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Small genital wart frozen, couple hours after freezing it looks slightly bigger? Normal? Thanks

:(sorry but a few years ago i used scholls wart remover onmy agespot on hand.Now its a raised and also used acv and garlic so its red and dark.Cancer?

10 yr old daughter had plantar wart frozen off today. What can I do for the pain?

20 year old daughter with painful plantar wart which has been resistant to normal OTC treatments. Read that tagamet (cimetidine) may help. Any harm in trying?

3 years ago i got a wart on the bottom of my foot. I tried almost everything to get rid of it. Should I use salicylic acid?

3rd time cryotherapy on common wart. All skin fell off and now just deep dark red skin. Is wart gone? Should I keep applying salacidic acid??

3rd wart has appeared on the hands! Derm ad I have tried the sacillic? Acid and cryotherapy. What's next I'm tired of all of this.

4yr old with molluscum on abdomen for 6 months. Do not want to do freeze or anything that will hurt him. Would liquid wart remover work?

A dermatologist froze off 3 warts on my left hand, and now I have 25+ smaller warts on my left hand. Tried burning, and got more warts then too. Why?

A wart inside my urethra as deep and used podowart could not get rid.Now I am using imiquimod cream been 8 weeks but still tiny fleshy skin.depressed?

After getting internal vaginal cryotherapy is it safe to get a Brazilian wax?

After liquid nitrogen treatment for pre cancerous skin legions, is it safe to go into a public pool the same day?

After you get genital warts burned with acid do they stay bumpy or go flat?

Almost every wart on my body has suddenly went away through 2-3 weeks. What can cause this?

An 11 yr old boy has a wart on his right foot, the size of a penny. Hes been to the doctors a few times for treatment(froze it)but no luck. Ideas?

Antigen injections for warts my 14 year old has several warts that we have tried many things for through out the years to no avail. He was just seen by a dermatoligist and had them froze. She said id this doesn't work, which she assumes it won't, her next

Apparently had a couple genital warts around perenium, used apple cider vinegar on area, now itching?

Are over-the-counter wart removers safe for small children?

Are salicylic acid 40% wart remover pads safe for use on a 3 year old? There is no age on the box and he has had the wart for over a year.

Are there any oral medications for genital warts or are they all topical? I finally found my warts in opening, they are gross do they leak?

Are there any oral medications for genital warts or are they all topical? I finally found my warts in vag opening, they are gross do they leak?

Are there any special instructions for applying salicylic acid for treatment of plantar warts?

Are warts caused by bad hygiene?

Been having genital warts for past 1 year and could not afford to go to doctor, what drop do you suggest to heal it?

Best way to avoid new genital HPV warts from appearing after old ones have been removed in men? Medication/topical solution required please

Can flat warts on your body be treated. I have loads on my vest and my back. And what are they called?

Can a colposcope check for genital warts in your cervix. And if so do they turn white if the dr puts acetic wash on them?

Can a gential wart rapidly change shape, size, color? Flattened out completely then raise again every few days as a reaction TO TCA acid treatment?

Can a wart on my finger being treated with medication transfer to my outer vagina via an ingrown hair?

Can anyone please try to answer? What makes a wart grow?

Can flat warts feel slightly rough to the touch? Are there home remedies for removal?

Can gential warts ware away overtime..?Or does is just enflame from time to time?Or both.

Can i freeze a genital wart at the base of my pains with OTC freezing medicine?

Can i pull a common wart off with pliers "i have a common wart on my thumb.. I have tried duct tape and the freeze away stuff.. This wart is raised above the skin about 1/8 of an inch

Can I shower 10 hours after having my genital warts removed off my vagina by a scalpel & liquid nitrogen?

Can I use dr. Scholl's wart freeze off when breastfeeding a 10-month old?

Can I use lemon juice to diagnose genital warts on my labia?

Can I use Tazorac cream on a Plantar wart? I was recently told I have one (wart) and my son no longer uses the cream.

Can putting alcohol on genital warts be bad?

Can u squeeze flat warts on face without consequences?

Can using salycilic acid cream once make warts on scrotum to grow smaller for the doctor to identify? Only once?........

Can verrumal (fluorouracil, salicylic acid n dimethylsulphoxide) be used to treat calluses n corns besides warts?

Can we use wortie and verruca remover to treat wart in hand for 2.5 yrs old kid?

Can you get any disease (plantar warts, fungus...) from trying on shoes is a store? I never got any but I heard that you can and super disgusted. Help

Can you get warts from trying on chlotes, shoes... in a store?

Can you get warts from water frogs?

Can you let me know how many liquid nitrogen treatments do you need before my HPV wart goes away?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to remove a common wart without going to the doctor?

Can you tell me if i just discovered small genital warts i know its a concern but can I get rid of them a.S.A.P?

Can you tell me what you suggest if you put salicylic acid on a wart will it grow back?

Can you treat a wart with a hot glue gun?

Cannot afford aldara (imiquimod) (or generic) in the slightest bit; pharmacy said $200+/treatment. Warts are spreading fast. Is there an alternative?

Condiloma acuminatae inside urinary meatus. I had 5 interventions with laser, radio waves or electrocauter. No effect. Continue to appear.

Could compound w freeze away wart remover work?

Could salycilic acid cream once make genital warts grow smaller and change its shape and hard to identify? Only once?.....

Could seborrheic keratosis appear on shaft of the penis? My dermatologist used liquid nitrogen to freeze it. Could it reappear? Should I avoid sex?

Could you tell me what happens if you get aldara (imiquimod) in your eyes or on your anus?

Could you tell me what happens when you freeze a wart too deeply?

Derm froze off wart and it became white. The skin cracked so I cut rest off. Now just flesh. Is the wart gone or should I continue liquid treatment?

Dermatologist question: I have never had a wart but fear I have one on elbow that actually hurts! can the be froze off or will it need cut out? Mustgo

Do calluses take 2-3 months to heal? I had a small callus on my thumb 2 months ago n now i had another. Im afraid, it is cancerous?

Do i need to treat a wart after getting it burned off?

Do plantar warts pass on dry floor or does it need to be wet to spread?

Do warts turn white when you freeze them?

Do you take Medicaid. I've tried freezing my warts off numerous times and they just flat out will not go away. Actually multiplying?

Doc i hav plantar warts which bleeds when i use pumice stone d it s very painful even for touch.can u giv sm home remedies for it and a prescription ?

Doctor recommends burning (small) genital wart with acid. How is this safer than using Applecider vinegar at home? Can I get a second opinion please?

Does bazuka clear a wart I have been treating mine for 5 weeks they say it can take up to 3 months to clear my name is david?

Does bazuka clear a wart I have been treating mine on my thumb for 5 weeks on advice of my doctor how long should I wait before another appointment?

Does compound w really work to eliminate warts?

Does eating raw garlic prevent genital warts from appearing??

Does HPV warts appear after bowel movement but are gone the next day if something cold is applied to them?

Does peeling and application of dettole helps on flat warts?

For several years i've have a single wart on the sole of my foot...Largely unchanged. Still there after dr burned it. Ok if i continue to ignore it?

For wart treated with liquid nitrogen, what happens if it blisters?

Genital warts on thighs will not go away. I used freeze off three times. Will they go away on their own? Not multiplying (3) but ugly. Suggestions?

Genital warts, I use to have 1 only thinking it was a pimple for a long time now its had grown larger & another 1 appeared, which doctor should I see?

Gentile warts, how would a doctor remove one? What types of treatment are there? I'm wanting to know what methods are used...

Getting cryotherapy done today, was told yesterday I have molluscum contagiosum. just have 2over pubic bone area. Will it hurt &isthere side effects?

Good sites to buy genital wart medicine fron?

Had genital wart bet. my vagina & anus b4. now gone, treated it w/applecider vinegar. may i have some tips to prevent it frm coming bck? im 20 yrs old

Had warts on fingers and ankles sprayed with liquid nitrogen. What could be the problem?

Has anyone ever been on cimetidine (aka tagamet) to help get rid of flat warts?

Have a minor wart on neck, derm suggested freezing to treat in office. Unsure if it's necessary. What are chances of infection from this procedure?

Have a small wart near (but not on) my eyelid. What could've caused it and what's the best way to eradicate it?

Have a wart near eyelid. Will having it frozen with liquid nitrogen produce any risk in terms of causing damage to my eye?

Have plantar wart on foot, going to dr. For removal but am pregnant. Ok to proceed?

Have wart on the back of my toe, mosaic, to be precise, i've used treatment; wartner, it disappears, but a month later it comes back. Happened 3 times?

Hello I have a plantar wart. I tried to freeze it, eradicate it with "Verolite forte" and with apple cider vinegar. Nothing worked. Some nights ago, I cut off the skin on it, and apply the freezer directly on the wart. I have a considerably stronger pain

Hello how does aspirin works on plantar warts and how long u have to use it ?

Hello there . I have grown some warts on my penis and i appriciate u to guide me how to treat it.

Hello, I was at a doctor in a foreign country because I thought I had a genital wart on the penisband.he told me it was none but I could not understand what he said. I was too embarrassed to ask again so I tried to freeze it. It doesn't go awa?

Hello. I have had a wart on my inner thigh for a few months now and it has only recently turned pointy and black. Can i still use a wart remover?

Help! Is it possible to have a wart under the skin that you can't see?

Hi Bret, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on genital warts? My local doctor had no solution for me! Many thanks Mitch

Hi I have 4 warts that have resisted treatment against multiple rounds of cryo and strong sycliac acid and dcp and apple cider vinger. The warts need?

Hi I have persistent plantar warts it's getting more i almost tried everything even candida injection what immunity injections is better to kill warts?

Hi I have this wart on the side of my finger I tried using vinegar and antibiotic ointment on it....the skin started to peel around the wart now it ju?

Hi I have wart on my foot sole i froze it with co2 acids nothing helped this is virus i need antival cream to get ridd of please tell me which cream?

Hi I have wart on my foot verruca vulgaris i used all kind of acids co2 nitrogen nothing helped this is a virus i need antival cream please tell which?