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1fallopian tube open,had clomid, (clomiphene)ovulate frm open side with 2eggs.Hubby semen,total Sperm 35mil,normal morphology 70%,pus cel 2-3,rbc 1-2.Not preg.Help

23 yo male 6 mil sperm count. On Clomid (clomiphene) 50 mg mon wed and fri and testim. Increased libido for a month, now having ED again. What is going on?

52mill/ml sperm count is right to concive?

9 week pg TV u/s show 7 week viable pregnancy.But DH HS only 2% Good sperm quality rest r poor but good count and motilty.wt r chances of Healthy prg?

After i take sizodon my sperm count decreases, why? Does that happen

After surgery of epidermal cyst is there any chance to get who level sperm count?

Are there any ways to improve sperm count?

Are there medicines to increase sperm count in men? Wife is on Clomid (clomiphene) and if I can increase my count that would be great. Semen analysis normal.

At what age does sperm count and fertility begin to decline quickly?

Best and natural way to increase sperm count?

Blood in sperm over e last week. My age 55yrs.

Can 1 mg propecia (finasteride) cause low sperm count cuz my semen was very thin n tested 11 million/ml. After discontinued its thick again?

Can 1 mg propecia (finasteride) cause me to have low sperm count? Semen was watery till i discontinued the med its back to normal now . My count was 11 million

Can a 16 yr old male have low sperm count?

Can a enlarged prostate cause you to have a lower sperm count?

Can a guys sperm count lower as they get older?

Can a low sperm count and low motility impregnate a woman?

Can a man with high sperm count get you prefnant while on birth control?

Can a spermalocele cause lower sperm count?

Can a tbi affect my husband sperm count? Ifso for how long?

Can back problems mess up a mans sperm count?

Can beard loss be caused by low sperm count?

Can celery or any veggies decrease sperm count?

Can Cialis increase sperm count?

Can clindamycin lower my sperm count if i don't have an infection? I read macrobid can lower sperm count, so is clindamycin safe for men? 100% safe?

Can couples still get pregnant with low sperm count?

Can Crohn's affect your sperm count? What can you do to help it?

Can diabetes cause low sperm count?

Can drinking alcohol a lot make you have low sperm count?

Can eating a lot of mustard deplete a man's sperm count?

Can exercise decrease sperm? count

Can frequent masturbation decrease sperm count?

Can HCG increase leydig cell count?

Can HCG increase leydig cell count? I read that there were some studies saying that it's possible to increase it with hcg.

Can hydrocele cause low sperm count? If yes what is the solution?

Can i be father with 33mil. Sperm count and 20%sperm motolity?

Can I get my wife pregnant with a low morphology?

Can I get pregnant and my boyfriend has low sperm count?

Can i get pregnant on my period even if my partner says he has a low sperm count?

Can I go to the infertility center to check for my sperm maybe is low or how can I know if I have low sperm count, thanks?

Can i hav children wit low sperm count.

Can I still get pregnant doing an IUI with low sperm count of o.5 ?

Can i tell me how i can increase sperm?

Can it mean that you have a low sperm count if your testicles look drained?

Can IUI help to impregnate even low sperm count and low motility?

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Can low sperm count/motility be treated?

Can men do accupuncture for increasing sperm count?

Can methadone lower a mans sperm count?

Can methadone lower a msns sperm count?

Can past drug use (I.e. intravenously) cause permanent low sperm count Even if you have been sober for a number of years?

Can people with low sperm count pre cum?

Can proviron tablets help with a low sperm count of 4 million and some abnormal sperm ?

Can smoking lower my sperm count?

Can someone diagonalized with LOW SPERM COUNT who already has Hydrocele ( with ochirtis history ) go for the low sperm count treatment ?

Can someone tell me if small testis is related to a lower sperm count?

Can spinal meningitis at age 3 cause infertility in men? My husband has 0 sperm count. Bloodwork normal and physical exam normal.

Can steriods have effect on sperm count?

Can still perform IUI even low sperm count?

Can taking zinc help men with fertility or sperm count?

Can tamoxifen be used in the treatment of low sperm count?

Can terrazoospermia lead to normal conception with the help of testosterone injections?My husband is 30 and I am 26

Can there be a way you could increase sperm count?

Can to much masterbation reduce my sperm count?

Can we consider this semen analysis count normal vol=5ml, count/ml=10million , count/ejac=50 million ?

Can we still try to conceive if husband is on antibiotics for tooth relief pain will it effect sperm counts?

Can weed bring down sperm count or is thay just a myth?

Can weed make low sperm count?

Can you get a girl pregnant with pre-cum if you have low sperm count and after smoking weed and after cumming once after oral sex?

Can you get pregnant by someone who had a vasectomy and has a zero sperm count?

Can you get pregnant by someone who has had a vasectomy and has a zero sperm count?

Can you take something that will increase low sperm count?

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Can you tell me if that Clomid (clomiphene) increase sperm count of 10 days uses?

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Could frequent ejaculation reduce the sperm count?

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Could you please tell me that what i can do to conceive as the my husband is suffering from sperm count low and even IVF failed last month march 2014 ?

Creatine bad for sperm count?

Current sperm count 5000. Can i come normal? How?

Do daily masturbation reduces the sperm counts?

Do men's sperm count decrease as they get older, making it more difficult to conceive?

Do pain medicine lower sperm count?

Do you have to elevate your hips in order to conceive after my partner ejaculated in me?

Doc, i have a friend of mine her problem is that they still dont have a baby, because when they do the check up at the OB and the result is that his husband has only 12million sperm cell count.. Doc is that really a big problem?

Doctor please is there any good diet that can help to increase my sperm count?

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Does amount of semen give you any clues about his sperm count?

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Does co-trimoxazole increase or decrease sperm count? We're trying to become pregnant but my husband is under this medicine, help

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