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.my doctor told me to take medroxyproges10mg to bring back my period can I get pregnant while taking it for 10 days? If I have unprotected sex?

my boyfriend came in me. how long do I wait to take a pregnancy test? I'm on birth control. I take the depo shot. I haven't got my period at all.

3 years on dinnette now trying for a baby how soon can i get pregnant? i have regular periods and came off dinnette mid month, can i get pregnant soon

4 weeks ago i came off the pill. I understand it could take 2-3 months to regain regular period, but during this entire time can I still get pregnant?

46 want to get pregnant no bc last 4 years what can I do?

After coming off the pill 3 months ago, i keep getting spotting between periods. Is it normal, if yes, how long will it last for?

After going back on the pill after my period, when is it safe to have sex again?

After having sex, i get extremely nauseated, but this has been going on for 2 months, and i'm very scared, i take birth control daily, what is wrong?

After having the surgery that stop you from having period can some day later can you get pregnant?

After her period cycle end 1 week ago my gf keeps bleeding, she just stop using pills to avoid to get pregnant.. theres a reson why??

After only getting once shot of Depo-Provera on June,2015. What can I take so I can have regular periods and possibly get pregnant?

Always has irregular period, took birth control to make it regular but made me have my period for a month. I stopped takin, am i able to get pregnant?

Am i able to be pregnant after i took next choice on the 4th day ? After my period stopped a day before?

Am taking Duphaston 10mg from day 11 to day 25, will I have any problem in getting pregnant due to this, i'm sexualy active. I want to get preg. Pls advice?

As i told you about my missing period which medicine you recomand me during these days for getting pregnant.or its not necessary?

Been 4 weeks since unprotected sex with implanon....should I take a pregnancy test to put my mind at ease since I don't get a period?!

Been off Depo-Provera for 13 months already and have non stop bleeding. Is this normal how can it get back to normal still a virgin am i able to ovulate soon?

Breastfeeding for 16 months, no birth control for a year. Have not been able to get pregnant again. What am I doing wrong? Period came back awhile ago

Can estradiol 2mg help you get pregnant?

Can i be pregnant even if i'm on the pill even when i'm supposed to get my period. I've had painful 1s before that's y i'm on it dr said no . Was safe?

Can i be pregnant if i miss my shot yesterday and go get it the next day ?

Can i get a pap test while using Monistat 7? I just started using it tonight and i was planning to get the test this monday, do I have to wait?

Can i get my implanon out if it is messing up my periods ?

Can i get pregnant 3 weeks off nuvaring? I was only on it for a month and a half

Can I get pregnant 6 weeks postpartum if I did not get a period but stopped bleeding 4 weeks after giving birth?

Can i get pregnant if i didn't take the white pills(unactives ones)while i was on my period? i went on with the schedule as normal as soon as i ended.

Can i get pregnant if i start taking my birthcontrol an hour soon? Time went back an hour so would it be bad?

Can i get pregnant while spotting in the break week of yasminelle? My dr said it΄s ok but im still worried

Can i take gynera afer intercourse , i'm sure nothing got in, but i'm worried , my period is in 6-7 days , could i take one and if yes, how many ?

Can Plan B make you get period even though you're pregnant?

Can u be get pregnant if wait longer than 1 day to buy Plan B after sex although i still got period?

Can u get pregnant 3-4 before ur period is due?Also if u were to get pregnant would it make u already miss ur period when it's suppose 2start 3-4days?

Can u get pregnant a week before your period and the week before your patch is suppose to go off it is torn in half?

Can u get pregnant if you take your bc every day but not always the same exact time?

Can u get pregnant two days befpre ur period n have pne how long after can u take a pregnant test?

Can u get pregnant while on diane 35?

Can u still get pregnant while ur on the implanon birth control? Thats the 1 thats in ur arm.

Can you get post pill amenorrah twice ? I had it before started pills again left them again I wanna get pregnant now but afraid I may get ppa again

Can you get pregnant if you had PROTECTED SEX (he didn't get to finish either) then the next day you get your period? Now 2 weeks later having cramps?

Can you get pregnant if you take norethisterone I just started taking it for my irregular periods and was wondering what my chances were of conceiving?

Can you get pregnant on the implanon and have pcos at the sametime?

Can you get pregnant while on antibiotics if I have a mirana?

Can you get prgnent straight away after having coil removed? Or does it take time? Can you get pregnant on your period? I'm 4 days into my period

Can you pump milk to get it started before you give birth? If yes how soon can you do so?

Can you still get pregnant if you have post pill amennorhea? How long can it last?

Can you still get pregnant if you have post pill amennorhea? How long does it last?

Could i be pregnant already? Im young, and its only been 3days since i had sex(sunday night/monday morning) and the condom broke.I took the nextchoice morning after pill around 15hours after. However, im already having multiple symptoms that some get when

Could i be pregnant? I was wondering if i could possibly be pregnant. My problem is that i haven't had my period in over a month and this never happens to me. I get my period pretty regularly. Another thing is I've been on birth control but i had recently

Could I get pregnant if I put in my nuvaring 12 hours later the schedule time? I had intercourse 2 days ago

Do i start counting from March 2014 since that's when I got my period back after stopping Depo-Provera when and what year should I be able to get pregnant ?

Do you get a normal withdrawal bleed if you are pregnant?

Do you still get your withdrawal bleed while on the pill during the pill-free week if you're pregnant/got pregnant while on the pill?

Do you suppose to get your period when you're on birth control sprintec? Mine feels like it will come on soon This my 1st time on bc

Doc ask me to come within a week of finishing periods.what r possible treatment 2 get possible for twins?If I took treatment 4 that.irregu

Doc prescribed me Lomedia 24 bc, it's been a month but I didn't get my periods yet and I tested for pregnancy it is -ve. Is it normal or consult doc?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get pregnant after getting my first lunelle shot?

Does antibiotics increase ovulation if you are on birth control? Making it rly easy to get pregnant as soon as u start taking them?

Does anyone know, after giving birth when should I get my regular periods?

Does qlaira birth control make you miss your period? Definitely not pregnant and no other symptoms. Should I see a doctor anyway?

For how long period gets delay after taking ipill. its been almost 1 month i didnot get my period after taking ipill. do I need to worry if i am pregn?

Forgot to take birth control this AM and won't be able to until 4pm. Do I need to take it ASAP when I get home or what? Def don't want to get pregnant

Going to get birth control soon. I was told me you need urine and blood work tests before. I've never heard of this. Whats the process to get the pill?

Got off from bc pill n no period for 3 1/2 months now(i know it's take time to resume) q:should i wait another month or so or go see my obg? I'm ttc

Got off from bc pill n no period for 3 1/2 months now(i know its take time to resume).Q:should i wait another month or should go see my obg? I'm ttc

Had inplanon put in a month ago during my period. I'm late for this period which would be first one since having it put in. I know it can stop it but can it happen that quick or could i be pregnant?

Had mirena 5 yrs had taken out and one put back in same day what's chances of getting pregnant I haven't had a period since got it had sex 10 aftergot?

Had unprotected sex 30 hours ago (1and half day). How to make sure not to get pregnant??

Have been on presidone for 1 week and half for bell's. I was supposed to get my period and not pregnant. Always regular. ?

Having a tooth ache nd trying to get pregnant suppose to start my period in 5 days i want to take hydrocodone for the pain will that affect anything?

Having pregnancy symptoms but had my period. I take the patch for bc but my boyfriend goes in me all thw time.

Hello i had sex today and im scared to get pregnant so can i take my birth control to avoid pregnancy will that help??

Hello im trying to get pregnant im off Depo-Provera shots I have started my period im looking for hormones pills or something that can help me get pregnant?

Hello sir, I Got bleeding for 1 day after taking primoult n tablet. Is it possible to get pregnant?

Help every pregnant systom there is went to new dr he said im 39 so he will give me a pill to get my period an make all my systom go away so what?

Hey doc I just started taking injection to prevent from getting pregnant but I've realized that my period since a new cycle it won't end why is this?

Hey.I am taking the Depo-Provera shot and i was just wondering if I am supposed to get a period every month! i haven't had one this month, should I be worried?

Hi Doc! I'm taking Daphne pills for almost 8months , until now I don't get my period and its 8months too, when should I get my period? I'm worried.

Hi doctor, i just received my period today and i want to stop it immideatly, i want to try to get pregnant, what can i do?

Hi i been taking flaygl since monday and i wanted to know if BV was stopping me from getting pregnant in anyway because i been trying for 4 months now?

Hi I got the the contraceptive rod out in June. I still haven't had a period how long will it be before I get one am not pregnant?

Hi I have got polycystic ovaries and I want to get preg what can I take to help me get preg ?

Hi I just wanna know some things about getting pregnant and ovulation? I just had the implanon takin out and I've had it out for about two months now.

Hi i was just wondering if ive been on birth control for 4 years will i still be able to get pregnant?

Hi i'm just wondering when the best time is to get pregnant, I have an irregular cycle and i take the pill irregular aswell?

Hi im on my first day of my period and i don't take birth control, i'm going to be in hawaii saturday morning . I need to get rid of my period?

Hi, i been taking flaygl since monday .And i was just wondering if BV was stopping me from getting pregnant because i been trying for 4 months ! help?

Hi, i been taking flaygl since monday .And i was just wondering if BV was stopping me from getting pregnant because i been trying for 4 months !help?

Hi, i have panhipoputuitarism , i don't get a period unless I take the pill. Is there any chance to get pregnant? thank you

Hi, I was on ortho tru cycle lo for 10 years. I stopped the pill about a year's ago and for the past 3 months I am trying to get pregnant. My period l?

Hi, I was wondering is it possible for me to get pregnant while taking Medroxyprogestrone? I started this medication because I had no period.

Hi, my wife gets normally her period and she takes no pills, why isn't she pregnant yet?

How can i get my peroid to regulate my doc wont prescribe me the pill as im trying to get preganante?

How can I get pregnant in one night I stopped taking the pill about a week ago and me and the bf wants to have a baby soon?

How can I stop my period for the weekend I get married tonight and I just got my period can I use contraceptives I do use them?

How cani get mywifewifepregnant while shes on the nuvaring?

How come i (and probably some other women) get pregnant faster when they take birth control?

How come I have to get another urine test and blood work before i can get my birth control?

How do u get your period stopped for a trip?

How do you find out when your ovulating if you take birthcontrol for three months and at the end of the three months you get your period for 5-7 days?

How do you know if Plan B is working? Do I just wait and see if I get my period or not in the next 2 weeks?