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"Hi, just wanted to know if its possible to implant an donors unfertilized Ovum to a woman's uterus so it get fertilized during regular sexual relatio?

1st IVF cycle had 5/16 mature eggs. Only 2 blastocysts, both had chromo abnorm. I'm 41. Any way to improve % of mature eggs / increase # of blasts?

2 months pregnancy aborted by pills is not killing life because the fertilised egg doesn't take its human form yet.Is it true?

37 year old IVF patient with decreased ovarian reserve. Should i continue trying or use donor eggs?

39 y f. AMH .21 on 19.07.2014. Took 2 Ovares daily for 60 days. AMH .1 on 24.09.2014. Doc suggested IVF with donor's egg. Any chance with own egg?

3rd ivf, but consistently producing less than stellar egg quality. I end up extracting high quantity of eggs 15-21. What can improve egg quality, ?

40yrs.Old, pcos, 1st IVF cycle w/genetic testing. Four day 5 embryos - all chromosomally abnormal. Worth another try? 39 eggs were retrieved, 19 fert.

5 fertilised but by day 3 2 embryo left only 1 good quality but transfer was cancel as arrest. What to do to increase Egg quality for next cycle?

After 19 unsuccesful IVF cycles is there any new breakthroughs coming out of the usa or elsewhere. Poor egg quality has been our issue. 34 yo wife.

After fertilization of egg by a sperm donor through IVF, is it safe for the baby if I still have sex with my husband?

Any studies that show chlomid can effect egg quality?

Are all healthy live babies euploid>?

Are the eggs of a woman in her early still 50s viable if carried by a younger surrogate?

Cab egg yolk help in hair growth?

Can a woman with 46 xy chromosones get pregnant through donor egg / ivf? And if so is there any risk during the pregnancy of being unsuccessful?Thx

Can a person who had a hysterectomy and who has her ovaries but has lupus harvest her eggs to do invitro with a suraget?

Can a xy female with small uterus and no ovaries get pregnant by donated egg through ivf. What's the procedure ? Please help

Can Clomid (clomiphene) prevent sperms from swimming to the egg? I read that it reduces cervical mucus thereby making it difficult for the sperms to move. How true

Can donating eggs correlate with infertility in the future?

Can ftm transgenders on testosterone without bottom surgery use their eggs with a sperm donor and fertilize another woman's egg?

Can I conceive either naturally or through IVF with fluid in my womb?

Can I do mini IVF instead of normal ivf: afraid of so much drugs. I am 35yo.Will I have good eggs?I did 3 IVF cycles before and egg quality was good.

Can I donate my egg to surrogate as Ihave type 2diabetes my age is 30 to make my husband and my baby I have pcos also can my eggs strong enough?todoso

Can I freeze eggs and safely delay pregnancy to 45?

Can I use my eggs after an edometrial ablation for surrogacy purposes?

Can my wife have running yolk egg as she is 16 week pregnant?

Can sperm be frozen to be used with frozen eggs (w/o fertilizing an egg before egg is frozen)? If so, can frozen sperm be shipped for storage w/ egg?

Can stress and anixety stop a human embryo/ fertilised egg attaching/implanting to the uterus i asked a similar question but didn't get the answer ?

Can the color of your sperm determine whether you are eligible to fertilize a female egg?

Can the same sperm tha fertilezed the egg cause a miscarriage? If there is a fertelity problem with the male?

Can they retrieve eggs from a person without a cervix who has had a hysterectomy?

Can too much estrogen cause donor egg IVF cycle to fail ?

Can ubiquinol help egg quality and fertility?

Can using PESA method retrieve enough sperms to fertilize egg using ivf without going through ICSI?

Can you combine two different eggs, place them in a female and when she gets pregnant will the baby have both genetics from both females?

Can you harvest my eggs for fertilization after menapause? Had hysterectomy (2001) but only had uterus removed. Still have fallopian tubes. Would like to have a baby. I am 58 years old. My daughter has volunteer to be surrogate.

Can you please explain why fertility treatment is risky for a woman who is not producing eggs?

Can you still have a successful pregnancy with fresh cycle transfer and med qual eggs? My dr. Pushed for this & wanted to freeze our top quality eggs

Clomid (clomiphene) acts by blocking estrogen receptors,thus endometrium will thin out,how this can affect pregnancy rate and implantation of fertilized egg?

Considering that a surrogate mother carries someone else' mix of sperm and egg, do they still produce milk?

Could donating your eggs (ivf) cause or exacerbate thyroid disease?

Do men have a preset number of sperm like women have eggs?

Do you believe in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (ivf) when a woman has had 3 miscarriages and low quantity/quality eggs?

Do you still produce good eggs at 45?

Doctor says two eggs they retrieved failed to fertilize by ICSI due to bad egg quality all hormone reports Ok including AMH(2.99pg/ml). isit possible?

Does a later ovulation (>21 days) correlate with poor quality egg?

Does acupuncture for infertility improve eggs quality?

Does bad quality of sperm and ovum can cause pre-eclampsia?

Does endometriosis or pcos cause poor egg quality? If yes, why?

Does high fever kill egg cells the same way that it does sperm? Do I have to wait 3 months after a fever to start my next IVF cycle?

Does high quantity of eggs retrieved in a pcos patient affect the quality of eggs ? Does pcos patients produce more eggs than a normal female ?

Does pcos has poor egg quality i mean how can we improve the quality of egg due to pcos, does low progesterone in pcos depletes the quality of the egg?

Does pcos or endometriosis cause poor egg quality? If yes, why?

Does Plan B - One step cause the fertilized egg to not attach itself to the Uterus?

Does the freezing of embryo affect quality??? For how long is it save for freezing embryo with out affect their quality???

Does the meeting of a sperm and egg affect a woman body?

Does using cheyenne pepper increase chances of succesfull frozen embryo transfer?

For IVF, what benefits are there for freezing embryos, vs just freezing eggs? Is freezing embryos the recommended action vs eggs?

Freezing eggs at 24-25 years?

Frozen sperm. Fresh eggs. Both proven donors. Nulligravid 42 yo woman. Odds of conception after et with 3?

Had trigger shot.Three mature follicles reptured.8.7 urinary lining.Had double IUI 40 million sperm and 50% motality.Is chances multiple pregnancy?

Have u heard of a product called fertilaid.Will it cause me to produce multiple eggs during ovulatio.i desire fraternal twins.i've no issues ovulating?

Help my first IVF was negative. Dr told me that I do not produce enough eggs. That I should consider egg donor. Help!! I'm confused..

Hi im 29. Had IVF 2years ago failed.Had 2embryos frozen.6grade. Could u tell me what is the % of them serviving the thaw and also the % of a pregnacey?

Hi, I would like to know what can be the reason if an egg is fertilized but in a few days it stops developing?

Hi, i'm on day 9 after ovulation. Is it safe to make love during this time when a possible fertilized egg must implant ? Plse help ?

Hi, we going through IVF want to know if after the egg is produced can we just have sexual relationship and conceive naturally or do we av to do ICSI?

How to increase the size of female ovum (egg) ?

How are eggs retreived from a woman who had a total hysterectomy?

How can you tell if you are still producing eggs after the nova sure procedure?

How do doctors harvest eggs for fertility treatment purposes?

How do I get quality eggs for Iui treatment?

How do I make my uterine lining extra healthy? I want my IVF to work this time! How do I make it more healthy for an embryo so it will implant.

How do they do egg retrieval for ivf, do you need to be cut open?

How does alternative fertilization actually work? And do sperm and eggs always have to be involved to make babies?

How does menopor and ovitrelle affect the quality of the eggs?

How does sperm differ from an ovum in terms of the nutrients they contain?

How exactly chlamydia affect the pathways of sperm and ovum?

How high is rate of conception if 3 vs 4 embryos transferred into never-pregnant 42 year old from proven donor?

How long can alcohol be detected in semen ? Can alcohol consumption by male partner prior to conception affect the egg/embryo or cause misscarriage?

How long should I be on bedrest after my egg retrieval?

How long will I have to be out of work or school after an egg retrieval?

How many days rupture egg stays in n how many hours chance to conceive a baby after egg rlease?

How many days/weeks before donor egg IVF should I start down-regulation? I.E. Is long (7 weeks before the egg transfer) harmful, what is the optimal?

How many hours does a frozen thown sperm live in the uterus after IUI ?

How much is it for IVF sperm donor like to get someone else sperm in you to have a baby?

How must I select eggs for best health?

How often can an donor egg embryo split and result in identical twins? Is it in most cases or is it rare? We will be using icsi

How's egg and ovarian tissue freezing done and how does that affect any embryo born?

I am 39 and like to share my eggs in return for ivf? Have there been other cases of this?

I am 39 years old and I have low amh. I am considering using donor eggs. What is the probability of a pregnancy with the donor eggs?

I am 44, using donor eggs (donor aged 31) and had two unsuccessful day 5 blastocyst implants. I have three embryos left. What are my chances?

I am 46 and trying to conceive. Fertility specialist tested me and found I have 2% of viable eggs. What can I do naturally?

I am about to start a frozen donor egg cycle. I'm 41 years old and have had linning issues in past. Is there anything i can do to improve lining?

I am doing IVF treatment with donor eggs. I have to use buserelin. Can I do the injections myself in the abdomen area?

I am preparing for ivf my huspand have enteroccus speies on spermokultura does it mean that I have too and is it bad in ivf process I am trying to conceive 10 years with two spontaneous?

I am using 2 donors this cycle, inseminating each every other day, staggering days with each one. IE Donor 1 on days 1,3, 5, etc. Is this alright?

I am using an egg donor for ivf, 5 yrs ago she had thermal ablation, will that affect her eggs if she donates?

I don't produce eggs what medication will i need?

I feel bad that my classmates are having to use surrogates or donor eggs when I got pregnant without trying at 42. What should I tell them?