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(homeopathy) what should I take along with the application of jaborandi & arnica mother tincture, to recover my receeded hair line? I m 20 male.

15 yr old daughter wants to take biotine for her nails that chip a lot and to make her breasts bigger as well as help her skin. Is it safe to take?

16 year old female. Hair loss problem for almost 2 years. My Dr. told me to take 5,000mcg of Biotin. I haven't seen much difference. What can I do?

24 year old female who is getting bald. Should i take specific vitamins/medication/oils? I tried minoxidil it didn't work.

5mg of folic acid (daily) safe to use? Will it help in growing hair faster and thicker?

5mths postpartum, exclusively breastfeeding, is it safe to take Biotin for hair growth, and if so at what dosage?

Acid mantle of skin/scalp really exists or its just a myth?

After wearing fake nails for so long my nails are weak and break very easily. Will a biotin supplement help and if so how much should I take?

Age:40y, hypothyroid, intramural fibroid, heavy periods, can I use anastim concentrate(neoruscin & tocopheryl nicotinate & gp4g & biotin) for hair loss?

Am trying to grow my hair, can girls use rogaine (minoxidil) ? Is it ok ? If yes how would it grow? If no please let me knw, i also herd olive oil helps?True?

Any advice? I have been taking biotin, and have noticed a difference in my hair growth. Would it be ok to take 2 7500mcg a day to see if it speeds up the process?

Any doctor can make a review or research about a product called "VitaBeard" (google it). I need to use them to grow my beard. I'm a smoker?

Any natural remedies i can use and i here masturbation leads to hair loss aswell because when you enjaculate it takes dht to your scalp?

Any real cure for hair loss? Am 21 years old and taking priorin n (supplement by bayer)

Are coconut pills any good (skin, weight, hair, digestion...) and long until we see results if any?

Are keratin treatments damaging to hair? What's all this talk about the treatment containing formaldehyde...?

Are prenatal pills a healthy and good way of growing hair and nails while not being pregnant? Or what products can I use that is efficient for curls?

Are there any foods or natural suplements to prevent hair loss?

Are there any foods that i can particularly eat to make my hair healthier and stronger?my hair natural and extremely curly.

Are there any medicines available for reducing body hair besides waxing?

Are there any medicines available for reducing body hair on the chest, without waxing?

Are there any natural/safe remedies for growing out your hair while breastfeeding?

Are there any vitamins I can take to prevent warts from growing on my feet?

Are there any vitamins I can take to strengthen my hair being that I am african american?

Are there natural methods to reduce your DHT levels tho help restore hair growth?

Are there natural products to use for hair thinning? Also, I believe my head is shrinking. 44 yr old female..I'm concerned...especially about my hair

Beautiful gorgeous hair as celebrity people have (shiny smooth hair) taking all possible measures like taking nutritious diet, exercise, sls free sham?

Been taking biotin as supplement made me my skin more smooth,no acne anymore & hair grew fast!is it a miracle vitamin?love the changes!

Besides biotin what other vitamins make your boobs grow?

Bosley hair restoration - is it natural looking or basically wig-like?

Can a 14 yr old take biotin pills 300 mcg? She really wants to take it because she recently cut her hair and wants it to grow back. Is it ok for her to take it?

Can biotin make you itch?

Can ceramides be used in the hair for conditioning? Thanks

Can copper be depleted if i was taking 100-150mgs of zinc for about a month and a half ? Now experiencing hair thinning and shed, please help.

Can doctors use stem cells to make hair grow on my scalp?

Can dye hair cause cancer ? Because it causes to some swealling face!, please reccomend any healthy dye product to avoid such problem!

Can excess use of garnier fructise hair putty cause considerable hair thinning and hair loss?

Can excess zinc intake or colostrum cause telogen effluvium ? I am experiencing hair thinning in certain areas after consuming these products .

Can green tea, multivitamins and omega 3 prevent or even reverse male pattern baldness?

Can hair oils/lotions seep into your blood stream and affect your birthcontrol?

Can hair powder be combined with a wax styling product that contains mineral oil without causing hair loss or drying of scalp? Thanks.

Can I color my hair ? Which safely brand ?

Can I drink alcohol with Natures Bounty Hair Skin & Nails?

Can i grow more by taking or doing something?

Can i stop facial hair with coffee and banning soda?

Can I take a prenatal vitamin even if I'm not pregnant? I heard it's good for hair loss and it's pretty complete. started lamictal heard of hair loss!

Can i take a vitamin that helps my hair, nails and skin grow healthier, longer fuller stronger. I'm also taking blood pressure medicine. The vitamins are all natural with i can't remember what the vitamin is called but it start with a (b) the blood pressu

Can I take any medicine for lady hair thinning?

Can I take biotin for ski hair and nails while pregnant along with my prenatal vitamin?

Can i take centrum multivita , folic acid & priorin n at a same time for good hair growth? I want to have long thick hair.

Can i take five vitaminz same time like iron . multivitaminz. vitamin d. hair skin and nail and magnesium together?

Can I take hair skin and nail vitamins and probiotics with Zoloft (sertraline) ?

Can I take hair, skin & nail vitamins instead of prenatals while breastfeeding an 8 month old?

Can I take hair,skin and nail Vitamins with B complex vitamins. Are those safe with irregular heart beat and lupus?

Can I take my GNC Hair, Skin, Nail vitamin along with my prenatal vitamin? I'm currently 4 months pregnant. I stopped taking them after 1 month.

Can i take my woman's one a day pills with my skin, hair & nail's pills?

Can I take nature's bounty extra strength hair skin & nails argan oil infused 5000 mcg of biotin whiles breast feeding?

Can i take Nature's Bounty Hair Skin and Nails Gummies while on birth control pills?

Can i take nzuri hair vitamins on an empty stomach or no?

Can i take one a day women's pro edge and a hair skin and nail vitamin?

Can i take pantogar for my hair loss during pregnancy ?

Can I take prenatal vitamins for hairloss I recently had a baby 4 months ago and my hair been falling like leaves on tree!?

Can i take supplements: hair, skin, nails (3, 000 mcg) and amino acids safely together to aid my hair and nails? I have a diet low in meat.

Can i take the multivitamin called longer stronger hair and nails with cod liver oil?

Can I take vitafusion prenatal vitamins and natures bounty hair, skin, and nail vitamins together or no?

Can i treat my hair with keratin in the last month of pragnancy ?

Can I use zincovit tablets to treat hair fall...? if yes what will be the dosage? I am 18 years old girl

Can I use nature's bounty hair skin and nails while am breastfeeding?

Can I use pilfood direct hair loss treatment during pregnancy?

Can i use zincovit tablets to get hair loss reduced and treat them to grow well?

Can iron pills make hair grow?

Can low level laser therapy promote hair growth? I am willing to use it even if it is minimal - what hairmax claims - 20 hairs per sq CM or even less.

Can male also use saw palmetto to reduce body hair? Some other natural treatment to reduce male body hair?

Can MINERAL OIL ALSO KNOWN AS paraffinum liquidum be used in my hair without clogging pores and follicles? I read it can. It's in my styling product.

Can MINERAL OIL ALSO KNOWN AS paraffinum liquidum be used in my hair without clogging pores and follicles? I read it can. It's in my styling product.

Can minoxidil be used to grow facial hair in cases with grasy skin who suffer from seborrhoeic dramatitis? If yes what's the manual and dosage?

Can mint oil or just simply mint can help to regrow your hair? Or does it have any benefits at all?

Can prenatal vitamins help your hair grow and keep them from splitting at the ends?

Can Selenium 2.5 lotion for Rosacea cause some hair loss? I'd read it could. Only used on face though. But I noticed thinning w/in time frame of using

Can serum of evion 400 be applied on skin directly,does it lead to facial hair growth??? n

Can small doses of vincristine make my hair fall out?

Can taking biotin with other vitamins that aid in the growth of hair, skin and nails be harmful together?

Can taking melatonin supplement for sleep change skin color at all or make me tan?

Can taking prenatal vitamins with ortho tri-cyclen lo help to stabilize hair loss?

Can taking the Depo-Provera slow the rate at which hair grows?

Can tea tree oil products cause new or more facial hair growth in women?

Can teenagers such as 12-18 use the product " spring valley hair skin nails biotin pill vitamins " for hair growth ?

Can the ingredient Paraffinum liquidum aka mineral oil in a hair stying product cause hair to thin or come out on the hairline or whole head? Thanks

Can the liquid wax paraffinum liquidum be topical applied to hair without blocking vitamin absorption? It's in a hair styling product I have. Thanks

Can too much vitamin b make your hair fall out?

Can tumors contain hair and teeth?

Can turmeric be helpful in removing hair on the body, as said by many doctors. If yes, how should I use turmeric in order to remove hairs?

Can use of lime with oil for oiling hair be a cause of hair graying at an early age? i am 22 yr old female

Can vitiligo be stopped from further spreading? How? Is there certain vitamins/ nutrients to take? ( for 5 year old kid)

Can you decrease the amount of hairs shed on your head to only 5-10 a day?

Can you explain if it's safe for a person to take hair growth supplements if they had pulmonary embolism in the past?

Can you please tell me about some great vitamins to take for healthy skin and hair?

Can you take hair, skin, and nail vitamins with another multivitamin?

Can you tell me about body check up using patient's hair?

Can you tell me about it's like to take any vitamins for hair loss that's worked?