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Im 25 years old , dose Biotin helps me getting full thick beard ?

Im a 23 year old male and take 200mg a day of alpha-lipoic acid. Can this cause hair thinning?

Im an african american woman with extremely dry scalp. What natural oil is best for dry scalp that will promote growth as well? Tea tree? Jojoba?

Im taking a supplement. It has the ingredient TGF BETA 2. Can this ingredient growth factor cause hair loss? Thanks

In reference to hair shedding, what is considered normal for a healthy individual in their 30's? I've read it's about 50 hairs a day. Is this correct?

In terms of a man having a beard or being clean shaven, is there any medical or hygienic reason why one would be favourable over the other?

In what foods can I find folic acid? How much of it should I take in, so it can actually help my hair growth?

Is "olay total effect" suitable for male skin types?

Is 100% argan oil good for uneven skin & hair? Please help can't decide if it would be a waste of money

Is 500 mg of panothenic acid a day too much ? I read that this can cause hair loss I've been taking one capsule a day for 2 weeks I'm scared

Is a Biotin supplement better than a hair, skin, and nails pill for hair health? What's best?

Is application of lime juice useful for reduction of graying hairs? Is it true that directly applying lime juice on hairs increases gray hairs?

Is biotin a good supplement to stop extreme hair fall? Plus suggest any good supplements to stop extreme hairfall.

Is biotin bad for your liver and kidneys I am taking it as a supplement to stop hair loss?

Is biotin bad for your liver or kidneys? I take it as a supplement to grow my hair.

Is biotin in a small dose safe for a 4 yr old? My daughter's hair wont grow.we have bwen trying for yrs now.

Is biotin safe for my 4 yr old to take for her issues with hair growth? Even if it may or may not work; Is it safe?

Is Biotin safe to take as a teenager for beard growth, have a solid beard going at 17 but is patchy. I'm also on accutane if that matters. Thanks?

Is biotin water soluable and therefore safe to take 7500mcgs? I have recently added it to my supplements to encourage nail and hair growth.

Is coconut oil good for hair loss problem? does it really make a difference?

Is coconut oil good for hair? For healthy strong hair ?

Is drinking milk every day provides protein for hair loss and can it help in thickening hair?

Is garlic makes the hair more density and strength and thank you?

Is green tea good for hair growth ? Does it control DHT and stop alopecia? What are other effects of green tea?

Is hair finity hair vitamins good to take even though the person already have facial hair?

Is it bad to take a woman's one a day vitamin n hair and nail vitamin at the same time or in the same day?

Is it ok for a teenager to take 10,000mcg biotin pills just for hair growth?

Is it ok for teens to take biotin supplements for beauty purposes such as strengthening nails, develop thicker hair, & better skin?

Is it ok to drink alcohol with Natures Bounty - Hair Skin & Nails supplements?

Is it OK to drink dietary supplement like for hair, nails & skin while nursing? Nursing 1-2x a day only.

Is it ok to take a daily multivitamin and hair, skin & nails is it ok to take a daily multivitamin (equate one daily women't pro-active) and hair, skin & nails (spring valley collagen support) together daily or will i be overdosing on vitamins? Please he

Is it ok to take a few different collagen supplements along with a tradition hair, skin and nails. Or is it too much?

Is it ok to take hair skin and nails vitamins during pregnancy?

Is it okay to take 1 prenatal vitamin, 1 Azo yeast pill, and the 3 required hair skin and nail vitamins in 1 day? And no, I'm not pregnant.

Is it okay to take a mens oneaday with hair skin in nails and a B12 ?

Is it possible for you to take b complex, hair and nails and biotin together?

Is it possible to cure excess sebum production and acne caused by dairy, my scalp literally fills itself up with too much oil if i consume milk?

Is it safe to take a hair, skin, and nails (contains biotin and vitamin c) pill, while I am taking doxycycline 100mg for my acne?

Is it safe to take a OTC hair skin and nails vitamin while taking prescription nadolol?

Is it safe to take a teen multivitamin and to start taking biotin on top of it to help my hair grow?

Is it safe to take b complex vitamin and a hair skin And nail vitamins with lupus and irregular heart beat?

Is it safe to take biotin 5000 mcg while breastfeeding? Coz my hair is falling out crazy even though i'm taking my prenatal and iron everyday...

Is it safe to take biotin capsulea to grow hair longer?

Is it safe to take nature s bounty hair skin and nails while i m breastfeeding instead of a prenatal vitamin ?

Is it safe to take nature's bounty hair, skin, and nails while breastfeeding?

Is it safe to take skin,hair, and nail vitamins (5000 mcg of biotin) with doxycycline(for acne)?

Is it safe to take the hair skin and nails gummy vitamins while breastfeeding?

Is it someway possible to regrow hair on bald spots at home without using any medicine or surgery? Do massaging or various oils work?

Is it too much for a teenaged aged 14 to take biotin 5, 000 mcg everyday? Or should she take 2 pills a week? Any solution?

Is it true that applying garlic to your hair will improve its quality and it'll regrow the bald spots for ladies? If it's not what can I use instead

Is it true that fish oil pills helps acne go away and hair grow?

Is it true that miconazol nitrate stimulate hair growth somehow? There has been videos on youtube claiming that it does helped them grow longer hair?

Is it true that taking biotin can make you break out? What are the side effect of taking biotin? I just want to use it for hair growth.

Is it true that taking creatine can cause your hair to become thin?

Is it true you need to sleep with a silk or satin hair cap/wrap/bonnet at night to not damage your hair?!

Is keratin hair treatment while breastfeeding ??

Is livon hair gain tonic effective? Shall i give it a try?

Is loreal aminexil advanced product for hair loss safe during pregnancy?

Is mineral oil also known as Paraffinum Liquidum ok to use in the hair? Its one of the ingrendients in my hair styling product

Is mineral oil also known as Paraffinum Liquidum ok to use in the hair? Its one of the ingrendients in my hair styling product.

Is my hair oily because of me being obese and taking slimming pills recently?

Is NATURES BOUNTY nail, hair, and skin pills safe while on birth control?

Is ok for a 14 yr old girl to take hair, skin and nail supplements?

Is ok to take biotin while on the anti depressant mirtazapine? Also will biotin help my hairloss from having baby 6 months ago?

Is prenatal pills safe to take for hair and nails?

Is rosemary oil a remedy for female hair loss? Age: 19

Is surbex tablet is beneficial for breast growth?

Is taking 10,000 mcg of biotin bad for a 4'9 84 lb 13 yr old? Also does biotin help your nails grow faster?

Is taking biotin for hair growth safe? If it is, what is the safe dose to start with?

Is taking biotin healthy? Does it cause side effects? What pills are natural& r recommended for hair growth that will only grow the hair on scalp..

Is taking folic acid and biotin together safe for promoting hair growth?

Is taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth generally considered safe?

Is there a natural home remedy for genetical greying of hair?

Is there a natural remedy for woman's thinning hair. I'm only 33 yrs old?

Is there a specific product that works for your hair to grow?

Is there a supplement I can take to prevent my hair from falling out?

Is there a way to grow hair at a faster rate naturally? Home remedies. Tips? Thanks in advance

Is there any easy homemade oils that I can make for hair removal?

Is there any hair inhibitor cream or lotion exits that actually works? Like kalo, hair away?

Is there any home remedies that can be used to regrow hair?

Is there any oral tablet that i can take for hair thickening or hair growth?

Is there any products/ remedies for hair loss, bold spot?

Is there any truth to d beauty advice of dousing your final hair wash with cold water after a warm bath inorder to prevent hair loss? Thank u!

Is there any way to slow down graying white hair? Any tricks to keep hair healthy vibrant and strong.

Is there anything that can possibly be done in terms of wash habits or supplementation that can reduce scalp sebum and strengthen hair follicles?

Is vitamin E supplement pill helpful to reduce hair loss in female?

Keratin treatment without formayhde is it still bad. Isn't keratin hair protein to make it stronger. I have been using for 2 years and noy losing hair?

Lupus is making my hair fine... Is there any vitamin i can take to help with my hair n my skin ... I was taken plaqunil for yrs & are of them now?

Male,17: My skull is full of dandruff. Selenium sulphide shampoo is not working. Any natural way to save my hair? Please, give answer quickly.

Medicine which boost melanim to blacken hair?

Might i take hair, skin, and nails (vitamins e) with contraception?

My 25yr bro is losing hair.Plz suggest home remedy for hair loss.What veg diet to follow. Will hair oil help.

My age 26 male.i have very good hair growth but in last two yrs I saw lot of white hair is growing. In order to cure this can I apply mustard oil?

My age 26 male.I have very good hair growth but in last two yrs I saw lot of white hair is growing. In order to cure, can I apply mustard oil?"

My age is 18 years I have heavy hair loss Which tablet should i take to prevent hair loss And wat care should bee taken?

My baby is 5 months and i been losing so much hair for the past couple of months . I been taking my prenatal and iron . Can i take anything else?

My crown hair is very weak and thinning but eating b complex vitamin my hair get thickening which vitamin is important b1,b2,folic acid,niacin,biotin?

My dad have hair oil recipe name(secrets) product for damaged hair it contains (cactus+honey+jojoba+cononut) oils iwant know is it perfert product?

My daughter ate my nail and hair gummy vitamins is called Nature Vallet. ..prob about 20 to 40 or them will she be ok?

My daughter is 8 and her hair is shedding badly. It is processed as well. Is there a vit she can take to help?