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"what can cause hair loss with a 9 year old healthy well nourished active girl? What can be done?"

27 year-old with total body hair loss.....?

33f, hair loss, facial hair growth, 100+lbs ovrweight, lab work all ok. Oversleep, no energy. Using rogaine (minoxidil) biotin, not working. Hairloss due to wght?

A friend told me that eating a lot of proteins is a reason for hair loss.Is That right?

After giving birth I am losing a lot of hair. What can I do to reduce hair loss and increase hair growth?

Am post-menopausal & have started to lose my hair. Why?

Any ideas on why i'm losing my hair so much as a teen?

Are there any real solutions for a 22 year old guy already losing his hair?

At what age do men start losing their hair?

At what maximum rate after chemo do you lose your hair?

Been experiencing scalp hair loss, now shedding pubic hair. I have polycystic ovaries, but my birth control/metformin/spironolactone isn't helping the hair loss at all. Saw a dermatologist, still afraid of alopecia/losing all my hair? HELP! :(

Can bad dandruff and losing hair be a sign of cancer?

Can changing how i eat and working out more help with my thinning hair?

Can goi through menopause cause you to loose A LOT of your hair.

Can lice make you lose hair?

Can not eating red meat cause hair loss?

Can people lose their hair when they get chemo or is it radiation that causes the hair loss (or both)?

Can risprdal make lose hair because i start lose hair since i start it ?

Can smoking cause lost of hair ?.

Can thinning hair be reversed by a healthy diet?

Can topamax (topiramate) make you lose so much hair? If not why am I losing so much hair?

Can total hair lose from alopecia be cured?

Can you lose all the hair all over your body from telogen effluvium?

Can you lose you eyelashes as you age?

Can you lose your hair from dying it purple?

Can you lose your hair if you get rituximab?

Can you tell me if metropolol makes people lose lots of hair?

Could you help me with trichophagia (pulling hair and eating it)?

Did anyone lost hair while on topomax?

Diet for healthy hair and to prevent split ends?

Diet to get silky straight and strong hair with hairfall control?

Do all infants lose there hair? If so when? My baby was born 2 weeks ago with a head full of hair.

Do certain hair loss solutions actually work or will I be getting ripped off due to clever marketing? Noticing hair loss maybe from thyroid

Do I have pcos because my facial hairs grow hair fall, it turns white irregularity in periods and also weight gain my weight is 65 kg height is 5'2"?

Do you know if the hair max light comb works for thinning hair? Losing hair around temples, can iron deficiency be a problem?

Do you lose your hair with insulin portrited chemotherapy?

Docter, what are the bad effectof ernamatine becose my hair lost when i comb my hair?

Doctor I am 19 year old and I am going to bald. My hair loss is increase. I am in tention please send me solution ?

Does biotin really help hair growth and does it make you gain weight and get bloated?

Does eating a hamburger and a french fry once a week cause hair loss or cause you to lose your hair? And if so is that reversible? In men

Does every type of cancer cause you to lose hair?

Does fatty liver cause night sweats and hair lose? Just diagnosed 12/11/12. Been having night sweats and hair lose for a while now!

Does having ovaries removed cause hair loss?

Does kidney stones cause you to lose your hair. Or is there another reason for hair loss.

Does lifting weight and working out cause testosterone and DHT to increase in males causing hair loss?

Does losing approximately 20 and above hairs each shower considered serious hair loss, should i be concerned, any solution??

Does masturabation cause hair loss I do it three times a week just asking?

Does masturbating cause permanent hair loss or raise DHT causing one to lose hair permanently?

Does masturbating once a day cause hair loss? I have a full head of hair but I hear it raises DHT and testosterone which cause hair loss. Please help

Does masturbation cause testosterone to increase and cause you to lose your hair? Does masturbation period cause hair loss?

Does rogain will control my hair loss since i started it or it will take a period of time to control hair loss..?

Duphaston and hair loss question, what to do?

During a lot of weight loss, my hair started to thin and fall out. Is this normal?

Every time i comb my hair, i lose a lot of hair. My hair is an inch and a half long. Whenever i brush it, i don't lose too much. I have a 4 month old.

Facing pattern hair lost and lost more than 40% hairs in 6 months.Started minoxidil 5% and hair fall has increased. Is it a good sign? 24yrs male

For someone who is genetically determined to lose hair how long does it take to lose any noticeable amount of hair? 6 months? A year? 10 years?...

Had severe hairloss after typhoid..What to do to gain back my healthy hair?

Hai dr pleas help me my hair very loose?

Hair loss from head and pubic region, male aged 19 is this hypothroid maybe, lost libido

Hair loss since taking Norvasc (amlodipine) hair loss but not big hand fulls it is just around hundred hairs or more a day?

Hair loss/thinning is happening at a fast rate, more hair comes out easier every day. Receding hairline. Best course of action? Supplements, shampoo

Having episode of telogen effluvium. When does hair start growing back after losing it?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes hair loss, and what can be done about it?

Hey what to do about the massive hair loss when i shampoo?

Hi doctor my hair is losing i want take care my hair please give me suggestions?

Hi Doctor, my age is 27. I had severe hair loss problem and lost most of hair in my head. Could you please tell me any method to grow back the hair?

Hi i am 19 and i am experiencing hair loss and the thing is that my hair grow longer but i am still losing them but those i lose do not re-grow?

Hi i've start using minoxidil 5% but my hair loss get worse and i just put minoxidil on my crown but losing hair all over the head please answer thx..

Hi im losing sperms in night time and also im getting lose and weak also losing my hair im now 20 years old whem im in 116 years old im losing sperms?

Hi is there any ways to reduce hair lost? I am 18 this year and I am experiencing hair lost, mainly when I wash my hair. I wash my hair twice a day in the morning and at night. What could be the problem?

Hi sir, I masturbate regularly and I lost my hair how to control hair loss and dht level in scalp?

Hi, I am male, 26, every time I mastubrate I lose a lot of hair & have lots of dandruff in the nest few days, this has been going on for a few months & am?

Hi, I have 4months old baby boy, recently he is facing hair loss, please advice me to control the hair loss for my baby and tips to good hair growth?

Hi, i'm 35 years old it seems to me that i'm losing a lot of hair .. Is that normal?

Hi.I'm 20 and having strong hair loss.My doctor advised me minoxi.Is this medicine good?My blood analyses are well, my father lost hair at older age 30

Hii. I am 18 years old . My hairs are lost by sides. Please suggest me. How i prevent it?

How can a person lose all their eyelashes?

How can I be on a diet but keep hair in good condition?

How can I get healthy hair ?

How can I keep from losing my hair?

How can I loose weight without loosing my hairs.I have long hairs and when ever i tried to have a diet plan i end up with hair hall .

How can I prevent hair loss as a woman without going to a doctor?

How come tretinoin helps with hair loss?

How come women don't ever lose their hair?

How common is hair loss in women? I never see a female who is losing hair. How common is it for women to experience hair loss? .

How cud i stop hairfall and regain my lost hair. I m 28 yrs old male....

How do I know if i'm going to start losing my hair?

How does chemotherapy make you lose your hair?

How fast does my hair fall out when I lose a bunch of weight?

How many strands of hair does the average person lose a day?

How to control hair fall and increase hair volume? Please help me...

How to have healthy hair? I'm sick of hair loss. Really worried how to stop it.

How to loose 1-1.5kg per week healthily with out hair fall?

How to loose 2kgs per week with out hair fall?

How to prevent hair loss? I m a 21 yr boy havng hair loss for 2yrs

I am 17 male, I have hair loss problem since 6 months.Day by day more hair losing. Before i used shampoo everyday but nowadays twice a week.

I am 21 years old and I am loosing my hair since from 2 years. Can anyone recommend which shampoo to use ? Or anything that i can regrowth my hair.

I am 21 yrs of age. I've started losing hair from the age of 15, hav lost lot of hair til now. Is thr a non surgical way to regain all lost hair? Help

I am 27 and loosing my hairs .. is there any natural way to re-grow and save them ?

I am 28 , I have been loosing a lot of hair lately , i would like to know an effective treatment for hair loss ?