? .

Do the oil and sweat glands get messed up when doing laser resurfacing?

Do u recommend the tria beauty laser hair removal ?

Do you know if tricare pays for laser hair removal at all?