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Are gen. herpes blisters sore to the touch or do they hurt without being bothered? How frequent do breakouts occur & how long does the breakout last?

Can I treat herpes on my arm with lip herpes medication?

Have acne on inner theigh. Herpes or allergy? I do have sensitivity and have been using lotion with fragrance. Should I take valtrex (valacyclovir) just on case?

1 nite stand months ago. No sores or blisters but Bolanitis symptoms 3 times since. Clears up completely after 3 days with anti bac soap. Herp or bola?

10 days ago I had Herpatic Gingivostomatitis. I saw my doctor and was prescribed Acyclovir. I'm a virgin, never kissed anyone. Why did this happen?

37.5 weeks pregnant with 1 small recurrent herpes lesion (almost disappeared). Now on valtrex (valacyclovir).. How long until i can safely give birth vaginally?

A doctor in a article in Cosmo magazine said if you're taking meds for genital herpes you can't spread it. I thought you were still contagious. ?

A friends 4 yr old kissed my lips. I do not have a herpes outbreak and have not had an out break in a really long time. Could it have spread?

A tingle feeling Tuesday I then purchased abreva and have been using as direted and Valtrex (valacyclovir). Bumps nor blister never formed. How do ik when its goan?

About a week ago, i got my first cold sore. I treated with abreva an valtrex (valacyclovir). Now it's nearly healed but some blisters didn't pop. Still infectious?

Active 25yr old, had shingles 11 times in the last 3yrs, i do not have HIV, had no transplants etc, why does it keep recurring?

After applying ointment and having medicine for herpes zoster my infected area is itching more and it stings mostly.Should I worry?

After taking Valtrex (valacyclovir) for a coldsore, how long do i have to wait till I can give oral sex and kiss my man?no sign, just regressing bump inside lip.

Am i breaking out in shingles again only 6 days after my lesions dried up. I got new lesions today? I broke out in shingles aprox 2 weeks ago and my lesions dried up about 6 days ago. Then today i broke out in new lesions. Am i having another outbreak alr

Am i in danger of passing on herpes simplex?

An otherwise healthy 26 years old female got herpes zoster skin lesions after starting terbinafine (for 10 days) treatment for toe onychomycosis. What could be the reason?

Another herpes outbreak within 2 weeks, what to do?

Anti-viral drug from the doctor.Sores have dried up on my face.Have a sore on my back that itches very painful. Shingles again? Need more anti-viral?

Any home remedies for a herpes outbreak on my tongue and inside cheeks?

Any new techniques to avoid spreading of herpes simplex 2?

Are condoms a hundred percent effective against herpes simplex virus?

Are there certain creams that prevent an outbreak of herpes?

Arms r sensitive2soap,sometimes arm skin breaks(notHSV)&a lll pus will come out.If u have HSV2but never any outbreaks,is that pus able2transmit HSV2?

At health clinic, they said it's not an STD to use antibacterial soap, still been getting these blister-like sores on my genital area, what to do?

Best way to treat hsv2 outbreak?

Both my partner and I have gential herpes; is there strades of gential herpes, like for example breaking being so bad that medication not working?

C an you have a herpes outbreak after a colonoscopy?

Can a first hsv1 outbreak on the head of a penis appear & disappear within >24h? Or it's probably something else? :/

Can a genital herpes outbreak take the form of shingles on the cheek?The first outbreak years ago was bc of HSV 1, no test done this time.

Can a herpes 1 infection mess with the cranial nerve? Didn't take any meds for herpes 1 didn't know you could.Been having twitching since infection.

Can a person have herpes outbreak on their arm?

Can a person with genital herpes donate blood or plasma? No outbreaks and currently on Valtrex (valacyclovir)

Can abreva help with hsv2?

Can acyclovir be grounded up into powder, and placed on a serious herpes outbreak to increase healing?

Can ammoxacillin help heal genital herpes outbreaks faster?

Can an exposure to genital herpes cause mrsa?

Can anxiety and depression being on genital herpes outbreaks?

Can anything be done in early stages of molluscum to lessen or avoid the onset of molluscum bumps?

Can being infected by Herpes cause an outbreak of regular pimples and such? I got a severe outbreak on all locations I usually have pimples.

Can genital herpes HSV-2 lay dormant for years before initial outbreak?

Can genital herpes take more than 2 years to get or develop because the girl that I use to date2 years ago had cold sore on herlip but shenever said..

Can herpes (the one that causes cold sores) cause and increase in globulin levels even if you arent having an outbreak?

Can herpes and staph mix together and cause new viruses?

Can herpes and staph mix together and cause new viruses?

Can herpes be cleared in 5 days?

Can herpes be spread even if you're not having an outbreak?

Can herpes happen in your throat if so how do you treat it?

Can herpes only be transmitted if you have direct contact during an outbreak?

Can herpes spread through bathwater even when you don't have an outbreak?

Can herpes virus cause bruising ?

Can HSV shedding cause an outbreak if you already have the virus? Can any docs explain?

Can i get some relife by antifungal ointment in genital herpes?

Can I have aids? My ex gf, never have a symptom,but me in a time have genital fungus , colds like each 3 or 4 months, and staphbacteria one time

Can I have genital herpes but haven't seen an outbreak?

Can I have gotton herpes simplex 1 orally, but not genitally?

Can I have sex with my husband after having a herpes outbreak and it still itches sometimes.. there are no blisters.. The outbreak has been gone.

Can i spread herpes haven't had a outbreak in 16years?

Can i still have a fever after the first initial herpes outbreak when i get recurrences?

Can I still have herpes outbreaks if I have a hysterectomy ?

Can i take Valtrex (valacyclovir) for a herpes outbreak while pregnant? This is not my first outbreak I have had this for 6 years with 1 to 2 outbreaks per year.

Can I use a zinc ointment on my herpes outbreak to relive symptoms?

Can I use hemorroid cream on my herpes outbreak?

Can intercourse cause a outbreak for someone who has herpes ?

Can L-Citrulline supplements cause outbreak of oral (or genital) herpes?

Can methotrexate help herpes or cause a out break?

Can pregnancy cause a first herpes outbreak ?

Can pregnancy cause first herpes outbreak?

Can recoveron n cream help to heal hsv-2 sores in genital area?

Can reoccuring herpes outbreak cause cold symptoms?

Can shaving my vaginal area cause am herpes outbreak? Would it be safer to get a WAx instead?

Can shaving trigger a herpes outbreak?

Can silver sulfadiazine or Fucidin be used for genital herpes? I presented with sores on labia majora to my gp & he gave me both. The sores are worse.

Can someone spread herpes even if they're not having an outbreak?

Can someone tell me how long will first herpes outbreak last?

Can someone who had an outbreak of herpes zoster Ophthalmicus have dental procedures done? I have heard that operating on the face can cause outbreak

Can stress cause herpes outbreaks?

Can suppressing my outbreaks help lessen my chances of spreading it to my boyfriend?

Can the first outbreak of herpes simplex 2 always appear with in the first month of contracting it?

Can the medication reduce the time for the primary genital herpes to heal in 4 days? The sore disappear.. Is it may be something else

Can u apply abreva to your genital sores (hsv1) a doc just answered a previous question and responded with that answer?

Can u get herpes from kissing someone that has herpes. The virus is not shedding at this time?

Can u treat it like over the conter the oarl herpes?

Can valacyclovir come in liquid or not?

Can Valtrex (valacyclovir) clear non herpes bumps? My doctor prescribed me Valtrex (valacyclovir) without knowing for sure if I have herpes, but it's working to clear the bumps?

Can Valtrex (valacyclovir) reduce the risk of you giving genital herpes to your partner ?

Can you cause herpes by a self lip waxing malfunction?

Can you get genital herpes from sitting on a sweaty mat at a gym right after someone with genital herpes sat in same spot since it lives in moisture?

Can you get herpes from sitting on someones lap with clothes on that currently has an outbreak?

Can you get herpes if you use the same shaver as someone who has it but they didn't have an outbreak at the time? In vaginal area .

Can you get hsv2 if someone spits on you lip while talking to you? They had an active outbreak - don't know if its type 1 or 2.

Can you get just one herpes sore on the upper part of eyelid almost at eyebrow?I just recently wk ago got over my initial outbreak of hsv2 am panickin

Can you have a herpes outbreak around a tattoo?

Can you have a herpes outbreak on the ovaries?

Can you have a outbreak of herpes and not have the hsv virus? my doctor said mine was herpes but my paper said herpes zocor (simvastatin)

Can you have a second HSV outbreak in the middle of a 10 day Valtrex (valacyclovir) treatment?

Can you have another HSV outbreak in the middle of your first week of Valtrex (valacyclovir) treatment? I have white head like bumps that showed up overnight

Can you have herpes prodrome symptoms but no outbreak?

Can you have recurrent herpes sores breakouts in places where there's no sexual contact (jawline, near chin, in my case)?

Can you offer any insight on my hive outbreak that i've had for 3 weeks?

Can you only catch herpes when theirs a breakout ?