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4 years ago i was intimate with someone who supposedly had genital herpes. I have never had any type of out break. Is it possible to have it this long?

A friend of mine was bitten and now is on antivirals in case simian herpes b. What can we do or look for for her and is it contagious between humans?

According to statistics, nearly 1 of every 2 black adults has genital herpes. What do you think about this?

After you have had sex with someone with herpes, how long does it take for the symptoms of herpes to appear?

Air national guard and herpes simplex, can I still join?

Am I at risk for HIV or any other STD for having performed performed oral on someone who has herpes but in the dormant stage?

Any cure for herpes?

Are all types of herpes related?

Are fifth disease, cold sores/herpes, and pityriasis rosea related in any way to each other?

Are herpes blisters on my butt necessarily a life sentence?

Are there any distinctive differences between chancroid and herpes?

Are there any other herpes virus that can also causes shingles?

Are there any progress in finding a cure for genital herpes?

Are there effective natural treatments for genital herpes?

Are there some genetic reasons I get genital herpes off and on?

Are warts caused by the herpes virus?

Are you more likely to have herpes in your eyes if you have genital herpes?

Bad case of tonsillitis was cultured as herpes simplex 1. Can this spread?

Best ways to keep gential herpes dormant or less severe?

Can a coldsore (herpes simplex virus) lead to genital warts or are they entirely independent?

Can a kiss with a girl that has herpes on the neck with no visible or oral legions cause herpes on the neck? And if so how long will it take symptoms

Can a latex allergy be mistaken for genital herpes?

Can a patient with syphilis develop herpes zoster?

Can a person cure there herpes?

Can a person with skin herpes give genital herpes ?

Can a recently infected HSV-2 person have encephalitis?, she only had IgM Ab's yet. Or this occur only in long time infections?

Can a swab test tell the difference between genital herpes simplex one and two?

Can a treatment to remove molluscum in genital area cause an outbreak in an hsv-2 positive person?

Can acyclovir treat vestibular neuritis caused by a virus other than herpes?Is this form of herpes as bad as genital herpes? Is it contagious?

Can adults with genital herpes develop encephalitis?

Can doctors confuse shingles for herpes?

Can gardisil cause herpes in lupus patients?

Can general herpes cause infertility?

Can genital herpes be caused by chickenpox?

Can genital herpes be cured at a early stagem?

Can genital herpes become infected? What should I do to improve it?

Can genital herpes cause death for someone with a autoimmune illness?

Can genital herpes evolve into cancer?

Can genital herpes lead to internal complications?

Can genital herpes show up 5-6 months later?

Can genital ulcer appear after 7 days post exposure in acute hiv?

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Can herpes simplex i (lip herpes) affect pregnancy?

Can herpes simplex shorten your life or kill you?

Can herpes simplex type 1 infect the genitals?

Can herpes simplex type 1 turn into type 2?

Can herpes simplex type 2 travel to my eye or brain?

Can herpes simplex type 2 travel to the eye and cause damage?

Can herpes simplex virus 1 be present/transmitted through snot?

Can herpes simplex virus 2 infection of a new born during birth cause encephalitis?

Can herpes simplex virus contribute to alzheimer's later in life?

Can herpes type 1 be cured? How exactly do you know you have it for sure if you don't have any outbreaks?

Can Herpes Type 1 result into Herpes Type 2 that is if both me and my wife have Herpes Type 1?

Can herpes VIRUS cause neurological symptoms?

Can HSV 1 be transmitted if there are no sores or lesions on infected person?

Can HSV be cure?

Can HSV be transmitted to female gential area by saliva from someone who has an active oral lesion present?

Can i be infected with herpes virus without having any sores or ulcers ? How likely is it for herpes virus to show symptoms 2 days post exposure ?

Can I ever "grow out" of my HSV infection?

Can i get an easy to understand explanation of herpes simplex type 1?

Can i get an easy to understand explanation of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (oral not genital)?

Can I get syphilis by touching the rash of the person with secondary syphilis rash?

Can i give someone herpes through kissing if i was diagnosed with herpes type 1 on my genital area?

Can I know more about genital earts and herpes, the causes and treatment.Thanks.?

Can i still contract herpes even if she has no sign of an out break?

Can I use more than one anti-viral for herpes simplex type 2 at te same time? How this can affect my health?

Can my healing time from a massive surgery be affected if I have genital herpes?

Can people die form herpes simplex?

Can people die from genital herpes?

Can someone be immune to the herpes simplex virus ? And still have the shingles? If so is there a test you can take to see?

Can someone infected with HSV either type 1 or type 2 donate blood yearly? Is it contagious other than being it a skin disease? Can HSV be lethal?Thnx

Can strep b cause similar symptoms to genital herpes?

Can syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes simplex virus (i and ii), and chlamydia go unnoticed for years in an asymptomatic female?

Can the herpes virus 1 and/or 2 affect you neurologicaly?

Can the herpes virus to into remission?

Can there be any herpes dating sites out there?

Can there be any herpes simplex cures/suppressers out there?

Can type 1 herpes occur in the genital area?

Can you cross-infect yourself with the herpes virus?

Can you die from gential herpes? Can HSV be that serious

Can you ever mistake syphilis for herpes?

Can you explain to me the syntoms of herpes & what is the difference between a ingrown hair & herpes?

Can you get clinically tested for herpes simplex 1 (of the mouth)?

Can you get genital sores from Crohn's disease?

Can you get herpes2 from a toilet seat or such? Live with someone who was diagnosed with herpes2. No physical contact

Can you give yourself genital herpes by touching your cold sore than your genitals? Or is it rare since you already have the virus/antibodies already?

Can you have herpes all over your body?

Can you inform me about herpes simplex, how it spreads, and how bad the symptoms are on parts of the body.?

Can you initiate extra herpes outbreaks by kissing and having sex while blisters are present?

Can you let me know how many types of herpes are there?

Can you please describe the different ways you can contract herpes or genital warts?

Can you please describe the early stages of a herpes outbreak?

Can you please tell me how herpes 1 and 2 differ?

Can you recover from herpes paraesthesia?

Can you self infect yourself with ur own genital herpes on other parts of the body?

Can you still have sex when you have an outbreak of ocular herpes or is it spread throughout your system?

Can you tell me about herpes simplex virus type 2, and what I should do if I have it?