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5 weeks pregnant. Not ready and is 1st time. Wanting to do a surgical abortion. Will their be complications later if i want to get pregnant again?

Abortion when can you get one in weeks?

After a abortion am i at high risk to get pregnant? Im 16 years old. And I've used condoms but once after the abortion.

After a medical abortion, how many days before you get your period again?

After an abortion is it easier to get pregnant?

After an abortion, me and my partner had sex for days (like 1-2 weeks after the abortion). Will I get pregnant while light bleeding?

Am I going to be pregnant immediately after 1 week of abortion?

Am I required to tell the guy if I get abortion?

Any information aboit the abortion pill before 8 weeks pregnant? Any would help please

At what week of pregnancy do most women get an abortion safely?

Been trying to get pregnant after my abortion last year. Seems nearly impossible what can be wrong ? did the abortion cause this ?

Can a second abortion cause you not to be able to get pregnant in the future even if its done around the age of 25?

Can abortion cause less chances for you to get pregnant again?

Can i get an abortion at the age of 14 ?

Can i get pregnant a month after abortion? Will the antibiotics affect the new pregnancy?

Can i get pregnant after 2 abortions?

Can I get pregnant after a surgical abortion at 8weeks?

Can i get pregnant after I have sex and take postinor immediately and i had had an abortion one week ago?

Can I get pregnant five weeks after my abortion?

Can i get pregnant if i had sex 3 days before an abortion? Also i had 2 abortions in four months, can I conceive in the future or should I try now

Can I get pregnant if I make love 8 days after abortion?

Can i get pregnant if i still have retained products from a previous abortion?

Can I have an abortion at 27 weeks i just found out a week ago that i was 27 weeks pregnant and I do not wish to continue the pregnancy.Is there anyway a doctor can help me?

Can ihave an abortion im 4 months pregnant?

Can two months pregnant can abortion? just I want know is that possible or no? or any effects?

Can u get pergo 3 weeks after a abortion?

Can you get abortion at eight months?

Can you get an abortion after 5 months?

Can you get an abortion at 26 weeks?

Can you get an abortion at 5 months if so where at?

Can you get an abortion while having an sti?

Can you get pregnant 1 week after an abortion?

Can you get pregnant 1week after a surgical abortion?

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks after medical abortion?

Can you get pregnant 4 days after an abortion or is it impossible?

Can you get pregnant 7-10 days after a abortion?

Can you get pregnant after a abortion ?

Can you still get pregnant after having an abortion?

Could i be pregnant if i had unprotected sex the day before a medical abortion? Was off pill when i found out.

Could something be wrong with me if I can't get pregnant after two abortions I never had a problem until I got a abortion ?

Do u have to be less than 32 weeks to get an abortion?

Docs, wanted to know if I can get pregnant after leep procedure?

Does having an abortion make you infertile?

Does having an abortion recently make me more fertile than before?

Does medical abortion cause infertility? I am trying to get pregnant after an abortion 5 months ago and no results. I have really irregular periods

Don t want to be pregnant but wont abort. What do I do now?

Had abortion 3 years ago I didn't go for sex after abortion now I am now married from 3 months had regular periods can I conceive now again?

Had an abortion 7 weeks ago,had unprotected sex several times and am pregnant again. Is is safe to take another abortion right away?

Hai Doctor. I just had an abortion. I have been vomiting for a few days now. So i was wondering if its normal or not?

Helo sir i want to know how to get rid of pragnancy without abortion?

Hey there how old do you need to be to get an obortion?

How at along do you have to be until you can't get an abortion?

How can I get rid of a fetus without an abortion?

How can i get rid of fetous wid out abortion?

How can you safely have anal after a week of getting an abortion?

How do I get an abortion done.Iam 7 days pregnant?

How do I know if I can get pregnant again after having a past abortion?

How early can you get an abortion?

How far can you be to get an abortion?

How late in pregnancy can a woman safely get an abortion?

How long after a abortion can u get pregnant again?

How long after an medical abortion should someone get a period?

How long will the pregnancy symptoms go away after a medical abortion, say you were 2months pregnant before the termination?

How many miscarriages can a person have before it is deemed unsafe to get pregnant?

How many months is it safe to get an abortion up until?

How many months pregnant do you have to be get an Abortion?

How many weeks pregnant could you get an abortion?

How old do you have to be to get an abortion pill in Oklahoma?

How safe is it to do abortion during 7 weeks of pregnency? This is the first time .Is there any risk or complicacy while getting next time

How soon after a medical abortion do you get your period?

How soon after an abortion do you get a normal period again?

How soon after an abortion is it safe to get pregnant again?

How soon after I get my abortion will my morning sickness go away?

How soon can after an abortion will you ovulate?

How soon can you get an abortion without anyone knowing you did it?

How soon could someone get pregnant after an abortion? I'm scared to have sex because I've heard your most fertile after having a baby or an abortion.

How to get abortion?

How to get rid of a baby without an abortion?

How to get rid of pregnancy without having an abortion?

I am 34 years old. Can I still get pregnant after 2 abortion?

I am 5 months pregnant can i get an abortion done?

I am 6 weeks 5 days pregnant is safe for me to have an abortion with in the next week?

I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, can I go for a pill abortion without any complication?

I am pregnant for 2 months can I get unpregnant without getting abortion.are there any medicines for getting unpregnant. I am 18 yrs old ?

I am pregnant from 3 mths can i get unpregnant without abortion. i am 19 years old?

I did abortion 3month ago ยง am pregnant now is it okay if I do abortion ?

I did my first medical abortion before 2 yrs ago.It was my first baby that i was abort.And am 22yrs old .May i get pregnant in future or not.

I done had two abordtion is that why I can not get pregnant?

I got raped, now i'm pregnant, and i'm considering having an abortion?

I had a abortion a week ago and four days later i had sex to try to get pregnant again (personal reasons). How soon after an abortion can I get pregna

I had a abortion in 2011. Can a abortion make you not be able to get pregnant cause I'm TTC for a month 1/2 now and still no positive tests?

I had a medical abortion & thats was my first pregnancy..Can if we get abortion our first pregnancy...Can we get pregnant in future or not...Plz help?

I had a medical abortion 1yr ago and i get regular periods evry month but its lighter..Can medical abortion get chances to get Asherman's syndrome ?

I had a medical abortion two weeks ago. I've been sexual active for the pass two weeks. What are my chances in getting pregnant?

I had a medical abortion two weeks ago. If I get pregnant now, before the 1st period to come, could the abortion pills affect the health of the baby?

I had a surgical abortion. Can I get pregnant 3 days later?

I had an abortion 1yr ago. That was my first pregancy and first abortion . And am not a married...When i ll get married. Can i get prgnant in future ?

I had an abortion 9 months ago what's some reason why I haven't got pregnant again?

I had an abortion almost 2 months ago.. Is it safe to get pregnant right away?

I had an abortion and i regret it everyday. I can't believe what i did... Now I am trying for another and i can't get pregnant. I had no complications?