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I was diagnosed through a biopsy with "verrucous vulgaris" a Common wart on the penis. Is this an STD?

After genital warts are removed, how long is one contagious for?

After the gential wart is removed can it be trnsmited?

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Are the warts on my hand contagious?

Are there any natural ways to remove an external genital wart while pregnant?

Are these genital warts or follicles on both sides of my inner labia?

Are warts painful?

Can molluscum contagiosum come and go every month?

Can a female get Bowenoid papulosis? If so can it look like "Condyloma Acuminata"?

Can a gential wart texturally change from a raised bumpy wart to Verrucae wart in appearance after TCA acid treatment?

Can a HPV genital wart look in appearance like a single chancre?

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Can genital warts spread to the lip by hand? (man)

Can genital warts spread to you bum cheeks ?

Can genital warts virus spread from bed sheets?

Can genital warts, common warts or molluscullum contagiosum appear on one inner thigh and not the other? My hcp said they were warts but I am doubtful

Can gential warts cause nymph nodes to come up on neck?

Can hair grow inside genital warts?

Can hair grow through condyloma acuminata or condyloma?

Can hand warts get on your genital area?

Can hand warts transmit to genitals. Im a virgin and only had two encounters of handjobs. But have 3 warts on scrotum. And one pigmented please help!!

Can hemorrhoids look verrucous (warty)?

Can herpes get mistaken for warts?

Can HPV that causes warts on genital area on man could also cause cancer as well or is it just warts? I have a red mark on penis and small white dots

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Can my common wart on my hand spread?

Can my husband's plantar wart actually toe, spread to become genital wart for him? In other words spread elsewhere or even to me?

Can non-genital warts be transmited though skin to skin contact?

Can oral herpes/warts look like circumulative papillae? And, can you contract herpes/warts if no symptoms were present?

Can perianal genital warts itch, can genital warts itch or is it rare?

Can Seborrheic Verruca look like a filiform wart if irritated with TCA?

Can someone tell me how long will it be before my genital warts clear up?

Can tags on the crease of your groin and vagina be HPV or genital warts?

Can touching a genital wart with your finger cause a wart to form on finger ?

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Can warts spread around when they bleed? I have very little warts all over my leg and they bleed when I shave..

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Can you tell me how to get rid of genital warts? Please

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Confused about vaginal boil or genital warts?

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Dermatologists: what do molluscum bleed?

Differences between genital warts,genital herpes, pimples on penis , I was just treated for chlamydia and I would like to know syptoms

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Do I have to see a doctor about genital warts or can I let them leave themselves?

Doctor said "it looks like its condyloma. Papsmere is normal. Not HPV." So what it condyloma?

Does a wart on lip have the same apearance as a common wart?

Does genital warts be on your butt cheek?

Does genital warts cause cervical dysplasia? I have been clear of the warts for sevral months now. They were on the outside.

Does genital warts look like pores on your genitals?