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19, hard to get/maintain erection, low sex drive, try to stay active but always sleepy after meals, little to no chest hair/ patchy facial hair?

19wks pregnant, used Sulfur 8 hair grease (which contains 2% sulfur) on my head last night and woke up w/a huge headache. Could that be the cause?

3 nits, none alive- wet combed with metal nit comb every 3 days for past 3 wks, washed/cleaned, see nothing in hair or comb since. Possible i beat it?

4 areas of my head are very itchy and i lose hair there, when i take a hair out there's a white thing at the root of it, whatre all the possibilities?

4 months using minoxidile ,, nothing new and my hair getting worth - what to do drs ??

Accutane: conditioners don't work for my dry, thick hair.They make it worse! my hair used to make a natural oil, how slow will this take to come back?

Advice. I want 2color my hair, maybe I'll do an ombré look -color just the tips. I'm afraid bcuz my scalp is sensitive&chair is shedding like crazy! ?

After experimenting on hair brush handle, i'm having cramps pains?

After taking off my cast my hair was longer and darker (on my hand/arm). Its been 3 weeks now so I shaved it. It looks bad now. will it return normal?

Although I (think i) take good care of my hair, the ends seem to always be dry and brittle.?

Am 14 weeks and 1day pregnant is it okay to paint nails or is bad for the baby also can i cut my hair or is it also bad?

Am a woman with a lot of facial hair I have tried so many things to get ride off. I asked about hair laser they told my skin is too dark for

Am male model. Thin fine hair. At 25 already being pushed aside. Will weaves work for me?

Any danger using or touching hair dye often?

Any tips on how to get my 6yr old to stop chewing on her hair?

Anything a dermatologist can so to strengthen my eyebrow hairs ? They fall out do easily when I wash my face or when I accidentally rub them etc

Are highlights better than dye that touches scalp if I tend to break out?

Breasts are covered in these tiny easy to pull out type thread hairs, but not like normal hairs you pluck. They're white/yellow. Never been a mother.

Brittle nails get dirty always although kept short.Are their being thin & soft make dirt easily attach to them?What could be the problem & what to do?

Brittle nails get dirty always even wen kept short&even w/light work. No c curve. Are their being thin make dirt attach to them easily? Options?

Can a self bikini wax if waxing strip pulled wrongfully and forcefully can bring heavy bleeding in urine?

Can blunt razor blade be powerful enough to take out hair follicles from my head upon shaving?

Can i apply yogurt on hair? My hair is so rough and look like stuff..How can I make it soft a very soft hair ...! if i oil it caused dandruff.Pleas

Can I use grape seed cooking oil on my face? Does it grow hair on my face like eye brows or beard? I feel like eye brows getting thicker now. Is it?

Can I wash my hair the morning of ECT sessions? I'm wondering if damp hair causes electrical safety issues.

Can lice poop remain in ur hair after there gone ? And after treatment ?

Can losarten make my hair wiry?

Can putting a headband on a baby from one week old up cause any problems such as creasing their head or causing their hair not to grow properly?

Can staph make you loose your hair?

Can vaseline clog hair follicles? Got a little road rash above my lip , i've been keeping vaseline on it, can see follicles but the hair is not growing

Can you catch anything from eating a hair possibly pubic that was in my food I didn't see it so don't know what type of hair it was? Worried about hiv

Can you get a disease from sleeping with your hair wet? 

Can you get HIV from a haircut? The shaver/comb made a scab on my head bleed, should I see my gp?

Can you get sick from just letting your hair dry naturally in winter at night, or is this a myth? Please give some details.

Can zinc make the side of your hair on top of your forehead start to thin ? Please help

Could bay rum tonic for the hair make it appear wet or greasy?

Could I have hiv, i think I have demodex infestation, my hair not growing back , they way it use, to eyelashes falling out, get relly warm my body, night sw?

Could my hair products be doing this, making my neck break out?

Curly hair is getting thinner,falling a whole lot more than usual, oily scalp no matter what shampoo I use. Could it be antidepressant side effect or?

Cutting my split ends by myself one by one.. is this bad or good for my hair health?

Dear doctor. I want to make my hair smooth and healthy. My hair nowadays are rough and dull. Kindly suggest some thing for this.

Do i wash my hair before my EEG tomorrow morning?

Do people ever get a seizure just by having your hair washed?

Do spiders lay eggs in your hair and would washing your hair get them out?

Doctor my marriage will be on November and my hair are falling like rains so is there any oil or capsule i can use to stop this rain please help my gr?

Doctor my marriage will be on November and my hair are falling like rains so is there any oil or capsule i can use to stop this rain please help my groom she wants me with full hair.

Doctor; after my bath 1day after especially I saw dandruff in my head and also I have loss of hair what can I do?

Does birthcontrol help the body remove hair that's not supposed to be there.. Like belly and chest hair?

Does Dimethicone build up in your hair over time? I've heard people say avoid it cus it'll cause build up.

Does hair still grow even if it's super dry and tangled? Like never combed or brushed just washed. Will it get damaged cus of this?

Does shaving make the facial hair a little darker couse (some area) in my facial the hair is like Transparent (Is not clear, but when checking out)

Does smelly hair syndrome go away?

Does thc content build up in your hair into one spot of the follicle? Or is it a timeline, such as when you smoke it makes sort of like a tic mark?

Does vasaline on eyelashes clog the eyelashes pores and make them fall out? If so, can I put it on my little mustache peech fuzz and make those fall

Does wearing a lot of hairspray with your hair pulled back help prevent getting lice?

Does your hair get ruined quicker if you bleach it blond? And keep it that way for a period of time?

E r dr says I have bad case of shingles on scalp when I come by comb blood comes everywhere . ?

Eczema is ruining my life my eyebrows fall out in chunks cause of it please help me what can I do ? I swear I can't live like this

Every time i brush my daughters hair she loses a handful! what could be causing this?

Everytime when i put my hand through my hair it's soft and loads of hair aswell as dandruff falls out even when i don't use products?Im only 17. Why

Excess hair answer quick before I go to the beach?

Eyebrow shaved by razor 2 months ago to stitch wound and the hair growth again but not like before , so how long shall i wait till get it as usual?

Eyebrows overgrown my eyebrows were alright but suddenly after using a bad razor to shave my face the eye bro hairs started growing rapidly ?

Few nits in hair top of head, no itching at all- i did conditioner and nit comb thru. Can i stop it w/ natural methods since i caught it early?

First ever DIY bikini wax at home almost 5 weeks ago, only 1 or 2 hairs have grown back since. Is this normal? Should I wait and see?

For some reason no matter what kinda perm i put on my hair i have a itchy scape is there any thang i can do or use?

From few months hair has become very thin can't use gel or wax, two years back i had pulmonary tuberculosis.. What to do?

Got some cuts when I had my face threaded to remove unwanted hair by a beauty therapist. I bled a little. Can I get HIV/ other diseases?

Got vitiligo on my right part of body it's few/doesn't spread, I heard about a gel called vitiskin can it help? White hair/beard are my troubles :/

Had hysterectomy on estrogen, anemic only 49yrs old. Losing my hair badly handful after shower. Using vinegar rinse to help. What can i do im scared.

Had small boil in his head; we put nadoxin creem and its cured now but ended up with hair loss at same place; its almost10 days back; will it hair grow on its own or we need some medicine?

Hair falling out in strands, I only rub my fingers through m hair and it will come out. Or wen I'm in shower it cz out, in morning on m pillow, itchy?

Hair falling out- healthy, blood work normal. Fuzzy green stuff on bristles of brush. Derm said nothing- can i get 2nd opinion to check sample of it?

Hair is baby fine around my temple and ear? It happened pretty quick. It doesn't look like AA, i stress a lot? Can it grow back?? I'm 23!

Hair is thick and oily feel like I have to wash it 4 x a day cause it so oily I get painful sores from not washing my hair. And hurts bad what to do?

Hair loss, bubbles with whyte stuff inside and wounds in hair scalp? Already did treatment for dermatitis, but not working! help thanks...!

Hairfall. Dry and thin hair. Split ends. Dry weather. How to get healthy soft hair?. Any special shampoo name? Really tensed.

Half of my eyebrow just fell out because of seborreic dermatitis .. Can a dermatologist make it grow back? I'm freaking out i look ridiculous

Have been getting headaches on and off for no reason esp when tying hair. Goes away after untying hair and a hot shower. What condition is this urgent?

Having some bad dreams that I have never had like first one was about a x boyfriend shave my hold hair off?

Having to start chemo next week do I let my hair fall out or do I bite the bullet and go visit the barber?

Head lice 6 mos. ago. Got rid w/metal nit comb/conditioner every 3 days, 2 weeks. Did all the combing induce some hair loss i now see 6 mos later?

Hello doc, does everyone's eyelashes contain mites ?. I would really like to know . Thanks

Hello doctor I have seborreic dermatitis in both of my eyebrows not THAT much but enough to make my eyebrows shed, will eyebrow tattoo make it worse?

Hello im worriet About my parts without hair on my face IT is something seriously organizace Just that i need something vitamines?

Hello my doctor told me I have scabies so I used the cream ge gave me but it didn't get rid of it because I have it in my hair and mouth please help I don't know what to do my hair is falling out and my teeth are starting to rot fast and my doctor just k

Hello, i am proud to say I have been clean now for 65 days. I have a hair test coming up in 10 days. My hair is about 1/2 inch long. Am i ok?

Hello, I am worried because I was using a hair iron and accidentally one of my boobs touch the hair iron. It burns a lot, what I should do? Thank you

Hello, I'm an 18 year old boy who does not have enough hair to make a dirty look, others said use sprays to get hair, is it good, can it effect acne?

Hello, my baby girl is around 8.5 months and she has this condition where her head sweats so much that her hair is soaked .. What could this be ?

Hello. If I happened to get urea in my hair from using a face wash with urea in it could this happen to cause hair loss? Thanks

Help my hair is laying flat all the time, it's thinning and dry, thyroid is fine, but my skin is drying as well. Started to happen on reflux meds?!

Help please! My hair has started to dry up its looks fried, skin is dried up, periods are heavy, acne as well.had numerous bloodwork and its normal.

Hey Doctors! I need help my hair is very dry and every single hair broken for too many pieces. It's not getting longer even. Please what can I do?

Hey, i want to ask.. I have a thin hair, and ivm really afraid become more and more bald.. I'm 26 btw.. What should I do? I preffer in a simple way :)

Hi , my little baby girl 2 month old have lots of fine hair in forehead, arms and ears .How to get rid of this ?

Hi doc, i want your harmons is disturb. So my period is irraguler. Slow flow. And cause facial hair. I want to get rid of them.

Hi docs, do you think it's alright to wash my hair at night right before bed?

Hi guys I am totally freaking out two days ago I decided to wax off my side burns I have porcelain skin and black hair with the new veet easy wax electrical roll on kit and I used the roll on applicator with the small nuzzle usually used for underarms and

Hi I am Ansh Malhotra from India i want to know how to remove lice and nits from my hair i have used all option but they come again and again and this thing is also been spread to my mom and my sister?