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I have had 2 miscarriages and I am 20 years old. My fiancé and I have been trying for 1 year and 7 months now with no luck again . Should I worry?

just had 2nd missed miscarriage. What are the steps now to prevent this from happening again?I heard of an injection? How long to get pregnant again?

, im 19 , engaged an ttc ! how can I get pregnant are what are some things i can take to help me conceive ? Please help!

23 weeks pregnant with twins. If i ignore doctors orders and start exercising the week after delivery, what could possibly happen to me physically?

39 year women w/o child would like children Still has ovulation but has diaphragmatic endometriosis. Need to make decision. Remove it or get pregnant?

44 years old, too physically old to get pregnant?

6 months before i removed my iud. We had sex regularly. Also taking folic acid. And expecting 2nd child. But till now no getting pregnant. Help me plz?

A friend had an abortion 2 years ago but now shes trying to get pregnant again. Is it safe since its been a while or she needs to talk to her doctor?

A guide to getting pregnant fast?

A want a baby but I have been trying over a year and I do not get my periods ?

Abortion 5yr ago. Been trying 2yrs to get pregnant and can't. Was 7 weeks and tablet form. Please help. ?

About how soon after you get the IUD taken out are you able to concieve a baby?

After drilling, anyone get ovulating cramps?

After having a baby, how can a woman get rid of hemorrhoids obtained during pregnancy?

After having a baby, how can a woman get rid of hemorrhoids obtained during the pregnancy?

After hw many months can I try again to get pregnant after miscarage ?

After my dnc i'm trying to get pregnant why can't i ?

After sex 4days later if we take medicine she will get pregnant or not??can u tell me any medicine that can stop her getting pregnant??

Age 34 trying to get pregnant. Doctor says my egg cell is small is this why i can't get pregnant?

All our girls get a box of argo when they get pregnant. Is that ok?

All women after 40 (since their are millions with it) all get mastectomies to prevent it? Does this seem normal?

Although we are trying to conceive within this month, we cannot get and we have sex regularly.Why can't we?

Am 28 years old,have been trying for a baby for almost a year,what could be the problem and what should i do to get pregnant?

Am 41 years old and I being trying to get pregnant for one year and no results?

Am i able to get pregnant? Hi, I have a 2 year old daughter and i been trying to have another for a year now but there is luck.

Am i infertile? My boyfriend and I have used only the withdrawal method while making love for over two years now and we do it at least 2-3 times a week. I haven't got pregnant, not that i'm trying to get pregnant anytime soon, however I do want children

Am on my period can I continue to take my folic acid B12 couse I wanna get pregnant?

Am trying for a baby what are the chances of becoming pregnant if i had sex every other day will i get pregnant quickly this way?

Am trying so hard to get pregnant. What more do I need to do? Please help

Am trying to get pregnant and it just won't happen.what should I do?

Am trying to get pregnant,doctor advised me to take fertomid 100 mg from day 2 of my period to day 10 then i have to go for USG,it will be helpful?

Am using provera10mg as prescribe by d gyno so am asking is it possible for me to get pregnant whiles using it..Thanks?

Any tips on how to get pregnant ? been trying for a year and it hasn't work .

Any tips on how to get pregnant quicker? Like vitamins? Are they safe?

Any videos of how to get pregnant if infertile?

Any women get their flu shot in 1st trimester and had a healthy pregnancy?

Are b-12 injections safe? Especially if i plan on getting pregnant soon?

Are cough drops bad for you when your pregnant or trying to become pregnant?

Are reproductive health The vitamins good for trying to get pregnant?

Are there any home remedies that can help ensure I will not get pregnant other than your average contraceptives?

Are there any over-the-counter medications that i can take to help me get pregnant? We've tried for 10 months and have had no luck..

Are there cases of women getting pregnant naturally without having tubes? I had mine removed, because i do not want anymore children 6 are enough!

Are there medications my husband can take to help us get pregnant?

Are there physical reasons to wait a certain amount of time before trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage? What are they? How longshould you wait?

Are you really consider pregnant for 10 months?

Are you suppose to or able to get pregnant in the 12 month you been off Depo-Provera which is one year September now makes a whole yr I been off ?

Are you technically capable of getting pregnant as long as you're still getting your period every month?

As had male hormones injected into her could she still get pregnant?

At my age how many months it takes to get pregnant?

At my job they say to stay away from a man on erivedge (vismodegib) (that cancer medication) if u are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. How can it harm you?

Because i don't ever have a orgasm will getting pregnant be harder?

Been try to get pregnant for two years now and cant?

Been tryin 2 conceive for a year, is there any pills i can take 2 help me get pregnant quicker, that are cheap? I been checked 4 STDs & i'm clean

Been trying to conceive in vain i get my periods normal what might be the problem?

Been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 months with no luck what could be wrong?

Been trying to get pregnant for the past 3 months with no luck what could be wrong?

Been trying to get pregnant after being on Depo-Provera for two yeas and now been off for one please help?!

Been trying to get pregnant for 20 years with no luck, got 3 positive HPT's this week, I'm on no fertility treatment, is it possible I'm pregnant?

Been trying to get pregnant for ten years what can I do?

Besides tracking when you ovulate, anyone know of any ways, things to do to help you get pregnant quicker?

Best way to get pregnant? Best friend has been trying for a very long time with no luck. She wants kids badly, do you have any advice that might help?

Best ways/ideas on falling pregnant faster ? I've got one child buy this tell i'm finding iy quite difficult to conceive again!

Can a pregnant lady take a TBSkin shot . She need it for work. Is it safe for her. ?

Can a tilted uterus make you not be able to get pregnant or carry a baby?

Can a transgendered person get pregnant?

Can a woman with GERD get pregnant and will it get worse or it can be controlled?

Can accupuncture help you get pregnant?

Can Accutane cause damage to your egg and making you unable to get pregnant? I've been trying to get pregnant and is having trouble. Please advise

Can any doc explain if a person's uterus is backwards have a harder time getting pregnant than others?

Can bacteria vaginosis make conception difficult? I have been trying to conceive for some time now. I do have cysts, very small however.

Can being anemic make you have problems trying to get pregnant?

Can being around a pregnant person make you more fertile?

Can Clomid (clomiphene) help my gf get pregnant she been trying for 4 months and nothing do you think that would work this time?

Can clomiphene be used to help you get pregnant?

Can diet pills cause not being able to get pregnant?

Can fertilecm supplements help you get pregnant?

Can gonorrhea affect my period ? Also could it affect me if I'm trying to get pregnant ?

Can hard workout reduce chances to get pregnant? I can't seem to get pregnant, but there's nothing wrong with me nor my husband. But I exercise a lot and I compete in ironman and ultra-marathon. Can that be the reason why I don't get pregnant?

Can having fibroids affect me trying to get pregnant again?

Can having sex every day prevent me from getting pregnant? I'm trying to concive. Or is it better to try every other day?

Can i find out if I have a weak cervix before i get pregnant?

Can I get highlights when pregnant?

Can I get my mirana out during my period and be able to still conceive that month?

Can i get pregnant again after three abortions?? Will the lesions and scarring of the cervix affect my chances to get pregnant again???

Can I get pregnant at 45 naturally.I have been trying for 3 years?

Can i get pregnant at 45 yrs, ?

Can i get pregnant even if I have abretroverted uterus? If so, what are the tips inorder for me to get pregnant easily?

Can I get pregnant or have surgery while taking warfarin?

Can I get pregnant right after nor plant removal?

Can I get pregnant same month after a HSG procedure ? Or does the procedure make it impossible to get pregnant till the following month?

Can I get pregnant straight after taking my implant out? Because me and my partner want to try for a baby but not sure when we can because of implant

Can i get pregnant while on these medications?

Can i get pregnant with all the medication im on?

Can i go to meftal spas while trying to get pregnant?

Can i make my wife pregnant... im on TRT is it okay if we try ?

Can i put off menopause to try to get pregnant? I didn't think i wanted children, but now that I have found the right partner we are thinking about trying to get pregnant. However, i'm worried at 44 i'm too close to menopause. Is there a way to delay it?

Can i still get pregnant after taking Esmya as treatment for fibroid?

Can i still get.Pregnant with.40% kid.Ey function?

Can i still have a baby with herpes I have been having herpes for 10 years and been tryin to get pregnant...Does having herpes that long without taking medicine make you not be able to get pregnant

Can i take apple cider vinegar to get period and can it help me get pregnent..i have pcos 0.5 m cyst in my ovaries and i am trying to conceive wheb i drink apple cider vinegar itchelp me get my period but my answer is does it help me get pregnent?