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15 million sperm can be a father?

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After ejaculation, when does sperm reach the egg?

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Are sperm cells in pre-cum weaker than those of a normal ejaculation?

Are sperms released during every sex?

Are the sperms inside the testes eating the fluid & dead sperms around them, there may be dead sperms in my testes that i think is 2x exposed to xray?

Are the sperms per one ejaculate represent the whole stored sperms in the i mean if one makes second ejaculate in the day will he ejaculate mature one?

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Can sperm travel through jeans ?

Can sperm travel through material such as jeans?

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Can sperms survive through latex condoms?!?

Can they take sperm from my testes and inject this sperm into my wife?

Can viable sperm be extrcted from a 62 year old man who had a vasectomy 15 years ago? I had a vasectomy over 15 years ago. Can i still produce viable sperm, and have it extracted to be used for artificial insemination?

Can you be allergic to sperm?

Can you do IVF using sluggish sperm?

Can you tell me if someone release his sperm everyday and after releasing sperm he drink his own sperm . Is there any problem?

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Could you explain to me why sperm cannot travel through clothing?

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Do lubricants slow down sperm?

Do you get pregnant naturally if the sperm DFI of the sperm is 34%?

Doctor I am making masturbation three time a week when i made semen analysis my sperm motility become less than normal?

Doctors have told me that semen and sperm can last up to 10 days? Is that true?

Does at home insemination really work or can it damage sperm?

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Does pee kills sperm in the pre-cum?

Does pre- cum fluid contain living sperm?

Does pre-ejaculate contain sperm? If so, is there a way to prevent it from containing it?

Does pre-sperm contain sperm in it? Someone told me that they heard it was basically just a lubricant and doesn't have sperm in it..

Does precum have any sperm? Not counting residual sperm from an earlier ejaculation.

Does saliva kill sperm?

Does sperm in seminal fluid, but few amount, from outside vagina can swim in?

Does sperm or cum die when I hits the air ?

Does sperm survive on towel?

Does the acidity in urine kill sperm?

Does the fluid that results from a woman's orgasm kill sperm cells?

Does urination kill any sperm that could be in precum?

Does urine kill any sperm carried in pre-cum?

Dried up sperms on means dead sperms ryt? is there any chance to get pregnant if he was fingering me with dried up sperms after 10 mins of ejaculation

For people with blocked vas deferens but have normal sperm production, up to how many sperm can be aspirated using PESA?

For what length of time can sperm last in a condom?

Fresh sperm is strong for fertilization or old sperm?

Hey doctor one question can the salive kill or damage the cells sperms I want for you answer and to be more specific the sperms from a pre eyaculatio?

Hi My husband has problem with sperm he has not sperm so sperm are dead found any tablet for better his sperm ?

Hi, does urination kill the sperm in the pre-ejaculation?

How are sperms produced by the scrotum?

How can I boost my sperm count? Is it normal for the semen to to spill out of the uterus after ejaculation? Can these cause infertility?

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How can produce more sperm?

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