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After all the medications i put in my body, icould it affect my sperm count?

An low sperm count be increased at young age (20).Or it will lead to impotency.I am having erection problems too.Please help .

Any died which helps to increase sperm?

Are sluggish sperm healthy?

Are there any medicines to increase sperm quantity?

Are there any natural ways to boost sperm quality?

Are there any negative effects of swallowing sperm?

Are there drugs to improve sperm motility?

Are there medications for low sperm motility? Thanks

Are there safe pills to increase sperm volumn ?

As sperm quantity decreases for 3-4 days post ejculation . Will it come back to normal and in how many days ?

Best for increasing sperm volume and it's motility spark(vasu), hispo forte, spark royal, vysex dragee?

But the sperm is healthy by doing sex every other day does everyday sex results in poor sperm quality hence negative effect on conceiving process?

By eating things that have cool thermal effect can cause you lose or effect you sex and sperm production?

Can a laptop affect sperm production in my testicles? If so, any other sources of heat can do it too, like cats?

Can a man have no sperm and if so what if any medication or method can be use or perform to help increase his count ?

Can a swelling of my vas deferens affect the quantity of sperms during ejaculation? Does it also affect erection?

Can a varicocele affect the ability to ejaculate?

Can alcohol affect sperm quality?

Can being on a diet reduce my sperm?

Can caffine negatively effect the male sperm count?

Can chronic dehydration affect a male's sperm quality? My husband hardly drinks fluids during the day and we r having difficulty ttc.

Can creatine affect the amount of sperm during orgasm? Also moderate alcohol consumption. Possible dehydration? Sperm no longer shoots, only dribbles.

Can cycling in spin class affect sperm production?

Can detralex cause poor semen quality if trying to conceive?

Can drugs such as cocaine have any effects on sperm count or quality of sperm?

Can excessive masturbation/ejaculation reduce my sperm count?

Can extensive fasting have adverse effect on fertility and sperm count? What can be the causes and effects of regular ejaculation in child bearing?

Can frequent ejaculation of sperm have a negative effect on the male reproductive system?

Can healthy sperm be regained after release?

Can himalayan speman increase the sperm quality?

Can humira (adalimumab) affect sperm count?

Can humira (adalimumab) affect sperm motility?

Can i consume sperm if I have tonsillitis?

Can i have the best treatment to enhance the mobility of my semen?

Can lithium affects men's sperm quality?

Can low ejaculate force result into fertility problems? How to cure it?

Can male use of a pre workout supplement impact sperm quality and lead to birth defects (for example C4)?????

Can marijuanna cause slow sperm motility?

Can mint tea reduce sperm count?

Can MRI effect the development of sperm cells or impact sperm in anyway, pre-pregnancy that could contribute to chromosomal translocation?

Can my husband's rapid leaner progression sperm count 0%, (sluggish count is normal) effect in infertility? What are recommended drugs for that?

Can penicillin v have effect on sperm production?

Can propecia (finasteride) lower sperm counts temporarly.

Can respiradone affect sperm or sperm count permanently? Also male breast tissue?

Can risperidone injections affect men's quality sperm?

Can semen reduce the effects of gastritis?

Can smoking cannabis over the years reduce semen quality?

Can spinal meningitis affect sperm count or produce infertility?

Can staminogro or spermaid increase my sperm count? If yes how many must i take a day? I really looking for answers to my problem.

Can swallowing sperm be harmful?

Can taking terbinafine affect my husband's sperm?

Can Tonsilotren affect sperm/egg production or quality? It contains mercury and other toxic cubstances.

Can vitamin E and green tea help improve sperm count motility?

Can you recommend any Ayurvedic medicines to increase sperm rate?

Can you tell me the factors affecting sperm count in human being?

Clorimiphene said to increase Testosterone, and sperm, why not doctor prescribe it instead of Testosterone? T.T. is bad cause it reduces one sperm.

Could excessive masturbation during youth affect sperm count in future?

Could exposure to bisphenol a (bpa) decrease sperm quality?

Could general anesthesia such as used in surgery, lower sperm count or motility in men?

Could nighttime mastubation lead to inability to impregnate or low count sperm later in life?

Could standing to a microwave kill your sperm production at all?

Creatine harmful to sperm?

Daily masturbation reduces the sperm?

Do anti-biotics affects sperm quality?

Do menthal cigarretes kill your sperm?

Do menthol cigarettes affect a males sperm?

Doc, in ejaculating a thrice a week or thrice a day or thrice an hour, it does cannot affect the sperm cell count?

Does 0% A- rapid linear sperms effect pregnancy?

Does abstinence from sex for 7 days or more affect sperm mobility?

Does castro oil can be used to cure varicoele. Does it have any negative effect on sperm production?

Does Cialis 10mg increase the quantity of semen in short time? For how much time does it build up? Can running and jogging help boost semen quantity

Does Cialis usage (3-4 times a month) affect sperm count?

Does coffee affect the sperm count in men?

Does coffee make my sperm more energetic and increase my fertility?

Does Coke (normal, diet or zero) reduce sperm count? I drink one can a day and I have very few and slow sperms. Thanks for answering

Does daily masturbation affect fertility, quantity and quality of sperm in the ejaculate?

Does doing mastarbation everyday reduces the sperm count?I m 20 yrs old...Does it reduce my chances of becoming a father?

Does doxcyline improves sperm mortility?

Does eating affect the sperm quality?

Does ejaculating everyday boost testasteron ? What minerals i lose in every ejaculation ?

Does ejaculation frequency affect the rate of sperm replication and hence, the frequency at which mutations can occur?

Does excess (twice every day) masturbation lowers sperm count, reduces your chance of conceiving? Any hard rules on masturbation?

Does excess masturbation makes infertile. Whats the way to increase sperm count? What are the problems caused if masturbating daily for 4 years

Does exsersize for a male lower sperm count. My husband is also taking mega men powered vitapak program will that lower his sperm as well as exsersiz?

Does fluoxetine and psychological stress reduce sperm concentration in semen by a lot?

Does frequent masturbation affects sperm count?

Does having 2.4 litres of beers in a week.Make my sperm count less?

Does having weekly 3 beers affect the sperm count.

Does heat effects the production of sperms?

Does HIV lead to decreased fertility?

Does holding a laptop on my lap reduce my sperm count?

Does injecting sperm into vagina for the first time have any effect on normal body activity ?

Does it effect on my sperm count if i mastuburate continuous for 7 years..........??? and would after that i could intimate and have my own baby??

Does leukorrhea have any effect on sperm and conceiving?

Does marijuana affect sperm/eggs? if so in what way?

Does masturbation 4 times a day and everyday since i was a kid until now, 26 years old, dramatically reduce sperm count?

Does masturbation affect sperm quality?

Does masturbation cause reducing of sperms in body?Does the production or the amount get reduced more?If started in earlier age?I need to know more.

Does menthol cigarettes decrease the sperm count?