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are there any similarities between recurring breakout of shingles on my right buttock and gential herpes and AIDs, had blood tests no results yet?

2 ulcers at the entrance of my vagina. I have been tested for herpes and the results came back negative so I'm thinking that they're aphthous ulcers?

3 cases of iritis in 9 mos.Had blood work up done. All negative, except HSV 1.What is the relation of having HSV 1 (no cold sores ever) and iritis?

34 weeks pregnant, HSV 1 IgG positive due to cold sore a year ago (had break out). Not tested for igm. Could this affect the baby, any advice?

35w preg 3 painless blisters tested for hsv1&2 2years ago both neg waiting for new cul+blood results what can it be besides herpes? Very worried

4 25yrs thought I was having herpes outbrks every humid smmr day/recently diagnsd w/reoccuring male yeast infection. Is there a test 4 herpes?

After 2 swabs got diagnosed with HSV1 genitally. I am confused as I have kissed many people, why didn't I get it orally? Is DNA swab site specific?

After shaving and having sex, my boyfriend had sores on his penis the doctors say it is herpes w/o lab tests I have no symptoms is it really herpes?

All STDs negative,diabetes negative.have recurrent genital doc unable to diagnose. This time the genital ulcers have lasted more than 1 mth?

Already had HSV1 MOUTH. Have had TWO cold sores on penis since January. Herpeselect test negative for HSV2 at 2.5 months, and again after 5 months. Igg .22 and .54. Can HSV1 migrate to groin?

Are canker sores related to hsv1 ? I get about 4-5 of them inside my mouth a year. I recently learned i have hsv1 2.82h but have never had symptoms.

Are women symptomatic or asymptomatic to hsv? Also, does HSV lead to cervical(cervix) cancer?What type of tests should I do as i doubt I have hsv?Thnx

Asked a doc a ? She said that they test for herpes when your. Pregnant..not true..they only test if they see an active breakout .so no

Best genital herpes test? And is there like a test for all STDs together?

Blisters on vag. Docs thought herpes 2. Neg IgM for 1and 2. Igg pos. For herpes 1 and neg for 2. Culture neg. For vag. What do I believe?

Blood blisters in my vagina region and Dr tested for herpes. Came back negative. I do have type 1, so wondering if it could still be type 2?

Blood in stool. Had safe sex with HSV pos 1 month ago. Eating a lot of ghost pepper salsa. Dont think I have hsv, havent been tested. Cause?

Blood test positive for herpes type 1. Doc says it's because I had chickenpox. No cold sores- no vaginal blisters. have vaginal fissures and itching.

Blood work done my hsv 1-2 were high 12 and 1.24 what does that mean never had a break out cold sore look it up says herpes how so confused pls help?

Can a blood test be determined if a man has genital herpes?

Can a gyn tell by looking I have herpes ?

Can albuterol cause mouth sores? Neg for herpes. Get 1mm lesions about 6 times a year.

Can doctors test for herpes by swabbing or doing a culture of the mouth or vagina....Without an outbreak?

Can hsv-1 cause frequent genital herpes sore recurrence? Have one exact spot that keeps getting inflamed. Tested neg for hsv2 so not sure what it is.

Can HSV2 swab tests be falsely positive? I broke out in blisters after using Vagicaine and found out later that lidocaine allergies run in my family.

Can I acquire HSV 1 and 2 If the sweat or saliva of infected person came into my finger? Getting PCR HSV 1 and 2 blood test after week is conclusive?

Can i be silent carrier of hsv1/2 &never had any outbreak &tested negative? Boyfriend just had couple scabs appear after sex &wondering sources?

Can i get hsv1 by sharing a hookah (same tip) with people who i later found out may be hsv1 positive? If so, how likely if they had no visible sores?

Can i transfer oral hsv2 to another person even without showing symptoms?

Can olive leaf or lysine affect herpes blood test results?

Can testes determine if an herpes outbreak was recent? Also. Can the antibody test tell whether is herpes 2 on lips or genitals?

Can you get a false positive herpes test if it's by swob? Should you get a blood test to know for a fact? And can folliculitis be mistaken for herpes?

Can you tell me if on antibiotics and still not much better. the vet says it is a virus, maybe herpes although he tested negative for this. any ideas?

Can you use a viral culture on ocular HSV that does not show dendrites or lesions in the fluorescein blue-light test, presenting with eyelid pain?

Checked for herpes today and Doctor told me I didn't have herpes. But I have 7 blisters. Plus I had blood in my urine. ?

Could a STD blood test misdiagnose herpes type 1?

Could having had shingles in the past affect my herpes 1 & 2 blood test?

Could my 2.82 h of HSV 1 be false positive? Ive only had oral sex once 5weeks ago and i tested 4 weeks after. Never had any mouth sores or genitals.

Could my gf transmited herpes to me ? She got cold sore on her lips after 25 days i made a blood test it came IgG +ve IgM -ve

Culture + hsv-1 genital. Blood test 3 wk later hsv-1: 2.21 hsv-2: >5.00. Possible both are genital? Higher antibodies in hsv-2 mean older infection?

Culture of ur lip, it's come back pos hsv1 and same time herpes blood test comes back pos hsv1 3 month later same test repeated only hsv2 no hsv1

Dating a guy who has herpes. He's never had symptoms but blood test positive. What's the chance of me getting herpes if we use condoms and no sores?

Diagnosed with herpes by culture swab. Lesions appear very atypical for herpes but look a lot like molluscum. Hiv negative. Could i not have hsv?

Do I need csection if I only ever had one herpes blister confirmed?

Do I need Herpes tests? Never had any symptoms. Thank you.

Do they test for herpes when your pregnant if no sores are present?

Docs swabbed for herpes but is the blood test more accurate ? Can a swab come back negative when someone is indeed infected w/the virus ?

Docs won't test for herpes unless there's an outbreak.If someone had a weak immunity they would definitely have an outbreak right ?

Does herpes br mistaken for syphilis in a blood test?

Does vagina warts means HIV positive?

Don't have a cold sore(s) now,and haven't been sexually active in years,yet today I got diagnosed with Herpes (non-STI type).Was neg prior.Why pos now?

Dose genital herpes cause blood after pee ?

Dr Chou clue word maybe u stated herpes antibodies mean infected. Not true. Herpes antibodies means you MAYBE infected.. U were just exposed?

Female positive HSV culture; but no sores; so should anybody worry?

First herpes OB 3 weeks ago. 2 swab tests (BD) both came back pos. for HSV1 and neg. for HSV2. But OB is so persistent it possible this is HSV2?

First HSV like symptoms 10 years ago, ulcers recurrent, recently tested Igm and IGg both came negative, still have genital ulcers..what can it be?

Five years ago i had some blisters on my leg. I went to see 2different doctor and both conclude it was shingles. After i did a blood test and they came back hsv2 positive? Do I have shingles or herpes

From oral sex My Dr. said that i don't have herpes symptoms,i do not need testing. But some webites say that it can be asyptomatic. Should i worry?

G6pd and herpes.....I may have been exposed to herpes virus...I did lab today...what can I expect. I haven't had symptoms nor out break....

Genital herpes can be transmitted via dentist's tools? Headache, Itchy scalp and lower backache are signs of herpes?What is the accredited blood test

Genital herpes test came back with value of 0.38. Does that mean I have genital herpes. ?

Getting frustrated. I heard you cannot tell between a recent and past exposure to herpes if you have an outbreak or antibodies?

Getting the antibodies for herpes does not mean you contracted it it means u were exposed to it and u might or might not have doc said?

Had a bump on penis test positive for HSV 1 5 years ago. It has never come back, not a single symptom. I thought HSV 1 was oral?

Had blood drawn and a culture done and results came back hsv-1 in my genital area and my partner had no appearances so he had blood test and came back pos hsv-1. do i have hsv-2 since its in my genital area?

Had type spec hsv1&2over yr ago.Test was neg for both. Vulvar, vag.Pain over 1yr. No STDs found. No dermatitis. Am afraid. I don't need to be retest?

Have had HSV-1 since I was a child. I recently got STD tested & they tested a sore I had near my vagina. did they test for HSV-1 rather than HSV-2?

Have herpes 1. Took valtrex (valacyclovir). I am to get retested. Is there any chance herpes 1 can come back negative?

Help ..Im having outbreaks. Should I get tests for impetigo?

Herpes is there any type of test to see who got it first?

Herpes results back and hsv1 came back IgG 53.60. Does that mean i have had this virus for over three months? What does hsv, i/II 1.48 high mean?

Hey i have genital warts the doctors told me that i might be HIV positive it's 99% of being positive ?

Hi doctors thought I had herpes. I got tested twice now blood test twice and culture twice all results were negative. Hard bumps on vagina near lips. ?

Hi dr. If a person has has had hsv-1 for 1 year and hsv-2 for 13 years can they get whitliw finger. I had dr up another account but could not sign?

How can I get a blood test for herpes virus if i had chickenpox vaccine as a child. Wouldn't it come out positive?

How can you tell the difference between chlamydia and herpes, without getting tested?

How close are we to having a cure for herpes? I just found out yesterday that my blood test shows i test positive for herpes. How close are we to a cure? What is the best way to treat this? I have no symptoms, I have never had any symptoms of herpes. Is t

How could docs take a sample of herpes sore without blood?

How could i get tested for genital herpes and herpes isn't there a blood test and if so is it always correct?

How do I know if I have genital hsv1 & what are the symptoms? Will a bloodtest show if I have genital hsv1? I tested hsv2 neg @ 6mo. Red patches come and go around penis but docs say not hsv. Advice?

How do you test and or treat herpes in the kidneys?

How is iritis and herpes related? Would it have to be herpes of the eye? (was tested for HSV 1/2. 1 was pos; 2 neg. No cold sores ever).

How long after being exposed to herpes can I get an accurate STD test?

How long after first aquiring herpes does it take for the test to appear positive?

How long before having sex with an herpes infected partner can an IgG test come positive? 2 weeks or a month? Or more than a month

How long does it take for antibodies to start building in the body if a person is tested for herpes 1 and 2 and they have blisters. Culture neg. For 2?

How long does it take for herpes to show up on blood test? Mine was negative after 6 weeks. I never had sore. Just irritated, not yeast infection.

How long should you wait for a IgG herpes test? If i've already had symptoms will it show up? It's been about 11 weeks since possible exposure.

How long would it take for a herpes blood test to be accurate after a possible herpes exposure?

How soon after contracting oral herpes do you start showing symptoms?

How soon does a new infection of HSV 1&2 (igm) take to appear in blood? Not an aged (igg) past exposure.

Hsv 1 15.50 hsv 2 13.40 3 years ago hsv 1 2.51 and hsv 2 negative also had shingles 1 yr ago I feel cross reactivity here and why would my value go up

Hsv 1 testing got 3.69 what can I do?

Hsv 2 blood test at 6 months, how conclusive is this test? P.s no culture, no open sores, just reddish and irritation on penis skin

Hsv-1 neg but hsv-2 positive(0.08). Only have had blisters on face but none on genitals. What does this mean? How can i keep from spreading it?

Hsv2 blood test at 7 wks-neg. Hsv.1 and 2 blood test at 15 wks.-both neg. I had some symptoms of it such as red bumps and itchiness in genital area. Are these results reliable? Do i not have herpes?

I had a urologist initially diagnose balanitis. Now says herpes after foreskin got worse. 2 blood tests say no herpes. Anti virals & fungal no effect?

I am confused. I have negative herpes results but still have blisters. What's going on?

I am wanting the truth about can you find out if you have herpes by blood tests and can herpes be mistaken for HPV symptoms I have been told that you can't find out for sure if you have herpes by a blood tests. And also that some of the symptoms may be yo

I did viral culture test for herpes with sores from a first outbreak in my MOUTH. Result: positive type 2! Can type be wrong or is really genital ???