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Depakote for 6 mo. my soft thick hair now thin and coarse. off the Depakote for 4 months now, what should I do to get my hair back to the way it was?

18 yr old female hair has been thinning for awhile it is starting to become very noticeable. When i find the problem how long to regrow the hair back?

2 years back i've used berina hair straightener, since then I am observing red spots, heavy dandruff and losing my hair. ?

20, F, Afr-Am. Hair severely cut on edges of scalp since 13. Have not permed in 4 months to let grow, now 40% of hair is cut on one side, all is dry.

21/male hair thinning a little and facial hair not growing as much as I'd like would rogaine (minoxidil) help with these? Any bad side effects? any tips? etc.

22yr old female.Noticing that my hair in the front seems to be thinning! Especially at the temporal.. Is this permanent, what's the reason? Prevention

24 F, diffuse thinning hair scalp,eyebrows,public,legs.NO bald patches. since early MC Feb 2015, ERPC March, keyhole surgery May 2015.alopecia or TE?

24 female & my hair has been thinning out in the front & I think receding hairline.What to use/do that will increase growth & thickness? Dormant hair?

30 years old male , hair is thinning, feel like loose hair prematurely. Anything to prevent this?

40 y.O male. I put garlic and cayenne pepper on my scalp to stop balding but it burned my scalp with blisters. My hair fell out. Will hair grow back?

40 yr old female, significant hair loss front of my head...Started about 10 years ago when diagnosed fibro. What can I do to re-grow my hair?

5 months ago I discovered a 1/2"x 1/2" bald patch in my facial hair growth. It went away. 3 month ago I appeared in my r temple. Is this normal?

A few people have said they can see my scalp through my hair I can tell I've lost a lot of hair it's gotten so thin i don't know what to do ?

A little more than 4 months after my FUE hair transplantation, my scalp is still somewhat numb. Is this a concern and can my results be affected?

A portion of my hair stoped to grow the hair that don t grow is mixed with the hair that grow i e a long hair and a short one are next to each other ?

A section of the top of my hair is damaged (dry, changed to wavy pattern, frizzy) due to great sun exposure everyday. What should I do to fix it

A- If my receding hairline was caused by deficiency, then will the hair grow back in the bald area if I correct the defcy? B- Is it likely/unlikely?

After 40 years of pulling have stopped but damaged follicles. What can I do if anything to get my hair back?

After being damaged, do eyelashes grow back?

After being damaged, do eyelashes grow back? At which rate?

After chemo, will my hair grow back?

After getting my hair braided really tight my hair ripped out and left a scar. I would like to know whether my hair will grow back and what is the bes?

After having finished iron deficiency, will my hair grow back properly again?

Age:14, my hair falls out. Not in clumps and i don't have any bald spots. I straighten my hair once a week at 410° degrees. Help!?

Allergic rxn to hair dye 2 months ago. Lymph nodes swollen (<1cm), hair loss, contact dermatitis. What should I do? Do I have to cut the dyed hair?

Always "hairy" d/t my ethnicity but during pregnancy I got tons more body hair. Post partum it remains in excess but hair on head sheds a lot. Causes?

Am a 60 yo woman and noticed that the hair on my head is thinning. What can I do about it?

Am I starting to go bald if hair in drain?

Any advice from. Dermatologist on how to grow back my eyebrows?

Any tip/ treatments on regrowing my eyebrow hairs back after a fungul infection? Have you seen patients with good results of any kind of serums?

Are lots of thin hair everywhere a sign of anorexia?

Are steriod injections in the frontal area of the scalp for hair loss safe for someone who has glaucoma.

Are you more likely to get dandruff if you have fragile hair?

As per yoga rubbing nails can grow hair...How true is this?

Bald spot at a young age which grew full in 2 weeks. started thinning crown of head now all side of crown. lots of new short hairs but thinner

Bald spot that grew out after 2 weeks. Now hair started thinning all over for many years and still is. Short hair are coming in but fall when 2 inches?

Bald spot top of head , then diagnosis with prolactinoma/hypogonadism & treated with meds, bald spot now gone. Could it have been linked to hypogonadism?

Balding spot in my head could it be thryoid related?

Been trying to grow out my hair for about 4 years and its grown aa little but passed my shoulders and I get trims shouldn't it be longer by now?

Besides surgery, what is the best way to regrow hair on a bald spot?

Black spots the size of a #2 pencil eraser, on scalp not from rogaine (minoxidil)? What's it from? Hair loss also toward the back of the scalp. What can it be?

Bleached my hair, and now it's a bald spot on my hairline and a red bump what can I possibly do? Am I gonna lose more hair? I bleached my hair last wk

Btw how to seperate 2 different between puberty haireline and mbp hairline cause i m actaully 14 and i have little recession on my temples D; but they stay like that for 9 months?

Can a dermatologist give me something to make my eyebrows grow back . ?

Can a receding hairline in women come back after thyroid treatment?

Can a uterus grow back?

Can a very low vitamin d level be the reason my hair is thinning in a small area of 2 inches near the middle of the forehead hairline?

Can alopecia areata become female pattern baldness? I had smooth bald patch then it grew in 2 weeks. Now crown and sides are badly thinning

Can anything b done about losing hair? My hair is long-wavy, curly, and it is front sides right side more.Not bad yet, but what treatments, costs? Am 23

Can cortisone shots make alopecia areata spots bigger?

Can eyebrow hair still grow even though I got an eyebrow tattoo ?

Can eyebrows grow back still suffering from keratosis pilaris after 3 years?

Can gray matter grow back?

Can hair grow back on scars ? does it depend on size of car?

Can hair take longer to grow back with diabetes?

Can hair transplant done with your own hair last for the rest of your life?Is it painful?It can be done only once and the hair will grow back forever?

Can hair transplant for bald spots cause cancer?What are the safest ways to treat bald spots on the head with your own hair without side effects/harm?

Can hypothyroidism cause excessive ounts of what appears to be peach fuzz or fine hair on the face?

Can I grow eyebrow hair faster by putting baby toothpaste on the over-plucked area?

Can I have Eyebrow telogen effluvium I lose atleast 2 eyebrows everyday they always have a white bulb at the end of the hair& they don't grow back :(?

Can I have straight answer why some doctors said that shaved eyebrow by razor may be not grow again or grow not complete ( sparse ) ?

Can i trim, cut, color, add hair extensions if I have alopecia areata?

Can my hair grow back after thyroid treatment?

Can my hair grow back if I stop straightening it?

Can my hair thinning and bald patches be caused by my brain tumour?

Can nicotine gum or patches cause hair loss? ( male 26 yo)

Can removed muscle grow back?

Can seborrheic dermatitis cause excess sebum production causing sand like deposits of hardened sebum on scalp and telogen effluvium hair loss?

Can split ends stop hair growth? Can split ends affect hair growth in anyway?

Can teen have trichotillomania and is it possible for his hair to grow back to its original fullness?

Can there be a relation between alopecia (hair loss) & raynaud's (purple coloured toes)?

Can Tinea V cause hair loss on scalp? Also, does the skin pigmentation return ever? Currently struggling with this on my face and it's never been this

Can traction alopecia be fixed with time when you got rid of the hairstyle that would pull your hair? (cut your hair short for example)

Can you give me advice* how can body hair grow back normal, without irritation and look and be normal again?

Can you hair grow back after your thyroids are leveled?

Can you suggest a means to get my hair to grow back after chemo?

Can you tell me about "uncombable hair syndrome"?

Can you tell me how I could stop my shaved hair growing back so fast?

Can you tell me how long after chemotherapy does it take for your hair to start growing back?

Can you tell me how long after stopping chemo do your eyebrows and eyelashes start to grow back?

Can you tell me if i trim my facial hair, will it grow back thicker?

Can your spleen grow back?

Chicago hair trauma center treats thinning hair using cold light lasers to stimulate circulation. Is this a good solution for scalp hair loss?

Concept not a treatment: if i scratched my scalp to a point of irritation, wouldnt that increase perfusion to my scalp/hair follicles?

Could eyelashes grow back after being pulled out?

Could eyelashes grow back and is there any medivine that can help?

Could hair grow back that was lost from stress?

Could I be allergic to fluoride gel? Hair's falling out --- & I've also noticed facial hair coming in .....

Could i test rogaine (minoxidil) on a portion of my head to see if it will really grow new hair? Are there risks involved?

Could scares be completely healed and hair grow again after a cranioplasty?

Could shaving my face for the first time make it grow back coarser?

Could water hurt my 10 yr old daughter's hair if she has alopecia areata?

Could wearing hat for long time cause traction alopecia or faster progress of mpb?

Curl/wavy hair,I see hair on pillows.books.floor not many though.Good family hair health.Lots of hair i have on the top.edges seem to lighten.i oil. ?

Density of my hair has significantly reduced over the years especially from the front of my head, also my hair are very thin since birth. Please help.

Do eyelashes ever grow back?

Do eyelashes grow back if they fall off from a chemical peel?

Do eyelashes grow back if you trim them?

Do eyelashes grow back?

Do facial or chest hair grow back faster when they are plucked out?