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Facial hair growth?

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Hello doctor,i am 23 old man from india.i have no there any medicine in homeopathy or Ayurveda for the facial hair growth?

Helo dr..I want to know how can I increase good beard on my Ecosprin 75mg good for hair growth..Please suggest me medicine or ways.

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Hey doctors, How do "garlic"+hair growth oils helps in hair growth because i've been submergin' them toghther and using on my hair?

Hi any reason facial hair won't grow properly? I'm 31 and still have patchy slow growing facial hair . Still waiting to grow a beard :-(

Hi this is about my daughter she is 2 years old and still she had very very less growth of hair on her scale?

Hi which oil is best for fast hair growth ? Please reply thx

Hi, i'm almost 17 yrs old male, i'm 5ft 7.6inheight and 56.1 weight but i don't have facial hair, can I grow up more? And till what age do men grow up

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