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What is the difference between condyloma acuntum and genital wart ?

....Stds.. How is the best way to get rid of genital warts. Have tried for 4yrs and it keeps cumn back only in certain area.?

2 days ago i had oral sex w/ genital contact with a man i found out has HPV w/ warts is it possible for me to already have warts I have had protected sex with him within the past year, but just found out that he has HPV genital warts.

2 years ago I had genital warts and it was already treated and did not come back.?

24 male I think I have genital warts. Should I be scared? Is it deadly? Does it go away? I'm freaking out

30 yrs ago had gential warts removed clean today, no hvp both have only had sex with each other, he claims i cheated i didn't. Is this posible ?

7yrs ago, a ex had warts. Slept together (unprotected) for 2yr. 5yrs on & i still haven't contacted warts. Do I have the virus?

90% sure I have HPV based on a genital "wart". Uninsured and would like to know removal options. Just noting HPV can't be cured I am just interested in "wart" removal without going into the doctor as again uninsured.

A guy i've been talking to for over two months told me today that he has genital warts, should I be worried?

A nurse looked in my vagina and assumed it was genital warts. Genital warts could be mistaken for anything. So i don't trust her i'm getting a pap fri?

A Wart not on my vagina lip but to the side of it almost on it? Is this herpes? I'm scared that this wont be curable

A woman with genital warts, is it better to consult a gynecologist or dermatologist?

After being treated for genital warts and the bumps are gone can you still receive oral sex from someone without spreading it to that person?

After genital wart removal is there any chance that immune can clear hpv completely some say it last lifelong but some say 90% can get rid in 3 year?

After treated for genital warts is being painful have sex with my husband it's like burning.... What should I do? Why is this happening that?

Am i contagious years after genital warts gone?

Am I going to get a wart if I accidentally touched my friends.. I'm scared I don't want a wart?

Anal warts on my boyfriend. Could this mean that he had a boyfriend who has genital warts?

Angiokeratomas : is it a std that is not curable and will always come back such as genital herpes or genital warts?

Answer my question please? Do genital warts go away by themselves?

Any advice? I have never had sex, yet i fear that i may have genital warts?

Are all genital warts caused by HPV ?

Are all vulva genital warts detectable? And what are other causes of vulva itching?

Are all warts caused by hpv? Because I remember getting them all over my butt when I was 10

Are anal warts the same thing as hpv?

Are condoms a hundred percent effective against genital warts?

Are condyloma viral warts?

Are genital lesions and genital warts the same thing ?

Are genital warts and HPV the same thing? If I have some small bumps around my genitals, does that mean I have hpv? How can I tell if it's genital warts or just a rash? .

Are genital warts common after you get all 3 vaccines ?

Are genital warts considered herpes? If they are why are they called warts and not just called herpes?

Are genital warts curable ?

Are genital warts curable?

Are genital warts dangerous?

Are genital warts recurring or when there tpresent they are there till you burn them off?

Are genital warts the same as warts I get on my hands?

Are normal warts the same as anal warts?

Are plantar warts the same as genital warts but just elsewhere?

Are some people more prone to getting genital warts?

Are the following conditions the same HPV virus, condyloma acuminatum and warts ?

Are there any good ways to prevent getting genital warts from my partner?

Are there any other cause for wart formation other than hpv?

Are there any ways to get genital warts without having intercourse?

Are there any ways to spread anal warts from HPV to the penis?

Are vaginal warts contageous?

Are warts contagious?

Are warts contagious?

Are warts contagious?

As there are genital warts on my penis from the age of 15. Now my age is 32. how to know the genital warts on my penis are cancerous or not ?

Can genital warts come back after having protected sex with someone ? Hpv was dormant for two years. No warts. Until protected sex with a new partner....

Can a mans genital warts harm a fetus?

Can a paper smear let u no if u have genital wart or genital herpes.?

Can a teenager also get molluscum contagiosum?

Can a typical wart get infected somehow?

Can a woman get genital warts on her breasts or stomach?

Can Chlamydia cause any kind of common or genital warts or bumps?

Can common warts be passed to genitals? Would it also result in genital warts (contagious one) or is it unlikely since they are different strands?

Can doing laundry together spread HPV genital warts?

Can genital wart be dangerous immediately after getting it treated?

Can genital wart be transmitted from urine to the mouth?

Can genital wart spread by towels?

Can genital warts and hr hpv on scrotum be killed by radiation? Possible or not?

Can genital warts appear a day after sex?

Can genital warts appear for the first time 5 years after contracting hpv?

Can genital warts appear near the anus?

Can genital warts be hard?

Can genital warts cause penile cancer?

Can genital warts cause poycystic ovaries? Or can u get general warts on your ovaries?

Can genital warts cause vaginal odor?

Can genital warts cure it self? Can they go away and not come back or be spread? Are they just spread threw sex? Can this cause cancer?

Can genital warts delay my period?

Can genital warts go by themselves?

Can genital warts keep returning or does it lay dormant after treatment?

Can genital warts prevent me from having a normal baby?

Can genital warts still be passed to another person when there are no genital warts present ?

Can genital/anal warts ever go away?

Can han warts cause genital warts?

Can having ticks give you genital warts?

Can hpv be painless? how do you know you may have herpes?

Can HPV cause pimples?

Can HPV from plantar warts spread into genital warts by masturbating? Can any docs explain?

Can HPV or genital herpes kill you?

Can i be free of HPV ( genital warts) forever after period of time? After my body clearing the HPV(Genital warts) will i be contagious? I am single.

Can I become repeatedly infected with genital warts?

Can I get genital warts around the anus?

Can i get genital warts from being fingered by my boyfriend if he has a small wart on his finger, could i get genital or normal warts on my vagina?

Can i get herpes from genital warts?

Can I get HPV warts on anus even tho I'm always the top and never receive anal sex?

Can i get pregnant even I have genital infection like yeast or warts?

Can i give birth normal when being told I have genital warts?

Can i give genital warts by going down on a man? I was told that I have genital warts and I have being giving head to my current boyfriend and i was wondering if he is at risk of getting it?

Can I have genital warts/std although i've never had sex?

Can I pass my genital warts to my baby?

Can kissing transmit HPV ? Im virgin, never had sex but i think i got genital warts inside my labia minora multiple pink and painless

Can men be cured from HPV that causes warts? Will their healthy immune system get rid of it? And will warts go away by themselves or surgery needed??

Can one catch genital warts from only intercourse ?

Can one get genital warts without ever having any sort of sexual contact at all?

Can serious HPV warts cervical be from touch your self and hand shake some one can they get HPV if they touch them self?

Can someone be a carrier of genital warts and not know it?

Can someone have genital warts on their cervix? Is it possible to have them there without having any on the vulva?