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common cause for ectopic occurring after a 1st ectopic? my tubes showed clear w/ HSG. please share other possibilities besides tube issues

"i am feeling pain in my fallopian tubes when i gently press down on my ovaries or fallopian tubes what should I do" me and my boyfriend had an intercourse on the march 28th

04/11 i had my fallopian tubes removed, but still have ovaries.Im recently engaged & he wants to know if i can have another baby?

1 ovary and fallopian tube..What are my chances of concieving? I'm 27 and have only 1 ovary and fallopian tube..They are on the same side. I got pregnant 4 years ago and miscarried. I had to have a dnc. Now i can't seem to get pregnant anymore. I'm worrie

1.5 centimeters was removed from my left and right fallopian tube close to my uterus due to ectopic pregnancy. Can I still get pregnant naturally.

2 miscarriages then 2 ectopics same tube removed. Hsg test- clear, no blood clotting disorder, no infections. Good chance next time?

2 miscarriages then 2 ectopics same tube removed. Is it likely the miscarriages were due to that tube?

2months after laparoscopy for tubal prego, this month period not start yet, is it possible that my tube is blocked?Have only 1 tube another one ruptured

3 months ago I had laparoscopy surgery to unblock my fallopian tubes and I still not pregnant. But i got period every month w/ differents # of cycles.

31 y/o ttc for 1year. Seen ob/gyn & fertility md, all labs & anatomy wnl except cervix stenosed & l fallopian tube removed. Is Clomid (clomiphene) next step?

3yrs ago after laproscopy my both tubes were unblocked yet the ectopic pregnancy occured after iui.Recently checked with HSG my both tubes were unbloc?

4 weeks ago my surgeon unblock my left fallopian tube and makes new hole in my left tube. And I had sex 2 days ago I cum 3x & my left tube painful?

7 months ago my left fallopian tube was unblocked by laparoscopy surgery But until now I still didn't get pregnant I got my regular period every month?

A recent HSG test revealed that 1 tube was blocked. I have endometriosis. Would Clomid (clomiphene) be helpful to achieve pregnancy. I'm 28 with no kids & 2ectopic?

A woman with regular periods, smoked 4-5 cigarettes a day for 2 months, can this be the cause of scar tissues and blockade of fallopian tubes?

Absence of both tubes and right ovary uterus normal tell my chances of conceive one failed ivf?

After 4years I am trying to be pregnant, the doctor said i must do cervical labroscopy to exam fallopian tubes is this procedure painful? ?

After conception happens in the Fallopian tube where does the egg go after?

After ct doctors concluded there was a ruptured ovarian cysts. Tubes blocked near uterus. Fibroids outside wall. would Reopening tubes help iui?

After fimbrioplasty why would the dye from an HSG test continue to go in the bloodstream instead of the tubes if the fallopian tubes were opened?

After having surgery to untwist my fullopian tube is it possible for it to re twist? Ttc 7 months

After HSG on 5/11/2012 the result reads both tubes are demostrated, right upto mid portion and left at the cornu suggestive of tubal blockage or spasm?

After HSG test i feel tat sperms doesn't comeout as before it means HSG cleared tat proximal blockages i feel like sperms trevelling up fast is it so ?

After HSG Xray is there any possibility to get the tube more open if there had some blockage & therefore chance of pregnancy will increase?

After laparoscopic surgery due to ectopic doctor said my remaining tube looked good from the outside but can the insides be blocked or have scarring?

After my ectopic pregnancy, i loosed my right fallopian tube, so will it effect me every month from conceiving? Do ovaries ovulate alternately ?

After ovarian drilling dr advised ttc naturally for 3 months. Is it wise knowing that the dye only spilled on right tube but not my left?

After surgery to remove fallopian tube is it possible for remaining tube to "pick up" egg from opposite overly? Some dr's say yes some say impossible.

After unblocking follopian tubes how long can I try again for a baby? Can I try after one cycle?

After unblocking the fallopian tubes by key hole surgery. How long can I start to trying again for a baby?

Am 20 weeks pregnant. Is it still possible to have a neural tube defect found?

Am ttc, in HSG test both the tubes are open but dr suggest me for laproscopy . Is it possible that in laproscopy found that the tubes are block?

Are blood clots common after a bilateral myringotomy with tubes?

Are there any pills or supplements to help break down scare tissue and decrease inflammation for fallopian tubes?

Are there ways to detect whether the vas deferens near the ampulla is blocked by scars?

At ten years can my tubes grow back together?

Been told by a doctor that I have got two swollen fallopian tubes and trying to concieve. Is there anything i can do apart from ivf?

Before periods my wife had a lot of pain &is that cause any damage to fallopian tubes?

Before pregnancy I had policyst ovary &tubial blocked problem ...I want to know after pregnancy problem will be what can I do.?

Between HSG and laparoscopy, which one is better for a tube test?

Bilateral hydrosalpinx,right tube blocked,left tube wt small restriction spill at the end.The Dr told me left tube can be treated. My question is HOW?

Bilateral patent fallopian tubes... I understand it means the both tubes are open, does it mean I am medically okay to get pregnant?

Both of my fallopian tube already been removed will i still have chance to conceived or do i have alternative ways..thank you?

Bth fallopian tube shw mild dilatation of d distal 3rd due 2 fimbrail adhesions with forced peritoneal spillage in keeping with bilateral patent tubes?

Can a d and c cause a blockage in tubes? 4 months trying to conceive after d and c and not successful.

Can a fallopian tube cyst cause pregnancy hormone levels to continue going up?

Can a fallopian tube cyst feel like a baby moving?

Can a fetus grow normally once laparoscopic surgery has done & nothing was found in the fallopian tube?Fetus was not in tubes drs did not enter uterus

Can a tide folopian tube become untide after 10yrs?

Can an HSG test be 100% correct at diagnosing a patient with closed/blocked tubes?

Can an ultrasound show if I have blocked tubes or problem ? Dr requested ultrasound for blocked tubes i thought i might have. Is this normal in my age

Can bilateral fallopian tubes be fixed? And what pocedure is needed?

Can falopian tubes ever grow back after removal?

Can getting my tubes tied have caused my ovarien cyst?

Can having your tubes removed avoid pregnancy?

Can having had endometriosis stage IV and only a partial tube and ovary lower my chances of pregnancy? Is ectopic more likely? Had surg 3 months ago

Can hycosy be painful afterwards in a lot of lower abdorminal pain from it. Can it give you a tube flush help get pregnant have pcos tubes were clear?

Can I do (AI) Artificial Insemmination with the left tube partially open and the right tube closed? What is the probability to conceive?

Can i get a pregnancy in the abdomen if my tubes are removed?

Can i get a pregnancy in the abdomen with my tubes romoved?

Can i get pregnant although my fallopion tube block? And the right side was removed last year

Can i get pregnant if I have only a partial left tube?

Can i get pregnant naturally after h.S. G. Unblocked tubes .Yestrday i did the test h.S.G and my tubes patent and i hv bilateral endometriosis overy?

Can I get pregnant naturally after having a partial saplingectomy on both fallopian tube?

Can i get pregnant with one falopian tube and poor egg and some fibriod?

Can i get pregnant with pocs, and will pocs damage anything fallopian tubes?

Can i get pregnant with swollen left fallopian tube blocked. But the right tube not totally blocked.But I have lots of bad symptoms pain?

Can i get pregnant without IVF treatment if both my tubes are removed because of previous ectopics?

Can I have a healthy pregnancy while I have right fallopian tube completely block & my left tube partially block.bcoz when I got pregnant I got miscar?

Can I have my uterine septum removed and the fluid drained from my tube before i lose wgt due to me being in a lot of pain? I went to a fertility clinic and was diagnosed as having a uterine septum and my rt tube filled with fluid. The dr said i would ne

Can i still fall pregnant if 1 tube blocked and the other only spelt out minimal dye?

Can methotrexate fail to stop an ectopic pregnancy from growing, eventually resulting in the rupture of the fallopian tube from the growing pregnancy?

Can Neck TB lymphadenitis damage fallopian tubes and fertility?

Can one able to get pregnant if one of the fallopian tubes is swollen or blocked?

Can one give douche as infertility treatment to open the tubes?

Can pelvic exam generally indicate if you have blocked tubes? Can a pelvic ultrasound detect blocked fallopian tubes?

Can scar tissue in fallopian tubes hinder any chance of getting pregnant without ivf?

Can there be a blockage in the vas-deferense? If yes, then what are the reasons?

Can u tell by a transvaginal sono if ur tubes r tied or if ur releasing eggs. I'm trying to conceive what days r best. Lmp4/04get it every 30 days abot?

Can water or douching solution get into fallopian tubes?

Can you explain why I have "signs" of ovulating if both my tubes are removed? is the egg still finding its way to my uterus? Unsure of the anatomy.

Can you get pregnant when the egg is travelling inside the fallopian tube?

Can you get pregnant with no fallopian tubes? I have to have mine removed due to bilateral hydrosalpinx

Can you still conceive if you had a HSG and the result says bilateral loculated spillage? If no then what should one do to conceive?

Can you suggest some effective painkiller drugs that are to be taken during pregnancy for damaged fallopian tube?

Can your tubes be block and still get your period?

Can't get pregnant bc of PID & antibiotics isn't workin? Pid is more in my tube, so my tube isn't workin right! get pregnant on my own instead of ivf!

Canceled my HSG due to divorce, will it affect my health if I have something blocking tubes and do nothing about it until I remarry and want kids?

Could a benign cyst in my fallopian tube have caused my ectopic pregnancy?

Could I be pregnant in my tubes my bowels on ovary?

Could one Fallopian tube be partially blocked if the HSG only showed a very thin minimal release of dye? Other tube was clear showing lots of die.

Could sex while having ovulation spotting cause block fallopian tubes? As blood might go into tubes? True or false?

Could the breathing of a persian cat cause any sac over the fallopian tubes in womb?

Could there be a certain age to get both fallopian tubes removed?

Daughter has a pelvic kidney 1mo old diagnosed in utero what are the odds that her uterus and Fallopian tubes didn't develop properly or at all? Help

Diagnosed right unicornuated uterus by HSG,but MRI was completely normal(normal uterus).should i repeat HSG to detect any obsruction in left tube ?

Diagnosed with PCOS age 16. Got my tubes tied a year ago and just got another ruptured cyst. The pain is much worse than before tubal Is this normal?

Did laproscopy 10 days back had one ovarian cryst removed and one tube was blocked what are my chances of getting pregnant with 1 tube?

Do I have pid? I have a healthy uterus and ovaries but one tube was twisted but gone now and the other is inflamed! what are my chances for a baby?

Do most women just ovulate one side? I had right tube removed two years ago as i had otopic still trying for another baby