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My daughter stopped taking her tablets for her thyroid but she has 2 bald spots will her hair grow back if she starts taking tablets again ?

My doctor told me to start taking a hair, skin, and nails vitamin. Can I take it at the same time (with dinner) as my daily multi-vitamin?

My eyelashes and eyebrows are falling out recently. Im breastfeeding for already 11 months and Im taking prenatal vitamins with DHA.what it could be?

My friend hair have just been shave off. Is there any natural food that he can eat to boost hair growth ? Thank you

My friend have problem in hair ...he have gap in his how to grow hair in that gap? Which food want to eat? Which oil is to use it?

My friend takes biotin for hair and nail growth and she has seen results, but is it safe for her to take this supplement regularly?

My hair are thin, and poor quality without shine. What are some natural ways to improve the quality of my hair. ?

My hair are turning grey, thin and have hair fall. what to do? I am Asian 26 years female. Chicken, bread,wheat,rice,egg are in my daily diet. help

My hair has lost its lust and more importantly its curls. It looks limp and "bendy".I apply oil, shampoo, conditioner nd take vitamin C and B complex.

My hair is falling and its thinner than before, i apply oil baths to it and tried vitamins. Is their an effective way for a healthy looking hair?

My hair is getting significantly darker. What is causing it? I am taking methylfolate and methyl-b12 (for mthfr), biotin, and melatonin (for sleep).

My hair is getting thinner, I always have hair fall.What are the best vitamin & hair product should I use? I don't have allergies or health condition.

My hair is having trouble growing up I have tried vitamins like biotin, fish oil, and other vitamins but it still not working. ?

My hair is lifeless and falling. my doctor said the problem is the overproductive keratin. I use shampoo for this and biotin capsules. Dont work ?

My hair is looking few .. What can I use to increase its volume ..?

My hair is thin and damaged from bleach products. What can I do to make it healthy again?

My hair is very frizzy. What types of conditioners or products are used to treat this? Is there a certain ingredient that I should look out for?

My hair is weak and thin, 17 yrs, is biotin useful, will a 1000 mcg dose affect my weight?

My hair seems to not be growing anymore, maybe because i have a vitamin D deficiency? Would it be ok to take 10000mcg of biotin? Im 16, female.

My hair start falling out because of the pill I've changed it now and take vitamins any other advise, its still falling out, not as much but gone thin?

My hair takes forever to grow are any vitamins I should take?

My hairs are too thin and light. I can't style my hairs without oil and can't use wax or cream to style due to hair fall problem. Please advice.

My head hair hasn't grown for a couple years and I am 18 why could be wrong? I am very athletic and take a lysine supplement and have taken cal

My nails are very dry?? What diet should I take.

Mydoctor told me to take7follic acid pills daily 400 mcg each to grow out my hair that has fallen out due to the dificiency.Can it make me gain weight?

Nails splitting and losing hair how much bioten can be taken to help?

Natural supplements to add to diet(21yr old female210pounds 5^2 mild acne,FineLines on lower eye lid) want healthier nails, healthier hair, weightloss?

Nature bounty nail, hair and skin multivitamin are safe while using garcinia cambogia?

Natures bounty hair skin and nails, are there any side effects?

Not pregnant. Trying to grow my hair longer. Tried everything except taking prenatal vitamins. Is it a myth that prenatal vitamins help hair growth?

On hair, skin and nails vitamins with 3000 mcg of biotin for at least 4 years [email protected] for 2 months and then a break.can I go up to 5000 mcgbiotin?

Please help what specific vitiamins should I take to have healthy hair ?

Please suggest tips for good healthy hair.And is the use of conditioner really necessary?Please suggest a diet for healthy growth of hair.

Prescription pills to get from doctor for thicker and longer hair and for weightloss?

Recently my hair falling very much. i take vitamin E capsule. i don't smoke. so what can i do?

Saw palmetto is used as a prostate enhancer and also allows the hair follicle to get protein etc. Then why they say masturbation cause no hair loss?

Serrum ferritin is increasing but at a slow pace after taking iron supplements for 5 monts then why hair fall has started again when it stopped earier?

Should i be concerned if i drink the berocca drink for energy in the morning but also take perfectil vitamin for hair skin and nails and was wondering if this is ok?

Should I take creatine if I have pcos and also will it make me lose hair?

Sir i have a problem of hair fall from last 4 this natural? What you suggest? I also used different shampoo as well as oils.

Sir i have a problem of hair fall from last 4 months.i also used different types of oils as well as shampoo. What will you suggest?

Sir i, m avneesh I have face a problum since 2 month my hair is broken and falls i have taken biotin which is compolsary for hair but no result ?

Sir, I am 25 years old man.Can I use minoxidil tropical solution USP 2% for getting beard(for mustaches)? And can you suggest veg. Food for this?

Sir, i having a hair fall and hair broken complaints.Am using different kinds of hair oils there is no improvement, please tell any good way to cure it?

Slow hair growth, thinning hair, excessive hair shedding, all following excessive zinc intake (100mg+/day) 2-3 months prior, could zinc be to blame?

So multivitamins (hair skin nails) cause or contribute to mouth gums enlargement ?? Do they cause more harm than good??

Started taking biotin, 3wks, 5,000 mcg. Skin looks horrible. Does biotin cause breakouts? Am I taking too much? Recommend dosage?

Suggest how to recover my hair color again through pills/food. 37 Asian almost 95% hair is white from root and fed up of coloring every month?

Take biotin,iron,b12,vit D,&flaxseed oil daily,now magnesium but how much is good 4 migraines/IBS?SEVERE hair loss,wondering what I can take orally 4 it inc. prescriptions?Crown of head shaved BALD,wearing bonded hairpiece now.Need my own hair back,HELP!

Take more protein in a day, is it a cause of hair faal?

Taking 3 hair skin nail pills a day, and a woman's multi vitamin, hair is very thin, I am 22, what else can i take to promote healthy hair growth ?

Taking 5000 mg of biotin is it healthy?

Taking hair, nail and skin vitamins is safe along with garcinia cambogia?

There is a new shampoo in Amazon, it's Pura d'or Hair Loss Prevention Premium Organic Shampoo, Is it any good!?? Can I use it!??

This produced how u use my hair promlem?

Tips for a healthy hair? (in regards to diet, combing, what products to use, etc...). Thanks! :)

To prevent hairs from being white .What is usefull?

Treating home for fleas, they were tracked in from yard.I think they are in my hair.Any natural ways to rid the hair of them?

Using mouth wash to treat oily hair , does it work ? And what other options I can use safely since I have thin hair and hair loss problems ?

Veggies which have excess zinc and promote hair regrowth and make new hairline?

Was wondering how much stress does it take to age your skin or hair?

Wat kind of over-the-counter vitamins should I take to stop falling my hair ruff skin n thin nails ?

Wat type of products can be used to have a facial hair?

What amount progesterone dose a guy have to take, to grow hair 3 inches a month?

What are foods that can prevent premature balding?

What are foods which are good for hair?

What are good foods and suppliments for making my hair better and thicker ?

What are good vitamins to take for hair and skin for african american female age 20?

What are home remedies can be used for facial hair growth?

What are side effects of applying hair protein in beauty salond? Is it like keratin

What are some good seasonal fruits for healthier hair of females?

What are some good things to eat or take for hair growth.?

What are some hair growth products and vitamins other then biotin? My hair has been shoulder length for what seems like forever?

What are the benefits of biotin? I originally bought the pills to help my hair grow faster and be healthier. I hear its good for skin as well but does it actually do to it?

What are the best products/remedies for reducing hair loss?

What are the best vitamin to take for a man with thin hair?

What are the best vitamins for a women to take for hair nails skin overall women's health and weight?

What are the best ways to nourish and maintain a good hair and scalp health?

What are the natural remedies to stop hair loss and allergic sneezing?

What brand and mcg do you suggest in vitamins and supplements for hair nails and skin? I am 5 ft 137 lbs

What can be done to control dry hair & thinning of hair? Pls suggest shampoo or products. Can protein diet or other related healthy diet be helpful?

What can I do to make my finger nails grow? I want them to grow longer and be stronger. Currently taking biotin. Any other suggestions?

What can I eat and use ON my hair to make it thicker? Also what are the best oils and vitamin supplements for hair?

What can I take along with biotin to prevent acne?

What can I take to naturally increase hair restoration?

What can I use for hair growth? Is there any pills ot shampoos that can be used? My hair seems to grow quite slow. Please help

What causes hair to fall out bad in the shower i take a muti-vitamin?

What causes leg hair to stop growing during pregnancy? Is it lack of certain nutrients or minerals? I have psoriasis condition and am 28 weeks now.

What causes you to have to take pins out of your hair before an x-ray?

What do hot oil treatments do (chemically) on hair?

What do you advise if i was wondering if i could take prenatal vitamins and hairfinity (hair growth) pills at the same time?

What do you suggest if i've been wondering if i could take prenatal vitamins and hairfinity (hair growth) pills at the same time?

What do you suggest if my hair is thin, and grows slowly. know of any drug store products that will help thicken it?

What do you suggest if my hair takes to long to grow what's a good home remedy or product to increase the speed of growth?

What food is to be taken to reduce hair fall?

What foods help hair growth? I'm 23 and my hair is thinning out. I don't use any heat. Taking biotin 5000mcg every day (3 pills as directed)

What foods or products can be used to allievate hair that is starting to thin a bit up top?

What happens if I crush up multivitamins and put them in my hair, will it help hairgrowth/health or anything like that?

What happens if you have too much biotin?

What healthy diet should I supposed to take in seborrheic dermatitis?