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just wanna know if its possible that I could be pregnant if I had unprotected sex 3 days of my hfw but this morning when I had a bm I had clear cm?

1-Can a women conceive while on top position while having sex. ?

23year-old wants to have mastopexy&labiaplasty. I started having intercourse with bf one year ago; which to do after marriage/pregnancy which before?

35 weeks pregnant lady swallows her husband's cum when doing oral.. Could that be harmful to either herself or the baby?

A couple is having unprotected is about to withdraw from the woman and spills his seed on the bed and has sex with her again will she get pregnant. ?

A year ago I had gotten pregnant and then miscarriaged, I'm 42 now my sex drive was fair but .then after the miscarriage I have no sex drive now why?

Actually i had sex with my husband last wednesday he is always busy in business only when he has time we have sex and we haven't planned for baby yet c?

After a woman gives birth how long do I have to wait to have sex? How many weeks ? My son is 4weeks old and me and my boyfriend really wanna have sex

After ceserian when to start sex with wife?

After finish of mc period of my wife, we had sex first day of finishing mc period of my wife, is there risk of pregnancy, we don't want child.

After how many days we know that we are pregnent and unwanted 72 work that we cannot get pregnant?

After I got my wife pregnant I developed premature ejaculation.. Any help?

After marriage i have early periods , do that affect my pregnancy , plz suggest tips for me to get pregnant soon help i am 25 yrs and my hus is 33 yr?

After unprotected sex i bled for 7 days..Im suffering from head ache..Am i pregnant? If yes then what should I do? I can't tel my parents im indian

Also I was wanting to know when it would be safe to have unprotected sex with a boy from my church?

Am 43 years old trying for baby I've had sex 3 days on my fertaile days feeling fluttlers too could i be pregnant plz?

Am o negative my wife is o positive any time we have sex she menstruate but we want to have babies.can u help me?

Any chance getting an unsuspecting girl pregnant if you masturbate in public?

Are the chances higher cause I have already had a baby 2 years ago. Should i be worried about being pregnant from havin sex 11 to 12 days after per?

At what month during pregnancy can a husband start having sex with his pregnant wife ater the first trimester?

Because my spouse and I just realised that we are both AS and am already pregnant,what do I do?

Best sexual positions to not get pregnant ?

Boyfriend smokes n drinks alcohol we've had sex 2years with no contraceptive and no pregnancy how long will it take to get pregnant after he quits?

Can a man have sex intercs with a pregnantwife? She is close to 2 months pregnant! if yes what precautions should he take. Can he ejaculate into her.

Can a pregnant woman hav sex? If yes plz suggest any precaution.

Can a woman get pregnant without any sperm involved at all? my aunt got pregnant and she and my uncle didnt have sex at all. Confirmed by doctor. How?

Can chlamydia affect my pregnancy? Are there any risks to getting pregnant if I have chlamydia? Can it hurt the baby? .

Can i be sexually active with my 5 months pregnant fiancé while on oratane? Will it harm the baby?

Can I do sex with a girl who is having her mc periods running? Is there any chance of STD or any other harm?

Can I do sex with a girl who is having her mc periods running? Is there any chance of STD or any other harm?

Can i fall pregnant if a have sex while standing?

Can i get a baby without actual intercourse?

Can i get pregnant from having unprotected sex 2 days after getting implanon implanted? I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, feb 7, 2012. After a week me and my fiance were messing around, our genitals would touch and he would have pre-*** on it, he had ejacula

Can I have sex relationship with my husband since i was 8 weeks pregnant.And this is my first baby.There is any chances for miscarriage bec of dis .

Can I have sex with my husband to get another baby?my last of period oct 19.14. Please let me know. Thanks?

Can i sex with my wife who is six months pregnant? There won't be any problem if i?

Can we do sex while my wife is 7week pregnant?If yes than what are the precautions?

Can you feel like or pregnant only 2-3 days after unprotected sex or could it be me wanting us to conceive?

Can you have sex eveb if your wife is pregnant? What are the safety precautions if yes.

Can you say the limit of sex with husband during early pregnancy?

Can you tell me exactly when is the sex of the fetus decided?

Chances of pregnancy the condom broke and we didn't know until we were done my gf has a child who's 9 months now and hey say it's even easier 2nd ?

Dear mam my husband ever force me to have sex in pregnancy so please tell me it is possible ?

Dear respected doctors, have a nice time all of you i would like to get pregnant with boy, so, hw can know exact day of ovulation, when have to do sex?

Do all expecting fathers get morning sickness ?

Doctors say if you have sex when you are most fertiile. You will concieve a babt boy is this true?

Does excess sex affect my pregnancy...Wil I b pregnant?

Does having sex during 9th month of pregnancy help baby come sooner?

Dr., we r newly married couple don't know to start with.

Early on in the pregnancy, are there any indications of the sex of the baby from the heart rate? My partner and i are really excited to know the sex of our baby, and we don’t want to have to wait for the ultrasound. We’re going to an early appointment thi

Gf had abortion at 14 weeks, 4 days later we had unprotected sex. IF pregnant could she carry full term and have a healthy baby so soon after abortion?

Going through a silent miscarriage my body hasn't released the baby that has passed could I get pregnant right now if I had unprotected sex?

Got off my period on the may 12th and sex on may 14, trying to have baby with husband, do I have a high chance doing it that way?

Got pregnant once but lost for pprom. So i think my partner has no sperm count issue. Is it harmful to have too much sex for ttc?

Had an unsafe sex with my wife. She is pregnant now. We're having 2 children already & don't want 3rd baby now. Please help us to remove pregnancy?

Had two different sex partners. one was april 29 then the other was may 7 my fertile week started may 5 i wana get pregnant from my ex which was may 7 what are my chances on being pregnant from my ex?

Had unprotective sex to my 38yo partner he had vasectomy, for 2yrs, thinking of having a baby, is it possible we can have if he "undo" (reverse) it?

Having intercourse during spotting is it harmful to my husband?

Hello i had an abortion 4 weeks ago and me and my partner have realised it was wrong and want to try again is this wrong?

Helo i just had an spontaneous abortion last april 6 & wasn't able to do a D&C, then april 20 i had sex with my husband is it possible to get pregnant?

Hey doc..can manisha be pregnant...she has been missing her periods since 2 months...and we did make love....but no penetration..can the fluids cause?

Hey doctor b, I had a question bout pregnancy. I had sex on the 25 an I not sure is that around the ?

Hi , We have done intercourse whole month without any protection . but at the end of the month my wife having date. Why so.. Is there any problem?

Hi , I have a 5yrs old son. I have been off orto evra now for three years and have been having unprotected sex me and my husband but no luck now we really want a baby and no luck so far.?

Hi doc, can continue having sex with my husband after miscarriage?

Hi doctors expecting my second child august 29th did i get pregnant from intercourse in november or december ?

Hi i have sex with my girl friend on last saturday n now she is telling that she is pregnant i want to know that how a person can know within six day?

Hi I want to marry soon and I don't want to be pregnant so what's the safety contraception?

Hi I wish to know if it's possible to get pregnant very close to your period because I am 13 days Last mc06/08 unprotected sex 28/08and 01/09 ?

Hi I'm 28 this month and getting married soon but I am only 145cm will this be risky to be pregnant and will it affect my baby?

Hi I'm newly married and I had unprotected sex with my husband without consuming the after pill. What do I do in this situation? I'm concerned.

Hi just wnt to know if you can help me, me and my partner want to try for baby I've used a ovulation and had sex on days and nothing happening ?

Hi mam and sir, im vry nervous about it, how much percent can I become pregnant if we had unprotectd sex in safe days but he didn't ejaculate? Pls help

Hi me and my partner are trying for a baby day before I came on period we was sexual active is there any chance I cud still be pregnant ?

Hi my last period period was febuary 16 20015 and I had sex with someone on the 14 of March. Could that person be the father of my baby?

Hi pleas helping me I have unprotect sex but im cesarean sacrion in 8 week ago?

Hi sir, I'm 26 years female I got married one and half year ago and me and my husband was having protected sex since we don't have plan to have kids?

Hi, I am male & recently married. We are trying for baby. Semen comes out of vagina after having intercourse. So how to get my wife pregnant?

Hi, I had sex with my husband 1 week before my periods, and now I am delayed by 1 week...I want in house abortion, please tell some natural way or med?

Hi, I've only had a baby 3 weeks ago and had unprotected sex 1 and 2 weeks ago. I'm expressing not breastfeeding how likely is it that I could gt preg?

Hii, i am married. Already 1year passed.But still I am not pregnant.Please advise me to become pregnant.?

Hoe many times sex for baby?

How do I abort a child after 6 days of unprotected sex?

How far apart in between 2 partners should you wait to have sex in order to know exactly who the father is if you end up pregnant?

How fertile are you after giving birth to a 22week old child that came out sleeping can I be pregnant so fast after just few times sex. And no period ?

How high are the chances of becoming pregnant 11 to 12 days after your period? When you finger yourself with the cum of your spouse and had a baby 2yr

How long in the pregnancy can you tell the sex of the child?

How long would it take to conceve as IV been haveing unprotected sex for 2 months, me and my partner want a baby ?

How often should a married couple have sex to increase the possibility of conception?

How possible is it for my wife to get pregnant after d and c, cos we had sex a week after?

How soon can I find out if i'm pregnant after having sex, can you tell me in terms of weeks or days ?

How to determine if my wife is pregnant?

How to know my child sex ...I am pregnant in 16 months ?

How to tell my boyfriend he might not be the father? I'm early in my pregnancy and he is very excited... Not sure how to handle this...

How unsafe is it to be around my daughter who might have mumps while pregnant?

How will my boyfriend act when I tell him I am pregnant? He already has a wife and 2 little kids and works as busboy.

Husband and I are ready for our first baby. Should we have sex every other day? Period was from April 6th -10th. Have normal 28 day cycle.

Husband drinks at most once per month. Day before ovulation he has drunk 700mg of bear. After 24 hours we had sex, is there a chance of ectopic?

Hv done partial intercourse with my bf..Any chances of me being pregnant?

I 13 weeks pregnant and my spouse would like to have sex. I have a transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow. Is it okay to have sex?