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Why doesnt my sperm shoot up it just drips down?

age 22. male . i am masterbating habit from age of 15. i have pre-ejaculation problem. while masterbating i am getting semen release within 30 sec.

46 year old male and regularly has little to no ejaculation during an orgasm. Should he be worried. ?

About ejaculation easily?what causes this matter happen?

After a man ejactulates how long until his sperm count goes back up?

After ejaculation when does the new sperm develop?

After ejaculation, I have a harder time urinating for about ten minutes?

After few seconds of ejaculation i feel that there are still some sperms in me which are left and will come out slowly in few sec. Is it normal?

After i ejaculate, if i go for another round, i seem to ejaculate more. Is that normal?

After i masturbate, i can still ejaculate three or four more times right after the first time is that normal?

After intercourse, my boyfriend reaches his "happy ending" but his sperm takes a while to deposit from his penis. Is this a prostate issue/duct block?

After masturbating what time it will take to change the semen to urine?

After my erection subsides (without ejaculating), I sometimes have pre-ejaculate still coming out within the next 1-2h. Is this something of concern?

After tumt can retrograde ejaculation be reversed? My dr said 5% chance, and guess what i'm in the 5%. Climaxing does not feel the same at all. Help?

Am 21 years old.I have very soon edaculation of sperm... Within 3 to 4 this happens due to frequent masturbating?

Am ejaculating repetatively, even 3 times a week and some times 2 times per day. What is it?

Are there any symptoms after having a man ejaculate inside a woman, such as stomach ache?

But I was able to push the ejaculation out does that mean anything?

Can a urethra stricture cause delayed ejaculation?? it takes me about 30 mins to ejaculate but my ejaculation still shoots out do i have a stricture?

Can an intake of semen after ejaculation, during a blowjob, cause pregnancy?

Can any doc explain why can I not ejaculate if I am not lying down?

Can dry sperm be re-hydrated on a penis during sex?

Can ejaculate left on scrotum after masturbation absorb into blood stream through scrotum ? and cause sperm antibodies?

Can epididymitis be caused by holding ejaculation in at time of orgasm? Please do answer.

Can epididymitus effect the odor of your sperm? Can sexual relations/maturation make epididymitus worse?

Can eppidimitis happen by not ejaculating regularly ? I have only been releasing semen by nocturnal emissions for the last 6 months.

Can female ejaculations stop sperm from entering cervix. I sometimee ejaculate (squirt) dyring sex. Is it a barrier to sperm?

Can guys ejaculate instantly with electric prostate stimulation?

Can i ejaculate 24 hours after colonoscopy? Will ejaculation damage the colon?

Can i masturbate while on the medication rapaflo (silodosin)? Because i did the first day and the orgasm felt weird and no sperm came out.

Can masterbating push out the male sperm?

Can men feel themselves cum when they're about to release the semen in the vagina?

Can my partner feel the ejaculation or can I feel the ejaculation inside me? Though there was no ejaculations

Can person with testicle hernia still be able to ejaculate semen in his sleep?

Can semen be flushed out of a mans urethra if he pees more than once after he's ejaculated?

Can semen leak out of the penis if not sexually aroused?

Can sperm leave the body without ejaculation/orgasm? - possibly like pre semen?

Can sperms cause pregnancy after 4 hours lying under the foreskin?

Can there always be some sperm in precum or just in those cases when it is left after previous ejaculations?

Can there still be sperm present in a precum even if a guy does not ejaculated for 3 days? And can it be washed off by several times of urination?

Can urination clear left sperms in urethra ? And pre cum after that dosent have any sperms in it ?

Can with holding ejaculations cause epididmytis-orchitis?

Can you cause damage by squeezing the penis, just below the head during ejaculation keeping the semen from coming out? What kind of damage?

Can you explain if it's possibe to have brown semen because of infrequent ejaculation?

Can you tell me why when i masturbate, i produce no or little semen?

Can your hand have present of sperm or semen when touching the penis while having sex(before ejaculation)? Oral

Could a man ejaculate semen without him being aware of it, like without an orgasm?

Could a vasectomy cause pain during ejaculation?

Could I have anejaculation or retrograde ejaculation? The volume has decreased, but the pleasure hasn't. Am I masturbating too much? No other symptoms

Could it be solely my fault that I cannot ejaculate?

Could my appendix bust from ejaculation?

Could prostatitis be making my ejaculations very small?

Could you tell me what is the function of pre-ejaculate? Why does it happen?

Could you tell me what is the name of female ejaculate fluid, and where does it come from?

Could your appendix bust from ejaculation?

Could your ejaculate look differently post-vasectomy?

Cramps after ejaculation--sign of sperm allergy?

Daily sexual arouses for a long time (30 minutes or less) without ejaculation can cause prostate problems?

Dear dr, i am 26 year old suffering from wetdream for 7yrs, it occurs1, 2 times a week, when ejaculate very low semen comes.Will it cause infertility?

Do all men precum? I never notice any. If yes, and i don't notice any, does it come with or just before the ejaculate?

Do I have retrograde ejac if after holding in at climax I have clear urine but semen comes out seperatly to the tip of my penis?

do I have retrograde ejaculation? I shoot semen out of my penis like 2-3 sometimes 4 squirts. I feel the semen come out my urethra and shoots forward.

Do men come to know that when will they ejaculate and can they hold the semen inside them for a few minutes before they ejaculate it out?

Do men release semen all during sex before the final push (ejaculates) ?

Do premature ejaculation weakens sperm or ability of orgasm n will it affect like will i ejaculate ar start of intercourse without satisfying my wife.

Do testicles come up closer to the body when you ejaculate?

Do u have to not masterbate or have sex prior to an semen analysis?

Doc i have ED/PE.& am highly tense up when I want to have sex & i have this urge that am about to climax. & once I penetrate,I climax within 4mins?

Does a guy feel a good sensation in groin after ejaculating? And if I want to do multiple ejaculations for how long should I wait to do the second one

Does all the sperm go through the capacitation stage immediately after ejaculation?

Does constant mastrubating completely finish your sperm cells?

Does ejaculation come from uterus?

Does ejaculation mean the ejection of sperm from the pennies? Is it bad for me?

Does frequent ejaculation prevent sperm granulomas after vasectomy?

Does frequent sex weakens the body due to ejaculation of semen.

Does masturbating too much cause me ejaculate less? Is it bad that not much sperms come out when i masturbate?

Does premature ejaculation contain sperm if the person haven't ejaculated earlier ?

Does sperm over flow out of the sides of the condom?

Does sperm production ends if we keep in masturbating ? Not daily but once in week ?

Does swallowing man's ejaculation may caused pregnancy?

Does the girls have semen ? Will it come outside when masturbating ?

Does urinating flush the sperm out of next pre-ejaculate?

Don't know if I felt precum or semen release prior to pulling out of vagina. I proceeded to ejaculate after withdrawal, but I'm concerned some leaked ?

Dr how ejaculation ejaculation occur through first penetration or else.please can you tell me about all these.did ejaculation means fluid ?

Drops of transparent fluid&semen comes out when i talk to girls, think about or see girls.I have prostatitst. Is this normal or bcoz of prostatist?

During masturbation semen comes out even before actual orgasm and as a result of it I end up with orgasm without ejaculation. What is this condition?

During masturbation, is it normal if i hold my penis hard to stop sperm flow. Is there any role of sperm affecting health if ejaculated daily?

Ejaculate 1/4 tsp and I masturbate every other day doesn't seem normal I'm 19 ever since cystoscopy months ago it seems I have been ejacualting less?

Ejaculating less semen than usual, what's wrong?

Ejaculating semen everyday is harmful, yes?

Ejaculation my husbands semen test repoprt is ok. Did little amount of ejaculation create problem to cocive?

Ejaculation feels blocked for a few seconds but ends up coming out i have a less amount of semen then i use too, 19 male?

Ejaculation is too runny and does'nt spurt out, what's wrong?

Even If I ejaculate after a month, semen just dribbles from penis and there is no force in it as it used to be. What could be the reason?

Even if I ejaculate after a month. Semen just dribbles and doesn't spurt as it used to be. What could be the reason of slow stream?

Every time i ejaculate it burns sometimes but when that happen i ejaculate less water and white ?

Excess semen when ejaculating, should I be concerned?

Fast flow of sperm throughout penis when I intercourse with my wife?

Following ejaculation when does the new sperm develop?

For weeks I masturbate but dont ejaculate. Worried sperm will build up in prostate. When I pee it is bubbly and feels like sperm is leeking out. Prob?